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When she looked at the food bought back from the special store, she always felt that there was something wrong

2021-08-29 03:09:26 Beijing daily client

Recently, many food stores with special sales promotion as the selling point have sprung up in Beijing , It is welcomed by many consumers . However , Ms. Li, a citizen, found that , In a special store in Daxing , Although things sell cheaper than elsewhere , But if you look closely, you will find , Many goods are actually names 、 Packaging has played a well-known brand edge ball “ Cottage food ”.

Ms. Li said , She bought a bag of durian flavored puffed food in this special store ,“ I thought it was ‘ Darling ’ A new flavor , When I got home, I found , Although the outer packaging is different from ‘ Darling ’ The color of the package 、 identification 、 Design and even cartoon characters are very similar , But there is one more word in the name , Turned into ‘ Bend the crispy fruit ’.” Ms. Li is worried that she has bought “ Fake goods ”, I went to the supermarket to buy a bag “ Darling ” Crispy fruit . She found that , The manufacturer of the two bags of food is the same company , The difference is ,“ Darling ” The package of crispy fruit says “ Registered trademark · Counterfeiting must be investigated ” The words... , The trademark is owned by Guai Co., Ltd , and “ Bend the crispy fruit ” But there was no .“ Is it true or false ? So that consumers really can't tell .”

The reporter saw in this shop , There are more than one or two kinds of goods similar to the packaging of well-known brands . One sells for 9.9 yuan “ Pretty Mickey cookies ”, Its outer packaging and “ Crown Danish cookies ” The packaging is almost the same ; A name is “ Vitality biscuit ” The most conspicuous mark on the package , And “ Energetic Forest ” Bubbles are very similar to the logo on the water .

In the food market , This imitation of well-known brand names 、 packing “ Play a side ball ” It's a common phenomenon .“ a brand of instant noodles ” Turned into “ Kang Shuai fu ”;“ Sprite ” Turned into “ Lei Bi ”;“ The big white rabbit ” Turned into “ Dabaimian ”. Almost the same packaging 、 Similar Fonts ,“ Lack of horizontal and vertical ” Come and copy the goods of well-known brands , It's hard to tell .

On an online shopping platform ,“ sweet stewed snow pear ” The drink turned into “ Stewed pear with ice sugar ”, In addition to the addition of a word in the product name , The color of the bottle package 、 The element design is very similar to well-known brands ; Besides, the trademark in the upper right corner is different , Laotan pickled vegetable beef noodles and braised beef noodles with almost the same packaging design and color ; And imitation. “ tea π” Packaged “ fruit π”…… Some names differ from well-known brands by only one or two words , Some just change the radical of a word . If you just look at the packaging , It's really easy to put these “ Cottage food ” Mistaken for those well-known brands .

Analysis of lawyer Peng Yanjun of Beijing Changhong law firm , The store's behavior involves at least two situations: trademark infringement and unfair competition . According to the law , Without the permission of the trademark registrant , Use a trademark similar to its registered trademark on the same or similar goods , Easily confusing , Constitute trademark infringement .

For biscuit packaging, follow the situation of crown Danish cookies , It constitutes unfair competition . Lawyer Peng explained , According to the law , Unauthorized use of a name unique to a well-known commodity 、 packing 、 Decoration , Or use a name similar to a well-known commodity 、 packing 、 Decoration , Cause confusion with other people's well-known goods , Make the buyer mistakenly believe that it is the name of the well-known commodity , That is, unfair competition .

The question of whether to sell fake or not , Lawyer Peng thinks , It also depends on the specific situation , Even if the store constitutes trademark infringement and unfair competition , But it may not necessarily constitute selling fake , If the store can prove that the source of goods is legal , And there are formal invoices, etc , It does not constitute selling fake goods .

Lawyer Peng reminded , For sales “ Cottage food ” Merchant , Such as trademark infringement and unfair competition , May face administrative penalties such as fines , If the circumstances are serious, it may also constitute a criminal crime .

Lawyer Peng advised consumers , Because I can't be sure “ Cottage food ” Whether there are quality problems , Everyone should choose carefully for their own health , Don't buy... For the sake of small price “ Cottage food ”.

source Beijing daily client  |  The reporter Chu YINGSHUO

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