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Selection of high beauty four classic joint venture intermediate cars recommended

2022-05-15 03:43:04Vehicle quality net

   Speaking of intermediate cars , People often think of the atmosphere 、 Calm down these words . however , As consumers become younger and younger , Manufacturers have also begun to make changes , Will exercise 、 young 、 Fashion and other elements are integrated into it . Especially Passat, which has been listed in the past two years 、 Sonata and the new generation Mondeo recently launched , It gives full play to the breath of sports , Overturned our inherent impression .

   The four models recommended this time are joint venture intermediate vehicles , And they have been fighting in the market for many years , Among them, Ford Mondeo and ATZ have always given people a good sense of sports , With the launch of a new generation of Mondeo , The car has been greatly improved in terms of scientific and technological configuration . Passat and Sonata meet their families while , It is also frequently used in official reception with its calm shape , After the two cars are launched, they bring us a new sports visual experience .

   One 、 Appearance Overview

   The overall shape of the four models is full , The front face style adopts the unique design language of their respective brands , The overall visual effect is excellent . In terms of details , Except Passat , The other three models adopt large-size air inlet grille , And the interior of the ATZ grille is also equipped with strong chrome plated decorative strips . and 2022 Sartre also offers two styles for consumers , They are dot matrix and starry sky , The interior of the grille of the star elite model recommended in this paper is equipped with a penetrating LED Lamp with .

   Forte Mondeo has exclusive split headlights in four models , Throughout LED The light band presents at both ends L Shape style and segment style , With the bottom LED High and low beam headlights , Overall, it has high recognition . Sonata 、 The headlights of ATZ and Passat models are slender , The interior of Passat's lamp chamber is blackened , And Sonata's LED The daytime running lights have a hidden design , And it is connected with the chrome plated trim strip of the front cover , Very distinctive .

   In terms of body size , Mondeo, in addition to length , The remaining data are in the leading position among the four models , The most ample space for . On the tail design , The four models are also very distinctive . First , Except for ATZ , The other models adopt the popular through tail lamp , The visual effect is obvious after lighting , At the same time, it also increases the sense of hierarchy of the tail . The chrome plated trim strip of ATZ through the trunk cover is connected with the tail lights on both sides , Such a design looks like today , It's a little out of date .

   Due to factors such as model positioning and selling price , The basic configuration performance of the four models is fairly comprehensive , For example, keyless entry 、LED Daytime running light 、 Headlamp delay off And automatic headlights . In advanced configuration , The performance of the four models is different , Mondeo and Sonata performed well , In addition, Sonata also enjoys the function of sensing rear compartment among the four models , At the same time, Mondeo's segmented electric sunroof is also relatively novel among models of the same level , The lighting effect in the car is still good . For ATZ, a medium model , Configuration performance can also meet daily use . And for Passat , The overall performance is slightly shabby .

   Appearance summary : As an intermediate car , The size of the upgraded Mondeo has obvious advantages in the models of the same level , And this also makes its riding space further improved . From the outside , The four models have distinctive features , Are very in line with the current aesthetic requirements of young consumers , At the same time, Passat and Sonata also got rid of their previous business images , Become more athletic .

   Two 、 Interior configuration overview

   In the interior design , The four models also adopt the design styles of their respective brands , The flat center console is also wrapped with soft materials , And the Passat center console is also equipped with piano paint baking trim panel and through silver trim strip , It can be said that in terms of grade , Passat did a very good job .

   Thanks to the 1.1 The addition of meter full body large screen , Mondeo has the most sense of technology among the four models ; Sonata's interior layout is also in line with the current fashion trend , With dual screen design , There is also a good smell of science and Technology . Radical compared to appearance , The interior layout of Passat and ATZ is relatively calm , At the same time, some physical keys are reserved in the center consoles of the two vehicles , Practicality is guaranteed .

   In terms of multimedia configuration , The four models support Internet of vehicles and Bluetooth phone functions , In other functions , mondeo 、 The overall difference between the ATZ and Sonata models is not very big , For example, navigation 、 Speech recognition is equipped with , At the same time, the three models are also equipped with sound systems of different brands , Audio visual enjoyment is guaranteed , It is worth mentioning that , Mondeo also has exclusive OTA Upgrade features , It is more convenient to update the vehicle engine system . For Passat , The overall performance is relatively backward , And navigation 、 The voice recognition function also needs to be optional , But the good thing is the addition of mobile Internet function , Can slightly recover some “ face ”.

   In other configurations , The four models also show high cost performance , For example, front seat heating 、 Leather seats 、 Leather steering wheels are equipped with . In other comfort configurations , mondeo 、 ATZ and Sonata are equipped with front seat heating 、 Driver's power seat memory 、 Steering wheel shift function , Sonata also has exclusive steering wheel heating and rear seat heating functions , Passat is also equipped with independent air conditioning in the rear row , Driving comfort is further improved . A little pity , ATZ is not equipped with mainstream PM 2.5 Filtering and on-board purifier function , And the size of LCD instrument is much smaller than that of the other three models .

   Interior decoration summary : The interior design of the four cars maintains the unique characteristics of the family , At the same time, the internal sufficient materials also show the due sense of grade , The configuration can also meet the needs of daily use . by comparison , Sonata is more perfect in configuration , Ahead of the other three models .

   3、 ... and 、 Performance overview

   motivation , Of the four models, only the ATZ is equipped with 2.5L Naturally aspirated engine , Other models are equipped with 2.0T Turbocharged engine , But the parameter adjustment is different , Taken together , Mondeo and Sonata were close , Passat is a little conservative . It is worth mentioning that , ATZ's 2.5L Chuangchi blue sky engine is also equipped with Dual S-VT Dual variable valve timing control system , The purpose of further saving fuel consumption can be achieved .

   Power summary : in general , At roughly the same price , Sonata and Mondeo 2.0T Engine parameters are more dominant , It can bring us a more pleasant sense of acceleration , ATZ's 2.5L Engine smoothness is better than turbocharged engine , Passat, which participated in the comparison, was equipped with a low-power 2.0T Engine power , Therefore, the performance of parameters is not satisfactory .

   Four 、 Space Overview

   In terms of space , The overall performance of the four medium-sized vehicles is good , Front row head 、 The rear head and legs have a large margin . All four car seats are wrapped in leather , Support and wrapping are worth affirming , And Mondeo seats also use leather / Suede mix and match material . in addition , Thanks to Mondeo's super long wheelbase , The car is superior to the other three models in leg space .

   In terms of storage space , As an intermediate car , All four models can meet our daily needs , A variety of storage compartments in the car can put different items , It is worth mentioning that , The front row of Mondeo and Sonata is also equipped with mobile phone wireless charging , At the same time, the rear of the two cars are also equipped with armrest boxes , And the front of Sonata armrest box is also equipped with multi-function buttons , The convenience and practicability of car use have been improved .

   In terms of rear compartment space , The floor of the rear compartment of the four cars is very flat , Although there is no specific volume value for the ATZ rear compartment , But by comparison , The four models are almost the same . A little pity , Sonata rear seats do not support reclining , The volume of the rear compartment cannot be expanded .

   Summary of space : On the whole , All four models have good performance , And the volume of the rear compartment is also at the mainstream level among models of the same level , In addition, various storage compartments in the car can also meet daily use .

   5、 ... and 、 Security configuration overview

   In terms of security configuration , The basic configuration of the four models is very comprehensive , However, there are still some differences in advanced configuration . From the configuration table , Mondeo's overall performance is good , Sonata followed , It is worth mentioning that , Sonata also has the function of blind area monitoring , Make the driver's observation more comprehensive ; In contrast, Passat and ATZ are mediocre , If you want to have a higher security configuration , It is necessary to select a model with higher configuration .

   Safety summary : in general , The four models perform well in terms of basic configuration , In advanced configuration , Mondeo's overall performance is the most perfect , More in line with the current fashion trend .

   summary : Through this comparison , The exterior design of the four cars adopts family design language , The overall recognition is high , A strong sense of movement . Mondeo also uses the split headlights of avant-garde science fiction . Passat and Sonata changed their previous stable image , Give people a new visual experience , While Atma has maintained the consistent style of sports . In terms of internal design and configuration , The materials for the four cars are sufficient , Create a good sense of grade . Mondeo's large internal screen fills itself with a sense of Technology . And in power , The four models are also at the mainstream level . As for which one to choose , It depends on your personal preference .

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