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Diversified scenes Chery ICAR ecology joins hands with Haili Zhixing

2021-08-29 03:26:04 Car home

  [ Car home   information ]  In recent days, , chery iCar The signing ceremony of ecological and Haili Zhixing ecological integration was held in Wuhu . Both parties will develop and manufacture 、 Supply chain 、 After-sales service 、 Joint marketing 、 Carry out in-depth cooperation in the Internet of things , Achieve common development . Deputy general manager of Chery holdings 、 Deputy general manager of Chery 、iCar Bao Siyu, general manager of Ecology ,iCar Wang Lei, general manager of Ecological Marketing Company , Director of the board of directors of Haier Group 、 Founder of shaohaihui 、 Liu Xun, chairman of Haili Zhixing Ecological Technology Co., Ltd , Haili automobile platform CEO Ren Xiancun and other leaders attended the signing ceremony .

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   According to the agreement , chery iCar Ecology will work together with Haili Zhixing , Build an automobile ecosystem . So , The two sides will take the car service mode 、 Marketing experience 、 Intelligent R & D and manufacturing 、 Product customization platform , Jointly promote the realization of Chery iCar ecology “ All who want to build a car can realize their dream of building a car , All car buyers can buy their own cars ” Vision . Bausi means , chery iCar The ecological platform covers the user's car use and travel scenarios , And users , And scientific and technological innovation enterprises like Haier to achieve co creation , Explore new business models and value networks in the automotive industry .

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Deputy general manager of Chery holdings 、 Deputy general manager of Chery 、iCar Bao Siyu, general manager of Ecology

   Not long ago , Chery holding group and Haier Group signed a strategic framework agreement , Both sides will be in smart manufacturing 、 Network collaboration 、 Service extension 、 Carry out all-round cooperation in the interconnection of smart home and vehicle networking . This Chery iCar The cross-border integration of ecology and Haili Zhixing also marks Chery 、 The strategic cooperation between Haier's two major group companies is being effectively implemented .

   According to the agreement , Hailizhi will rely on Chery group's processes in the automotive industry 、 system 、 Experience in standards, etc , With Chery iCar Build an ecological automobile Internet big data platform , And consulting on digital transformation 、 Carry out in-depth cooperation in the construction and transformation of digital chemical plants . meanwhile , The two sides will also jointly participate in building Chery group's automobile industry “ Lighthouse factory ”, Applications include flexible manufacturing 、5G+ Industrial Internet 、AI And other advanced technologies , Create a best practice scenario for digital chemical plants in the automotive field , Push Chery iCar The business segment of ecological intelligent manufacturing has been formed quickly and effectively .

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iCar Wang Lei, general manager of Ecological Marketing Company

   in fact , Haier has long had a layout in the field of intelligent networked vehicles , For example, the investment covers automotive cloud platforms and software services 、 Vehicle intelligent network terminal 、 Digital operation and mobile travel services . And this cooperation , It is an in-depth attempt of Haili Zhixing enabling products and user customization . According to the agreement , The two sides will jointly carry out cooperation in vehicle R & D ,11 Customized exclusive cars for Haier users , Realize the intellectualization of electric vehicles 、 Networking and humanization ; The two sides will also work together to develop automotive forward-looking technology , Relying on the manufacturing experience of Chery Automobile and Haili automobile , In auto parts 、 Carry out innovative exploration of vehicle supply chain in terms of high-tech materials , Support Chery iCar Ecological products achieve a higher proportion of self-control in the field of vehicle parts technology .

   In building an innovative marketing system , Except Chery iCar Ecology is currently being built “ Agency system ” Outside the channel mode , Haier will also give full play to its resource advantages in the national retail industry , Target existing sales channels to Chery iCar Ecological opening up in an all-round way . in other words , If future users want to buy their favorite vehicles , You don't have to go 4S shop , You can also go to Haier Mall .

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Director of the board of directors of Haier Group 、 Founder of shaohaihui 、 Liu Xun, chairman of Haili Zhixing Ecological Technology Co., Ltd

   According to the agreement , The two sides will also jointly explore Haier cloud 、 Online communication matrix based on Haier website , Offline retail network channels dominated by the retail channels of Haier's products , Jointly create a new retail sales model for automobiles . Based on the channel of Haier Zhijia, build a national 1000 More than diversified ecological stores , Haier will fully serve Chery iCar Ecological users , Customized around various scenes of the family , So as to meet various living needs of users, such as clothing, food, housing and transportation .

   In the near future , Buy Chery iCar Ecological products , Can enjoy from home appliances 、 Dual services in the automotive industry .

   According to the cooperation content , The two sides will jointly create a new model of automobile service , Haier can be iCar Eco users provide online services 、 Mobile door-to-door service, etc , Improve Chery user satisfaction . future , The two sides will jointly promote “ chery iCar ecology ” Chery, etc iCar Construction of ecological user operation system , Landing is suitable for Chery iCar Member operation strategy of ecological products 、 Growth system and integral system , Improve service experience and user conversion .

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   The two sides will also jointly explore the door-to-door installation of charging pile service and service vehicle upgrading , Including the use of Haier community network service capabilities and product platform cooperation , Create the after car service in the extension direction of home life , Develop online service value-added products together , Carry out value development and jointly improve user viscosity , Integrate Haier's services into automotive peripheral industries .

   Besides , Haier will also work with Chery iCar Ecological Union , Provide cross cutting services , Surrounding user service ecological content , Will run through the user's car , Travel , Even to home service , Gather Haier's high-quality network service resources , Provide door-to-door service for users , Mobile services , Jointly explore a service experience that makes users feel brand-new . future , Both parties will combine the service advantages of Haier housekeeper and Chery iCar Ecological intelligent service system , And mature user service system , Get through the integration of online and offline , Gradually deepen the content of network services , And user experience standards , Work together to create a new Butler upgrade service experience and standard in the industry .

   To make Chery iCar Eco users get the most comfortable service experience , Haier will collect and integrate users' needs with big data , Get a preliminary plan . after , Haier talked with users about the modification of this scheme , To optimize , The final plan is that Haier and users work together " Design " Of . This method can not only be efficient 、 Realize mass customization at low cost , It can also meet the personalized needs of a large number of users .

   future , chery iCar Ecology will be based on Haier's Internet of things technology , Create a digital scene 、 Individualization 、 Customized ecological platform , Customized exclusive cars for Haier users , Meet the needs of different users , Really realize people 、 vehicle 、 The interconnection of life , Create a boundless car life for consumers .

   With more and more financial 、 logistics 、 New energy services and other industries to join the ecological partners , chery iCar The ecology will become more and more perfect . future , chery iCar Ecology will join hands with ecological partners , Jointly explore the new business model and value network of the automotive industry , And through the continuous overweight of ecosystem innovation , Drive automobile industrialization to multi industry 、 Many fields 、 Multi scene coverage , Provide a different travel experience for a wider user group .( compile / Car home Guo Chen )

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