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Tesla brake reverses and meets luoshengmen again. Who's lying?

2022-05-15 03:40:5036kr

Cut the Tesla brake case that is still messy , There are new melons almost every day .

Because hot search physique , In the past two years, Tesla has made frequent searches for a variety of reasons , With reduction 、 Prices 、 Price reduction and even Musk's words can send Tesla to hot search , But the most common is braking Events . Whether it's the car owner or the media , Grasping the Tesla brake seems to be politically correct .

Now a letter of apology , Completely make Tesla proud .5 month 9 On the afternoon of Sunday , Mr. Chen, the owner of Wenzhou Tesla, publicly issued a letter of apology .

The main content is , He admitted that the cause of the previous accident was that he mistakenly used the accelerator as the brake , Then continued to fabricate “ Tesla automatic acceleration brake failure ”, Because “ My heart is not willing to ”.

source : Mr. Chen microblogging (ID: Mobile users 3042983165)

There are also several important information , The owner said , Other rights owners also came to contact themselves , And introduces a platform , Provide them with legal fees free of charge , And the car owner once joined the rights group , But the subsequent cause “ Different ideas ” Withdraw from a group .

In a word : I stepped on the wrong Accelerator , But not reconciled , So slander Tesla , And there are key people supporting themselves .

However, the event soon ushered in a reversal .5 month 10 Japan , Ms. Zhang of Henan Province mentioned in the apology letter posted a microblog saying , The contents of the so-called apology letter of Wenzhou car owners are not true , And shout the latter : Do you have a good conscience ?

Female car owners : The letter of apology distorts the facts

This luoshengmen incident , Start two years ago .

2020 year 8 month 12 Japan , Wenzhou owner Mr. Chen drives Tesla Model 3 The high-speed hit the bar in the parking lot , The accident resulted in 10 More than one car was damaged , Not only face high compensation , I was also seriously injured . His own experience 7 Hour rescue , 5000 ml blood transfusion to get out of danger .

In an interview afterwards, Mr. Chen reported that , The vehicle has brake failure, resulting in sudden acceleration , And spread the words of Tesla brake failure on various platforms . In this regard, Tesla gave the test results for the first time : The accident belongs to the owner who accidentally stepped on the accelerator pedal , No problem with the car .

And then , Tesla sued Wenzhou Lucheng District People's court , court 2021 year 10 month 11 Judgment made on . The verdict shows that , After hearing, the court found that , The owner Chen bears all the responsibility for the accident , Sentenced to apology and compensation 5 Ten thousand yuan . After that, Chen appealed , The second instance was rejected .

According to the content of the party's apology letter , The case went through the first trial 、 The second instance was held this year 3 It takes effect in January , The judgment found that it constituted an infringement of Tesla's reputation , Should apologize to Tesla and compensate for economic losses .

The matter should have been settled when the Party issued a letter of apology , But it's not that simple .

For this letter of apology ,5 month 9 That night, Tesla rights owner Han Chao posted a microblog , According to their chat records , Wenzhou owner Mr. Chen said , The letter of apology is “ Tesla wrote ”, also “ Enforcement ”.

After the event , Wenzhou owner Mr. Chen hacked Han Chao's wechat .

source : Henan Ms. Zhang microblog (ID: Coral in fresh water )

Ms. Zhang of Henan Province mentioned in the apology letter , Said on Weibo , Mr. Chen has been defending his rights independently from beginning to end , And take the initiative to ask for help .“ After losing the second instance , To have helped him “ Comrades in arms ” Bite back , Attack me with the statement Tesla wrote for him , Who bewitched him ?”

From the chat records exposed by Ms. Zhang , Mr. Wenzhou Che advocates that he once “ Ask for the appraisal written by Wenzhou Automotive Engineering Society ”, It's written because I stepped on the switch by mistake , Because if you don't say so, the insurance company won't settle the claim , and “ Several neighbors next door who were hit by a car came to me every day and asked me to lose money ”.

This Henan Ms. Zhang is 2021 Parties involved in roof rights protection at Shanghai Auto Show , Since then , Tesla brake door just began to get worse .

At present, the lawsuit between Han Chao and Ms. Zhang and Tesla has not been settled , The two sides are still suing each other .

Who is lying ?

With the continuous fermentation of the brake door , The opinions and interests of various parties are also pushing and pulling in the middle , From this letter of apology alone , It's mixed with all kinds of statements .

in fact , No matter who the author of this apology letter is , The results are no longer important . At present, this letter of apology is released through the microblog of the owner of Wenzhou , Also recognized by Tesla and the court , This also means that the effect of the letter of apology has reached , For now , The effect of public opinion is that Tesla has the upper hand .

Before that , Tesla in order to cope with the negative public opinion on the Internet , Have to lobby around . The turning point in the 2021 year 6 month , At that time, Tesla successively opened on multiple social platforms “ Tesla legal department ” Account number .

Then Tesla , Then the initiative “ Reverse rights protection ” situational . It's not just the Wenzhou owner , Both Ms. Zhang and Han Chao have received a letter from Tesla's lawyer .

before , Tesla believes that Han Chao has published low-level reports for a long time 、 Belittle the second plaintiff ( Tesla Shanghai Co., Ltd ) Related remarks , Claim against it 505 Ten thousand yuan . Ms. Zhang has also received the consultation on pre litigation mediation opinions sent by Shanghai Qingpu District People's court , Tesla demanded an apology and compensation for the loss of reputation 500 Ten thousand yuan .

source : Tiktok

And not just rights owners , And the Internet is popular V I also received a letter from Tesla's lawyer . At the beginning of the year , Tesla said that it had formally sued Chen Zhengang, a person from the media ( Tiktok account name “ Xiao Gang ”), Sue him for violating his right of reputation . On the tiktok platform. ,“ Xiao Gang ” Your certification is “ Senior creator in the automotive field ”, It has attracted more attention than 1500 ten thousand .

Tesla's tough attitude towards public opinion , It is largely related to its corporate style , tesla CEO Elon · musk (Elon Musk) Once said , Other companies spend money on advertising and manipulating public opinion , And Tesla will focus more on products .

But under this pressure , There are different voices , Some choose to give up , Others choose to stick to the end .

Mr. Chen, the owner of Wenzhou, mentioned in his apology letter that , While defending rights , Other car owners who claim to protect their rights contact themselves . Mr. Feng, a car owner in Shanghai, introduced himself to “ A platform ”, The platform arranges lawyers for it and undertakes the first instance office Regular Division fee .

If you connect these characters with clues , There seems to be “ Some kind of backstage ” The shadow of .

thus , There is also reason to doubt , And Tesla is also guessing , In a tide against Tesla , There is a mysterious force silently supporting these defenders .

Brake door or never answer

Return to the essence of the event , It will still fall on the Tesla vehicle itself . The biggest difference between Tesla and traditional fuel vehicles , Is its single pedal mode , In this driving mode , The driver can control the acceleration and deceleration of the vehicle through the accelerator pedal .

The accelerator can accelerate and brake , This can easily lead to a logical paradox , In an emergency , After lifting the accelerator, I found that the speed did not decrease , It's prone to confusion , Causing it to press the accelerator pedal , The consequences are unimaginable .

2021 year 1 month , National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) Tesla has announced “ Runaway acceleration ” The results of the investigation , In the course of 1 After years of investigation ,246 For example, Tesla's out of control acceleration events are all caused by the driver accidentally stepping on the pedal .

This also means that in the Tesla acceleration accident , There are many human factors .

But after the accident , The responsibility is difficult to clarify .

As a smart electric vehicle , Tesla has software decision-making participation in the whole braking process , There are also human control factors . This also means restoring the process of the owner stepping on the brake , From the motor 、 Vehicle controller 、 Pedal depth sensor, pedal switch and other data are analyzed one by one , Only in this way can we comprehensively judge whether it is human factors or vehicle factors .

This also means that the new car data is very critical , At present, Tesla is equipped with EDR(Event Data Recorder Accident data recorder ) Contains braking data 、 Data such as safety system and electronic braking information , This function is similar to that of an aircraft “ black box ”, This is an important part of analyzing the cause of the accident .

However, the judgment of responsibility for automatic driving accidents , It is also blank in China .

The intelligent driving car represented by Tesla after a traffic accident , The subject of responsibility for the accident is different from the traditional car , It is impossible to simply apply the principle of fault liability and the principle of no fault , So it's hard to divide the responsibilities .

source : Xiaoma Zhixing

Chairman of GAC group 、 Zeng Qinghong, Secretary of the Party committee, once said , Intelligent vehicles are developing rapidly in China , However, there is still a big gap in laws and regulations related to intelligent driving at this stage , There is no legal basis for intelligent driving cars on the road .

The rapidly advancing smart electric vehicle industry , There really needs to be a law to restrict . A good phenomenon is , Some car companies have set an example .

since 5 month 17 The date of , Mercedes Benz sold in Germany S Class and Mercedes Benz EQS Models will be optional Drive Pilot System . Mercedes Drive Pilot function , On some highways , lower than 40 miles / Hours , It can help the driver control the speed of the car 、 Steering and braking, etc .

what's more , Mercedes Benz announced its configuration L3 Automatic driving system Drive Pilot Take legal responsibility for vehicle operation , It means , Once the owner has an accident when using the system , Mercedes Benz will take responsibility .

But Mercedes Benz Drive Pilot The application conditions are also very harsh , For example, it cannot be used on urban roads , The speed should be lower than 40 miles / Hours , And even the highway , You also need to have centimeter level high-precision map coverage , There are not many such conditional practical application scenarios .

Therefore, Mercedes Benz's division of responsibility for autonomous driving is only the beginning , There are still more laws and details to be improved .

This article is from WeChat official account. “ Super electric laboratory ”(ID:SuperEV-Lab), author : Wang lei ,36 Krypton authorized release .

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