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The cheapest in history! Lexus entry-level SUV exposure, this car will "die" as soon as the price increases?

2022-05-15 03:46:01There is Xu in the car

How luxury brands look for new sales breakthroughs ? From the development over the years , It seems to be a consensus to launch more entry-level models . As you are familiar with BBA, The cheapest car under its banner has been found 20 Ten thousand yuan , Joint venture with ordinary B Class cars are almost the same . And in the SUV field , audi Q2L The starting price is only 22.88 Ten thousand yuan , This dimensionality reduction blow also puts great pressure on other brands , Maybe Lexus thinks so , So a positioning is better than Lexus UX Lower models appeared , The new car is expected to be in 2023 Annual appearance .

The cheapest Lexus in history SUV

For now , Lexus is the cheapest SUV It's actually UX, Its starting price is only 25.9 ten thousand , The price is still very attractive in the field of luxury cars . But clearly , Lexus is not satisfied with this , A long time ago, foreign media reported that the brand would launch more entry-level SUV, lexus LBX( It may be named after this ) So it came into being .

Combined with various information , The car will be based on Toyota YARiS Cross With the money TNGA(GA-B) Platform to build , Then its design is familiar to us , That's an interview with the spindle family front grille , And has a family sharp headlamp shape , There are still exaggerated shapes at the fog lights on both sides , The whole looks ok “ Domineering and exquisite ” To describe . However, due to its lower positioning , So the body size of this car will be a little more compact .

It is worth mentioning that , Because it is based on Toyota YARiS Cross make , So Lexus LBX It is also regarded by many people as a shell changing version of Toyota YARiS Cross. however , Lexus is Toyota's high-end brand after all , This means that it will be more superior in the material and texture of the whole vehicle , There is still no need to worry about this .

As for power , The new car is expected to build 1.5L Hybrid system composed of engine and motor , Combined maximum power 87kW, The battery adopts a new ternary lithium battery pack , What the drive system matches with is CVT Stepless gearbox . meanwhile , The new car is expected to be launched F SPORT Performance version , Have better power performance .

lexus LAB Can it sell well ?

We all know , Lexus has been selling very well in recent years , Because of its “ Original import ” The halo of was once popular with consumers , The phenomenon of increasing the price of cars is also common . The cheapest Lexus in the history of this car SUV, Can it be popular ?

From the perspective of positioning , The price of this car must be higher than that of Lexus UX A lower , The selling price is predicted to be 20 All around , After all, the cheapest car in Lexus is also 21 All the above . In the market segment , It will also be available at Audi Q2L、 BMW X1、 Mercedes GLA、 Cadillac XT4 And other models form a competition , So here's the thing , Lexus sold by import LBX It seems quite cost-effective .

however , The smaller size may be Lexus LBX The competitive disadvantage of , Because Lexus UX Not brilliant in space , And refer to Toyota YARiS Cross Words , Its length, width and height are respectively 4180/1765/1560mm, Wheelbase reached 2560mm, This means that Lexus built on the same platform LAB It's the same size . For many people who pursue luxury cars , A large comfortable space is still necessary .

besides , Lexus is better at home than “BBA” The appeal of is obviously still a little less , Especially at the moment BBA These entry-level models SUV There are great discounts . In the current domestic automobile market , Luxury car prices are on the downward trend , BMW X1 The dealer's reference price has been reduced to 22.3 All the , audi Q2L With Mercedes GLA Then they all went down 20 Ten thousand yuan of the following , Such as the audi Q2L The dealer's reference price is 18.3 All the , Mercedes GLA It's even more terrible , Its dealer reference price has reached 17.87 All the , It's close 10 Ten thousand yuan discount , By contrast, Lexus LBX The advantage is gone , After all, according to Toyota's habits , Generally, the price of models will not be reduced , So is Lexus .


Have to admit , Lexus sells well in China , And it has also left a good reputation among consumers . But judging from the sales composition of Lexus , It's actually Lexus ES Take over the big head , Nearly half of the sales , This means that other Lexus models are more or less uncompetitive , In the face of more and more rational consumers , The cheapest Lexus SUV Can we still rely on the halo of imported cars to achieve good results at the beginning of listing ?

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