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State Post Office: China Post ranks second among the world's postal enterprises

2021-08-29 03:28:47 Beijing daily client

8 month 24 The morning of , Press conference held by the Information Office of the State Council , This paper introduces the situation of providing traffic security for building a well-off society in an all-round way , And answer questions from reporters .

Ma Junsheng, director of the State Post Office, introduced , After eight years of hard work , We focus on 、 improve weak links 、 Strong and weak term , Unswervingly fight three tough battles , Unswervingly deepen the supply side structural reform , Unswervingly unblock the domestic and international double cycle , It has made positive contributions to promoting the sustained and healthy development of economy and society . at present , The modern postal industry suitable for a well-off society has been completed in an all-round way .

One 、 The development scale, quality and efficiency of the industry have improved significantly . The scale of industry income has expanded rapidly , from 2012 Year of 1980 Billion yuan to 2020 Year of 11038 One hundred million yuan , Average annual growth 24%, The express business volume has increased from 57 Billion pieces increased to 835 Million pieces , Net increase 14 times , Average annual growth 40%. The effective complaint rate of postal and express services has decreased significantly , The average unit price of express delivery is from 18.5 Yuan reduced to 10.6 element .

Two 、 The people's level of postal use has been comprehensively improved . The equalization of universal postal services has been basically realized , Business outlets have achieved full coverage of villages and towns , All the established villages have realized direct postal service . The coverage of express network is wider , The coverage of township outlets has reached 98%, The proportion of services delivered directly to the village is more than half , The whole process time limit of express service in key areas is shortened to 58 Hours .

3、 ... and 、 Enterprise cultivation has jumped to a new level . China Post World 500 Strong ranking from 2012 Year of 258 It jumped to last year's 74 position , Ranked No. 1 in the world postal enterprise 2 position , It fosters 3 The annual business income of the family exceeds 100 billion yuan 、4 The annual business income of the family exceeds 500 A billion yuan large express enterprise group ,8 Express companies have been successfully restructured and listed .

Four 、 Cultural soft power is also increasing significantly . The postal public culture platform has been preliminarily completed ,8 In recent years, we have issued git stamps 280 set , in total 877 gold . The socialist core values go deep into the industry , We have cultivated a number of people who are famous for their beauty and good luck 、 The industry model represented by Wang Yong .

5、 ... and 、 Great progress has been made in the innovative development strategy . It basically realizes the diversification of service functions 、 Express delivery service 、 Mechanization and automation of internal operation and informatization of production organization . The system of scientific and technological innovation in the industry has been further improved , The talent team has made great strides towards specialization .

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