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Diesel automobile double pickup truck leads the industry, and Jiangxi Isuzu no longer bows its head and acts recklessly

2022-05-15 03:46:47Automotive Technology

        With the iteration of product technology and the upgrading of consumer demand , Jiangxi Isuzu will continue to broaden its product ideas , Officially launched “ Simultaneous development of diesel and steam ” The product layout of , As its main brand in the middle and high-end market, pickup lingtuo , The gasoline version of Tuoling also brings GANK, Let consumers choose to expand again , To develop a new landmark of life .

        The energetic cross-country pickup truck finally came !5 month 10 Japan , Bolding GANK Gasoline version Huanxin is on the market , A total of 8 models , Official guided price 13.68 ten thousand —18.28 Ten thousand yuan .

        Lead users to develop new landmarks of life . In terms of car purchase policy ( From now on to 6 month 30 Japan ), Bolding GANK Offer the rights and interests of the first batch of car owners with full sincerity , Bring special anti epidemic and good help programs , Sent 2 Annual interest free +3000 element /5000 Yuan anti epidemic fund . On this basis , Bolding GANK also “ This box is polite ” One out of three , Including wild luxury suit —— Complimentary lifting luggage rack + Manual tent ; Yuetu suit —— Complimentary body flat cover ; Style suit —— Complimentary crosswind + Container treasure .

        Let users no longer just be consumers . As “ Simultaneous development of diesel and steam ” The first model under the strategy , The new name of lingtuo gasoline version is decided by the user's public vote , Since the opening of online voting, popularity has soared , After a wonderful duel ,“GANK” Leap out . The new name not only means “ The nation remains mobilized for brand new endeavors. ” The fighting style of , It also shows the excellent field control style of the gasoline version of lingtuo in various driving scenes , With young people Carry full .


How to play without energy have to wild , Power can be cool

        To fight wild , Need to kill accurately and quickly . Bolding GANK It not only has the original wild hard core characteristics of diesel pickup truck , It's even more cool in the ride upgrade . It is equipped with industry-leading 2.0T Gasoline super power 、 Exclusive ZF equipped with luxury car 8AT Automatic transmission , Can erupt 350 Niumi's surging power , Power and driving control . In terms of comparison of power data at the same level , Bolding GANK Known as “ An energetic pickup truck ” it , Farming 、 Work to generate income , How can you play wild without energy !


Technology turns black , The passenger group equipment is full , It can be cool

        Play wild and have fun again , Also need to open black to support . Bolding GANK After multiplying and upgrading , comfort 、 Security group black opening skill UP. It adopts the newly evolved passenger intelligent cockpit , The design of high-grade leather makes you feel the warmth of iron man tenderness ; Immersive surround center console in the car , collocation 360°NVH Mute system 、 Electrically heated seat 、 Multifunctional adjustable leather steering wheel 、 The automatic air conditioning 、 Rear exhaust outlet, etc , Make you feel like this is not a pickup truck , Or the experience has gone far beyond the traditional tool attributes of pickups , It's about the feeling of riding a car .


Safe escape , Active and passive defense , Full blood can be cool

        Into the car , It's like entering an unbreakable safety zone . Bolding GANK It adopts high-strength body and four door anti-collision structure , Cooperate with airbag , Passive protection can achieve ANCAP Five star level . Active safety is no less , With a new car FCW、RCW、BSD And other active early warning systems , as well as ESC、TCS And 360 Panoramic driving and other auxiliary systems , Make you have a solid backing in every journey .


        The domestic passenger car market has grown slowly in the past two years , At the same time, with the national demand for pickups “ Fine management ”、“ Relax restrictions on entering the city ” Wait for the requirements to appear , And the gradual lifting of the ban on pickup trucks in various provinces , The growth rate of pickup trucks is much higher than that of passenger cars . Relying on the essence of Isuzu's Centennial car making , The sales volume of Isuzu market in Jiangxi has continuously and steadily ranked among the top three in the domestic pickup truck market 、 Joint venture pickup first , Many classic models have shown strong influence . And the gasoline version of lingtuo GANK The advent of , Not only bring more driving choices to consumers , It is also an important step for Jiangxi Isuzu to fight for the gasoline pickup market segment , Look forward to the follow-up performance .


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