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Owner's attention! Since September, Beijing auto insurance has paid in real name

2021-08-29 03:37:38 Beijing daily client

according to 《 Insurance law of the people's Republic of China 》《 Anti money laundering law of the people's Republic of China 》《 Notice of the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission on printing and distributing the guiding opinions on the implementation of the comprehensive reform of automobile insurance 》 And other relevant laws and regulations , In order to further standardize the auto insurance sales behavior of insurance institutions , Earnestly safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of insurance consumers , Beijing Banking and Insurance Regulatory Bureau guides Beijing's insurance industry to start from 2021 year 9 month 1 The real name payment of auto insurance will be fully implemented from the th .

For the auto insurance business where the applicant is a natural person , The insurance company will check the authenticity of the payment account information when collecting the premium , Ensure that the payment account information is consistent with the applicant's information .

According to introducing , Insurance institutions are required to strengthen the identity verification of the applicant when underwriting 、 Strictly perform the obligation of truthfulness , First, it is conducive to Protect the security of funds , Consumers directly pay the premium to the insurance company when they apply for insurance , The insurance company verifies and confirms that the payment account is the consumer's own account through technical means , When withdrawing the insurance, the premium can be directly returned to the consumer , Avoid other personnel from embezzling the retained premium , Effectively protect consumers' capital security ;

Two is It is conducive to protecting the right to know , The insurance company verifies the true identity of the applicant when applying for insurance , Actively carry out clause interpretation 、 Disclaimer, etc ; Consumers can fully understand the amount of insurance payment 、 Insurance type, etc , It can better protect its own rights and interests when settling claims in the later stage ;

The third is It is conducive to ensuring the right of independent choice , Prevent relevant business personnel from taking advantage of the convenience of paying insurance on behalf of others , Choose insurance companies and insurance types against the true wishes of consumers 、 Violation of consumers' right of independent choice .

since 2016 Since the implementation of vehicle insurance informatization reform in Beijing in , E-insurance has been realized in Beijing 、 Remote handling of traffic accidents 、 The whole process information service of online obtaining insurance compensation .

This time, Beijing's insurance industry adheres to the principle of facilitating and benefiting the people , By means of informatization , Embed the real name payment verification link into the existing premium payment process , While not increasing the operation steps of auto insurance consumers, further improve the online service experience of auto insurance :

One is Fully support online payment methods . Real name payment does not change consumers' payment habits , The insurance company instantly completes the consistency verification between the premium payment account information and the identity information of the auto insurance applicant through information means , And fully support bank cards 、 WeChat 、 Payment methods such as Alipay ;

Two is Effectively improve the level of information security . The real name payment verification platform meets the three-level national information security protection standard , Ensure that payment account information is not disclosed to personnel of other institutions during verification , It can fully protect the security of consumers' personal information ;

The third is Do not increase the premium burden of consumers , The insurance company only verifies the payment account information , It has nothing to do with the premium amount .

According to introducing , The implementation of real name payment for auto insurance can further improve the level of operation and control of the industry 、 Maintain market order and stability 、 Guard against and defuse industrial risks , It can effectively ensure financial security , By increasing capital flow control , Further strengthen the industry's anti commercial bribery 、 Anti money laundering efforts , Preventing financial risks ; Fully resolve contradictions and disputes , Through system control , Effectively prevent sales personnel from misleading 、 Advance premium, etc , Reduce disputes and complaints caused by non-standard underwriting process ; Effectively curb malicious competition in the market , Put an end to the illegal behaviors of business personnel such as advance payment of premium and net fee issuing , Promote market competition to return to rationality .

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