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The first models of Hennessy venom F5, which is faster than Bugatti, sold out at a price of 13.6 million

2021-08-29 04:02:11 Oriental Information automobile

Hennessy Performance Engineering On 2021 year 8 month 19 Announced Wednesday , The new Hennessy Venom F5 It's sold out . Venom F5 stay 2017 year SEMA Make an appearance at the exhibition , It is a super sports car designed to become the fastest road car in the world . According to its official forecast , The speed of the new car will exceed 483km/h. from 0 Accelerate to 300km/h It's less than 10 second ,0-400kph-0 It is expected to be controlled at 30 Within seconds .

Hennessy Venom F5 Equipped with newly developed 7.4 l V8 Gasoline twin turbocharged engine , The maximum output power exceeds 1600 horsepower . Its maximum output power is 1817 horsepower /8000 rpm, The maximum torque is 165 kgm. The air drag coefficient is 0.33, The transmission is equipped with 7 Single speed clutch , With shift paddles . Due to the active use of carbon materials , The weight of the car is only 1360 kg . 0 To 100 km / Accelerate less than... Hours 3 second ,0 To 200 km / Less than an hour 5 second ,0 To 300 km / Accelerate less than... Hours 10 second , More than now F1 The car should be fast . The top speed announced four years ago was 483 km / Hours , But it is said that it has actually exceeded 500 km / Hours .

V8 The engine has a newly designed cast iron cylinder block and aluminum cylinder head , The engine is made of aluminum 、 Precision parts made of titanium, Inconel and other metals are made by hand . These include the crankshaft 、 piston 、 Valves and connecting rods . The unique intake manifold design places an intercooler between the plenum chamber and the cylinder head , To reduce the air temperature of the turbine before the charge air enters the combustion chamber . result , The air density increases and the power efficiency increases .

The gearbox is equipped with shift paddles 7 Speed gearbox . Carbon ceramic brake 、 Forged aluminum wheels and lightweight Penske The damper is used to keep the spring weight low . It also lowers the center of gravity by penetrating the powertrain into the vehicle's structural chassis . The engine is a dry sump system , The crank height can be kept low on the ground .

The model has five driving modes : motion 、 Track 、 Track 、 Wetlands and F5. By switching it , You can change the power supply of the vehicle 、 Traction and braking performance . Only F5 Mode to give full play to the maximum power of the engine . The tires are Michelin Pilot Cup Sport 2 265/35R19 Front wheels and 345/30R20 The rear wheel .

The interior design is simple , But there are many original elements . The space designed with the theme of fighter cockpit maximizes the driver's vision , At the same time, the interference is minimized .

When the gull wing door opens , Inspired by fighter cockpit and F1 The carbon fiber steering wheel of the machine steering wheel occupies the center position . The grip part is covered with leather , The other part is carbon fiber . There are lights on the steering wheel 、 Wiper and turn signal switch . There is a toggle mode dial , You can exercise 、 wetland 、 Drag the 、 Tracking and F5 Switch between modes .

Hennessy Performance Engineering Plan to build 24 platform Venom F5. The basic price is 210 Thousands of dollars .

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