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Finally figured it out! The target is LX570, and the new "Infiniti qx80" is launched

2021-08-29 02:58:14 Wei Xiaohua

Nissan Infiniti also recently ushered in its heavy model “QX80” Comprehensive modification of , The interior of the new car is consistent with the new generation of Tule , But in the structure of appearance, it continues the tradition , The new car will be in 2022 It was officially listed around the middle of the year , There is no doubt that the appearance of this car also locks its competitors in “LX570” On the body ! But can such a change shake the latter's position ? This can only be known after listing !

The front also said this “QX80” It continues the classic design in appearance , So from any point of view , It will still give people a kind of “ castle ” The feeling of ! The tiger roaring grille on the front is still domineering , Long, narrow and sharp headlights on both sides , And the sharp lines on the hood , It can make people feel its domineering and tough . From the side , This car has no obvious waistline treatment , This is also the most unique part of this car , The greatest advantage of the sense of oneness is to enlarge its aura infinitely .

But the wheel eyebrows of the new car have been more refined , This is also the finishing touch for this car ! The rear of the car is basically consistent with the old Tule , The upright rear plus three layers LED Headlights , It also looks more stable , The silver trim on the trunk also adds some fashion elements to the car's stable design .

Yes, of course , The biggest highlight of the whole car is its interior design , The new car completely cancels the traditional doll style ! And the change is 12.3 Inch high resolution suspended multimedia large screen . Functionally, it supports wireless communication Apple CarPlay, Unfortunately, Android can only support wired Android Auto. As for other functions , Xiaobian will also be revealed one by one in the follow-up .

The seat layout of the new car still adopts the design of big seven seats , And because there are “ Nissan sofa ” Known as the , So in terms of comfort , This car is obviously superior to LX570, The gap can be seen from the width and thickness of the seat ! And in power , This car will still carry 5.6 l V8 Self priming engine , Its maximum horsepower is 400 horse , The maximum torque is coming 413 Cattle meters ! The new car will be on the market around the middle of next year , I don't know about this car , What do you expect .

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