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The interior design drawing of Chang'an dark blue c385 has been exposed and is expected to be listed this year

2022-05-15 03:50:29EV observation

recently , Changan Automobile officially released Changan dark blue C385 Interior design drawing , Combined with the official map previously released by the government , The interior design of the new car combines minimalism with a sense of Technology . According to previous reports , The car is expected to 2022 Coming on the market within the year .


 Chang'an interior decoration .jpg

 Chang'an interior decoration 1.jpg

The overall interior design is simple and elegant , Different from the all black color created by the official map , In the design drawing, we can see the decoration with blue , At the same time, in front of the copilot on the center console , There are also atmosphere lights like stars , Create a very dreamy feeling . Look at the details , The new car is equipped with full LCD instrument and independent large-size screen in the central control , Show a strong scientific and technological model . Besides , Center armrest of new car 、 It is expected that door trim panels and seats will be wrapped with textured materials , Improve the sense of grade .

Changan dark blue C385 It will also be equipped with intelligent vehicle domain controller, Chang'an smart core and intelligent cockpit domain controller ( qualcomm 8155 chip ), And support the whole vehicle OTA upgrade . Besides , The interior central control screen is officially called the sunflower screen of driving intelligent steering , Size will reach 14.6 Inch .

 Chang'an interior decoration 2.jpg

The appearance adopts a bold and avant-garde shape , Give people a bright feeling . Closed grille design with slim LED Day light , Make the new car look trendy . Besides , The interior design of the new car's headlights is unique , Like petals , It is reported that it can also form interactive lantern language , Interact with car owners .

The side body is designed with low wind resistance wheel rim and hidden door handle , With black window chrome trim , Make the whole car look more sporty . According to the official information released by Chang'an dark blue , Changan dark blue C385 The body dimensions will reach 4820/1890/1480mm, The wheelbase is 2900mm, Thanks to the sliding back shape and 19 Inch low drag rim , The drag coefficient of the new car is only 0.23Cd.C385 The shape of the tail is very exaggerated , Design of through tail lamp group combined with diffuser , Bring strong visual impact .

 Chang'an interior decoration 3.jpg

The power will also provide pure electric power 、 There are three different power assemblies: hybrid and hydrogen fuel cell , Among them, the pure electric vehicle type will adopt the single motor rear drive layout , Maximum power available 190kW, The comprehensive endurance can reach 700km above (CLTC), The comprehensive power consumption is 12.3kWh/100km, Official measurement 0-100km/h Acceleration is only for 5.9 second .  

 Chang'an interior decoration 4.jpg

 Chang'an interior decoration 5.jpg


Although the extended range hybrid model has not disclosed the specific extended range device information yet , From the pictures released before, it will be a 4 Cylinder engine , But officials say its comprehensive range can reach 1200km above (CLTC), Among them, the comprehensive endurance mileage of pure electric is 200km above , The feed energy consumption is 4.5L/100km. Besides , The comprehensive range of the hydrogen fuel cell model can reach 700km above (CLTC), The energy consumption of feed hydrogen is 0.65kg/100km.


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