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Toyota ushered in structural adjustment! Crown or return to China, precursor + hybrid, will replace the Asian Dragon

2021-08-29 02:58:19 Wei Xiaohua

Naturally, there is no need to say more about the position of Toyota Crown in China , From the of FAW Toyota this year “ Crown Lu Fang ” as well as “ Crown will method ” It is enough to see that people abroad still have faith in the crown . Therefore, Toyota did not really give up the ownership of the crown in China , Until Xiaobian got this message from the front , It's basically certain that , Crown's return to the Chinese market is a matter of time ! at present , Because the Asian Dragon did not meet the expected problem , Once again, Toyota executives fell into meditation , This is not just the reason for the shutdown in North America , In the domestic market, the sales volume of Asian dragon also shows a downward trend , And the range is very large . In contrast, a new generation of crowns that have been listed overseas , Still has a high popularity , So can you boldly guess , Will FAW Toyota reintroduce the crown to replace the Asian Dragon in the future ? Small make up think , It's a pity !

The information obtained at present also confirms Xiaobian's prediction ! Toyota will launch a new generation of crown , This car is obviously different from the new model already on the market in Japan . For example, the original rear drive system has been replaced by the front drive , While traditional V6 The engine was also replaced by a hybrid system ! Basically, it is certain that this is the simple configuration of car enterprises ! And then , Are you preparing for the Chinese market , After all, compared with Asian dragons , The cost of this car has been reduced again , In this way, the profits of new cars will rise sharply ! At present, the rendering of this crown has also been officially exposed , According to the information of this kind of rendering in the past , Very reliable .

Compared with the Japanese version already on the market , Obviously, I can feel that this car needs to be more flexible , Not as sporty and impressive as the Japanese version , On the contrary, it has made a comprehensive adjustment in fashion ! The front is composed of two groups of multi width silver decorative strips , The sense of power in the upper part is more direct , The lower part is a conventional scale shaped horizontal bar decorative strip , Put the two together , A sense of fashion . In addition, the headlights of the new car have also been adjusted , The whole light source adopts a three-stage LED Lamp group , And its driving light adopts sinking shape design , There is a certain radian along the whole headlamp , The effect after lighting is quite beautiful .

And on the side , We can also see the difference between this car and the Japanese version , The Japanese version of the crown is designed with a single waist line , And it runs right through the body of the whole car , This new version uses a double waist line design , And in B A cross shape design is adopted in the position of the column , Obviously, it makes this car look more flexible . But there are not so many changes in the rear of the new car , It is also a kind of inheritance of previous elements .

interiors , This crown also abandons the traditional doll design , Except that the three spoke steering wheel remains unchanged , All the remaining interiors have adopted a new design style . The instrument panel is divided into mechanical and LCD dual display effect , Cancel the Japanese version of the upper and lower double screen modeling design , Instead of the current single screen style ! At the bottom of the screen is the air outlet of the air conditioner and the physical key area , Obviously, this design should improve the practicability of this car .

motivation , A new generation of crowns has also undergone great changes , First of all, the biggest change is to replace the original rear drive platform with the current front drive platform , While traditional V6 The engine was also completely cancelled , Instead, it was carried to the new Highlander 2.5L Hybrid power system , The combined maximum power or is 166kW, Maximum torque 221 Cattle meters , The driveline will match E-CVT transmission . In fact, I don't need to see more , This series of designs includes dynamic changes , It will indicate that this car will return to the Chinese market , At that time, the status of Asian dragons will be gradually embarrassed , Perhaps its future goal is to ban Asian dragons . I don't know about this new generation of crown , What different views would you have .

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