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Three cars suitable for camping are recommended. The living radius is directly doubled, and BYD Tang is on the list

2022-05-15 03:45:58Youshi automobile

unexpectedly , In the past May Day holiday , The fire is not a cross provincial tour , It is “ Camping fever ”. According to the statistics of the Ministry of Tourism , During the May Day holiday , Domestic travel all over the country 1.6 Million people , fell 30.2%. In contrast to the camping boom , Not only on major shopping platforms “ One account is hard to find ”, Even the grass in the park has long been crowded beyond the canopy . thus it can be seen , Under the epidemic “ Camping fever ” How hot it is .

Since camping is so popular now , So if we want to go camping by car , What kind of car is relatively suitable ? Since many friends have this idea , Now I'd like to recommend 3 A car suitable for camping . With these cars , I believe that the radius of your life will directly expand 1 times , Come and have a look .

The first paragraph , Ideal ONE

The guided :34.98 Ten thousand yuan

Ideal ONE It is the best selling medium and large-scale domestic new energy vehicles SUV, It can even sell more than 10000 units a month , This shows how much Chinese people love and recognize it . That's in our camping model recommendation today , Why would I first introduce the ideal ONE This model ? The main reasons are as follows .

The first is ideal ONE This car has the ability of reverse power supply . Many people may not know , Ideal ONE Through external special socket , It can provide power up to 2.2kw External discharge function . And with this function , That means you can use a hot pot when camping 、 Small induction cooker and other electrical equipment .

Just imagine , In a clear sky or a drizzly morning , Sitting under the built canopy , Enjoy the fragrance of Pu'er tea and exquisite breakfast , Isn't this feeling very pleasant ? therefore , You deserve an ideal ONE.

The second is ideal ONE There's a lot of room . As a model, its length, width and height reach 5030/1960/1760mm, The wheelbase is 2935mm Domestic medium and large SUV, Ideal ONE The actual riding space is very considerable . Plus its six seat layout , So... For a family 6 You can also give good consideration to .

Like this one in the picture Up The Lord is the same , You can even buy a good inflatable pad and put it in your car , thus , The car turned into a big bed room in an instant . And you're lying inside , You can enjoy the beautiful scenery outside the window , You can also enjoy various video and entertainment configurations in the car , Of course, this feeling is also very good .

The third is the ideal ONE The power system of the program makes people have no mileage anxiety . Speaking of increasing program power , In fact, it is an oil electric hybrid system . According to the actual measurement of car owners , Ideal for filling up ONE You can run in one breath 800 Km above , This is really unmatched by oil vehicles .

All in all , With ideals ONE, You can not only enjoy the rapid licensing of new energy vehicles , There will be no so-called endurance anxiety , So it will definitely double the radius of your outdoor outing and camping life . For consumers with adequate budgets ,30 Million buy SUV You might as well try this ideal ONE models .

In the second paragraph , Byd tang

The guided :20.58-31.48 Ten thousand yuan

Different from the ideal ONE The price has gone to 30 Ten thousand price range , As a medium-sized SUV, The guidance price is only 20.58 Ten thousand yuan , So if your budget is relatively controlled at 20-25 ten thousand , Then BYD Tang's car is more reasonable .

Need to know , BYD Tang on sale DM-i It also has the function of reverse power supply , So if you have the habit of camping and outing often , So BYD don DM-i It will certainly satisfy you to have a cup of tea once in a while 、 The vision of cooking .

besides , Byd tang DM-i The car is also equipped with K Song function , Just imagine , You and three or five friends are having a barbecue outdoors 、 Singing , This feeling is not to mention how relaxed and comfortable .

in addition , Due to Tang DM-i Pick up the DM-i Super hybrid system , It belongs to plug-in hybrid , So it can not only run on pure electricity 81 Km and 112 km , In the state of power loss, the fuel consumption per hundred kilometers is only 5.5L. therefore , In the face of such a low comprehensive fuel consumption of 100 kilometers , After we buy it, we don't have to worry about the cost of maintaining the car at all .

Last , Byd tang DM-i The appearance is “ Dragon face ” Family design , It looks like it's full of gas , And very recognizable . in addition , Optional luggage rack on the roof , This can also improve storage space for camping . There is also the purchase of Tang DM In terms of models , It has a four-wheel drive system , Not only the ability to get out of difficulties is better , The fastest acceleration time of 100 kilometers only needs 4.3 second , It's a good performance “ machine ”.

All in all , BYD Don is a good car , Whether it's don DM-i Or don DM, It can give us what we want . If you have the idea of camping recently , At the same time, the car purchase budget is 20-25 All around , So BYD Tang, I strongly suggest you take a good look .

In the third paragraph , baojun Valli

The guided :7.98-10.58 Ten thousand yuan

baojun Valli It is a rare high cost performance station wagon among domestic automobile brands . Need to know , The price of this car is not expensive , Only for 7.98-10.58 Ten thousand yuan range , therefore , As long as there is 10 Ten thousand yuan budget , Then you can pocket this station wagon .

Why go camping and buy Baojun Valli This kind of station wagon ? Personally, I think , The reason why we went camping , I definitely like the unrestrained lifestyle brought by camping . For a long time in the city of reinforced concrete , People get bored , And come outside , Your mood can be relaxed , This will never happen in the city .

Look at Baojun Valli, It looks like it gives people an impulse to go out for an outing , Because it's a station wagon , So its roof can also be equipped with luggage rack , And this solves the problem of the canopy you need to bring to camp 、 tent 、 Storage problems of tables, chairs and other tools .

in addition , baojun Valli As a station wagon , It also has an advantage that it has a square and wide rear compartment . Just put the back down , baojun Valli The rear compartment can form a 1 rice 8 Wide king bed , Sleep inside and watch the sunrise occasionally 、 There's nothing wrong with sunset , So such a car is obviously very suitable for us to buy for camping .

All in all , baojun Valli With high appearance and good cost performance , In my opinion, it can be recommended to you as a camping model . Although it has little off-road ability , Nor does it have 4WD performance , But if your budget is really limited , At the same time, I want to have poetry and distance at the weekend , So Baojun Valli I suggest you go and have a look .

Last , After reading the above 3 This is a homemade car suitable for camping SUV, Have you been moved by them ? Leave a message in the comment area , Let's talk about .( writing / ATV Da Zhuo )

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