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Whose conscience is "failing"?

2022-05-15 03:44:50Liu, Lin

「 Malfunction 」 Whose conscience is it ?

·May 11, 2022

Once a hit 「 Brake door 」 event , Finally, new progress has been made .

5 month 9 Friday night ,「 Wenzhou Tesla brake out of control event 」 Mr. Chen, the owner of the car, publicly apologized on his microblog , Admit that the cause of the previous traffic accident was mistaking the accelerator for the brake . This also means Tesla 「 brake failure 」 event , Before the relevant facts and data and after the judgment of the court , There should be a fair and objective result recognized by all parties .


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「 Brake door 」 Event review —— A terrible traffic accident

Let's review the accident first :2020 year 8 month 12 Japan , The owner Mr. Chen drives Model 3 In a residential area in Wenzhou, he collided with the road gate of the parking lot at high speed . According to relevant reports , The accident not only caused the owner himself to be given first aid 7 Hours , Blood transfusion near 5000 Ml before getting out of danger , It also led to the amputation of the owner's large intestine 30 centimeter 、 Lumbar bone fragmentation was identified as grade 9 disability ; At the same time, the surrounding 10 More than vehicles were also seriously damaged by the accident .

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In fact, we can also understand the owner's mood after the traffic accident , Once identified as the owner's own responsibility , It's not just your own body and vehicle being injured in an accident , Damage to surrounding vehicles and facilities may also face high compensation that cannot be covered by insurance .

therefore , In the letter of apology, the owner wrote ,「 Knowing that you use the accelerator as a brake , But my heart is not willing to 」; Even after the relevant personnel helped them interpret EDR After the data , Knowingly mistake the accelerator for the brake , But for one reason or another , Still fabricating in multiple media 「 Tesla automatic acceleration brake failure 」 The content such as , It also caused a lot of waves . And after the court's first instance ruling , The car owner still refuses to accept , Choose the second instance to continue the appeal , Finally rejected . Then there was the letter of apology we all saw .

In the letter of apology , In addition to admitting that they use the accelerator as the brake , Another message appears :  Voluntarily pay all first instance attorneys' fees 「 A platform 」.

Tesla owners in Wenzhou , This platform arranges lawyers for it , Took the initiative to bear all the expenses of the first instance lawyer . And according to other media reports , The lawyer platform actively funded and participated in several Tesla owner rights protection cases .

If the initial behavior of Wenzhou Tesla owners , It's this one 「 Farce 」 Fuse , So this one 「 platform 」 It became a farce that intensified 、 A boisterous combustion promoter . But it's a pity , This dispute that lasted for more than a year , Finally, the compensation and apology letter of Mr. Chen, the party involved in the incident, came to an end , Mr. Chen paid his due price ; But that 「 Enthusiastic platform 」 But continue to be invisible , We don't know who is behind the platform , What's more, we can't know that the platform actively pays legal fees 、 What is the intention behind participating in several rights protection activities ?

Brake system failure ? It's not that easy

In the subsequent times of this matter 「 Brake door 」 event , Once will 「 brake failure 」 And Tesla , It is even equal to the single pedal mode of electric vehicles . Tesla's braking system , Even the braking system of electric vehicles , Is it really so easy to fail ?

As an important part of automobile safety system , The importance of braking system reliability is needless to say . Therefore, whether it is the car enterprises themselves , It will be more conservative to formulate various national regulations , Ensure that the vehicle does not have brake failure to the greatest extent . And when related events ferment before , More from the perspective that Tesla is an electric vehicle .

Electric motor car and traditional diesel locomotive , There are some differences in the structure of power system and braking system , But both of them have done a lot of work in preventing the failure of the braking system :


  • One side , Whether for fuel vehicles or electric vehicles , Hydraulic braking is absolutely dominant . Although electric vehicles such as Tesla will introduce some electric braking to recover the kinetic energy of the vehicle , And give back to the battery to improve part of the range , However, the proportion of electric braking is very small compared with hydraulic braking . therefore , Even if the electric car program goes wrong , The electric braking disappears completely , The absolutely dominant hydraulic braking of the hydraulic braking station will still ensure the normal operation of the braking system . That means , Even in extreme cases, the electric braking of electric vehicles disappears completely , For the braking performance of a vehicle , It won't have much impact . Brake failure , Electric braking does not work .
  • On the other hand, the difference lies in the brake assist system . Conventional vehicles usually use vacuum booster pumps , The vacuum source is provided by the engine . But electric cars don't have internal combustion engines , Therefore, there is no vacuum source . In order to achieve the effect of assistance , Electric vehicles usually choose electric booster pump to provide power for braking . Compared with mechanical vacuum booster pump , There is a certain possibility of failure of electronic control parts , Even if this may also be very small .

    But what we need to point out is , On the one hand, the vacuum booster pump used in diesel vehicles also has the possibility of failure ; On the other hand , The national standard stipulates , Once the vacuum booster fails , The driver still needs to be able to stop the vehicle , But at that time, the braking force of stepping on the brake pedal will be much greater .

    In the moment of life and death , Almost all drivers will try their best to step on the brake pedal , So the vehicle's braking system can still be activated , It's just that the brake pedal will harden obviously , There will be no case of completely uncontrollable braking . This is also part of the previous accidents of electric vehicles, including Tesla , The party concerned reported that 「 Harden 」 The reason for this .

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What can really make the brake fail , Often only the current more X The two brake pipelines arranged in type A are physically shortened at the same time . As for brake calipers and brake discs , Over time, there may be related performance degradation , However, it will not lead to complete failure of vehicle braking . So let the brakes fail , It's not an easy thing .

One thing that needs to be pointed out is , For Tesla and many new generation models , Often carry one 「 Black box 」, This black box is just like the black box on the plane , Will record all driving related data , Is commonly known as EDR(Event Data Recorder) data . In the later period , Just through analysis EDR data , You can clearly understand the driving state at that time . Whether the driver stepped on the brake pedal or stepped on the accelerator pedal by mistake , In fact, it's easy to trace . From the perspective of initial design and definition , As the basis for the later law enforcement of the traffic police department ,EDR It is very unlikely that the data will be tampered with later .

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yes 「 Shop bully 」? Or the compassion of netizens is abused ?

With a professional legal department 、 Compared with large car enterprises , In safeguarding rights, consumers are often in a weak position , It is inevitable that netizens who are spectators will naturally have common feelings . In the automotive industry , There was a precedent for the Ford Pinto incident , Ford is between announcing a recall and taking certain protective devices and compensating customers , After calculation, in order to save nearly 9000 Million dollars and chose the latter . Therefore, in case of rights protection disputes , Many people's first reaction is to choose consumers .

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But too many examples of inversion tell us , Not all rights disputes , All are 「 Shop bully 」 The pot .

And 「 Brake door 」 Allied , It happened in Tesla not long ago 「 Supernatural audio events 」.

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The atmosphere of the underground parking lot 、 Creepy BGM, Let this matter be uploaded on the Internet . However, through the data analysis of the background, it is found that , The related audio and the one that the customer was listening to on the Himalayas at that time was called 《 Evil intention 》 The audio overlaps in content . in other words , Tesla's problem is that the screen has been clicked a lot in a short time, and there is a Caton , The car machine jam that happens from time to time in smart cars has evolved into 「 Miraculous events 」, The spread effect is at least exponential , As for the follow-up truth, how many people will care ?

Compared with traditional cars , The growing smart electric vehicle is destined to experience a running in period , There are already car companies here for intelligence 、 Polishing and perfection of electrification function ; There are also users' familiarity and running in with new functions in use . But this should not be 「 Stigmatization 」 A brand , Even smart electric cars .

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This time, 「 Brake door 」 Farce , Finally with a letter of apology and 5 The compensation fee of 10000 yuan comes to an end , The court's verdict saved the brand's face and reputation , But the impact is not just these . From the first instance judgment at the end of last year to the present apology , Half a year has passed ,「 brake failure 」 Labels still appear from time to time . In the message under the apology letter , There are still 「 Don't believe 」,「 This time it was wronged , But others are not necessarily 」 The voice of the voice appears . When agency identification 、EDR data 、 When the legal judgment and apology letter are in front of us , Still choose 「 Don't listen 」 People who , Maybe this is what netizens say 「 Not stupid is bad 」, Or is it 「 Stupid and bad 」?

Whether for Tesla , Or other smart electric car brands , Behind the sales scenery , It is built in the period of rapid iterative change of Technology 、 A young brand , In front of public opinion , Car companies can't stand several farces that confuse black and white .

As netizens who eat melons , Bring yourself into the identity of consumers to support what you see as 「 weak person 」, It ended up with a reversal , Seeing their empathy abused . such 「 The Wolf is coming 」 It's a lot of farce , Who would believe in consumers who really need support ?



The popularity of the Internet , Let's lower the threshold of occurrence and rights protection , Also let rights protection, which was originally a problem between car enterprises and consumers , Become complicated , For example, in the letter of apology 「 A platform 」.

When the competition of smart electric vehicles is on the fast lane , We want more products 、 Technology is real PK, a little bit less 「 Out of the box move 」 Contest .

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