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The benchmarking cybertruck rivian r1t will be officially delivered in September

2021-08-29 03:26:23 Yiche original

Easy car - recently , Learn from relevant channels , American electric vehicle start-up RIVIAN In a recent letter to subscribers, the CEO said ,RIVIAN R1T Will be in 9 Officially delivered in January , Compared with the previous transmission 6 Month is still delayed , The competitor is Tesla Cybertruck.

Previously, the appearance of the car 、 The interior and some configurations have been exposed , The price has been released , In terms of configuration , The car will take into account the audio-visual experience 、 Demand for ride experience and practicality .

In terms of configuration ,R1T Will pick up 16 In screen 、 Independent air conditioning temperature control 、 The back 6.5 Inch touch screen 、 Optional heated and cooled seats 、Meridian The sound system 、 Panoramic sunroof 、 built-in Wi-Fi hotspot 、 Wireless charger for two smartphones 、 Multiple USB C Type plug and in engine room 12 V and 110 Volt socket , In addition, it has an antifouling surface 、 Pure leather seats and quick drying 、 Lightweight and easy to disassemble floor mats , This is more in line with its off-road practical needs .

From the previous news ,R1T Will be equipped with Amazon voice assistant Alexa, The owner can use voice to control the vehicle's entertainment system 、 Navigation , Even windows 、 Air conditioning system 、 open / Close the trunk, etc . Offline , some Alexa The voice function can also be used , When the vehicle goes to a remote place , Network functions may be affected .

RIVIAN Official website display , It was published R1T Price and delivery time of electric pickup truck . at present ,R1T Provide Launch Edition、Adventure and Explore Three models , New car price 67500~75000 dollar , The people 's agreement 44.8 Ten thousand yuan , among Launch Edition R1T It's sold out , and Adventure and Explore The mode will be in 2022 year 1 Month delivery .

Previously, officials have said ,RIVIAN R1T Firstly, it can meet the basic functions of pickup truck models , It has certain towing and loading capacity , Have certain off-road and off-road ability . Besides , It provides semi-automatic driving as standard , More news continues to follow .

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