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Why are you still worried about your car? I'll help you out

2021-08-29 02:56:22 Oriental Information automobile

Car maintenance is very important

Car owners who often maintain their vehicles know , Most people with cars don't know how important vehicle maintenance is . Many car owners maintain their vehicles , Only care about tires , The engine , Some small details such as chassis are easy to be ignored , for example , Safety belt , Small details such as car side rubber strips that are easy to be ignored are never noticed , Although these widgets usually look less important , But if you neglect maintenance for a long time , It is easy to cause major faults . Daily vehicle maintenance is what car owners need to know , Careless maintenance will not only cause irreparable damage to the vehicle, but also endanger driving safety , If there is a lack of lubricating oil, the cylinder will burn , The malfunction of some part of the vehicle will lead to major traffic accidents , conversely , If you check the vehicle carefully at ordinary times , It can not only keep the vehicle brand new , At the same time, master the functional status of each part of the vehicle , Avoid traffic accidents caused by mechanical failure .

It's not easy to fasten your seat belt

The vehicle safety belt is a safety device to restrain the driver in the event of collision and to avoid the driver's secondary collision with the steering wheel and instrument panel or rushing out of the vehicle in the event of collision, resulting in death and injury . Vehicle safety belt can also be called seat safety belt , It is a kind of driver restraint . Vehicle safety belt is recognized as the cheapest and most effective safety device , In the equipment of vehicles, many countries are forced to wear seat belts . Wearing a seat belt is not as simple as pulling it over your chest , Before the vehicle starts , In the front row of the vehicle, the personnel should adjust the height above the safety belt according to their height , Another function of the collision and safety module is the audible warning function of the safety belt . That is to remind the driver and front passengers to fasten their seat belts through visual and sound signals , When you check your seat belt , The height of the safety belt must be clear about how to use , And wear it in time , Besides , Check if there is any dust at the shoulder hinge , This dust will slow the reaction of the seat belt , Therefore, it should be cleaned in time , Be careful , Remove with a dry rag .

Some things about car maintenance

Vehicle maintenance refers to the inspection of relevant parts of the vehicle within a specified period 、 clean 、 supply 、 lubrication 、 Preventive work for adjusting or replacing some parts , Also known as vehicle maintenance . Modern vehicle maintenance mainly includes the maintenance of engine system ( engine )、 Transmission system 、 Air conditioning system 、 Cooling system 、 Fuel system 、 Maintenance scope of power steering system, etc . The purpose of vehicle maintenance is to eliminate hidden dangers of vehicles , Parameter status is normal , remove a hidden danger , Prevent failure , Slow down the damage process , Extended service life . How often does the oil change ? How much oil needs to be changed each time ? We pay special attention to the replacement cycle and dosage of engine oil , The most direct way is to check your own on-board maintenance manual , There is usually a very clear introduction above . But many people's maintenance manuals have long disappeared , At this time, you should know more about it . As a general rule , The oil change interval is 5000 km , The specific replacement cycle and consumption shall be determined according to the relevant information of the vehicle model .

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