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FAW Toyota version of "Saina" real car exposure, the fastest is expected to be released in May!

2022-05-15 03:50:36China automobile consumption network

   This year, 3 month , be known as “GRANVIA” Of MPV When the declaration map appeared in the Ministry of industry and information technology , We talked to you about this car . This car is actually a sister model of GAC Toyota Saina , It is expected to be listed as soon as the second half of the year , future “ Shuangsaina ” Will fight together in large and medium-sized enterprises MPV market .

   In recent days, , FAW Toyota appears on the website of the trademark office “ Grevia ” This Chinese name , From the perspective of transliteration , Maybe it's FAW Toyota Granvia The Chinese name of .

   meanwhile , FAW Toyota on a group of transport vehicles GRANVIA The real car map has also been exposed .

   Faw Toyota GRANVIA Based on American Toyota SIENNA XSE Made in sports , Different from SANA's steadiness ,GRANVIA More athletic . The front of the real vehicle adopts large-size blackened honeycomb air inlet grille , With air guide grooves on both sides and protruding front shovel , Create a radical image of the movement . The upper part of the front remains the original style , The double lightning headlights also look very powerful .

   About vehicle logo , Many people have speculated that the new car may be imported into the crown car system and hung with the crown logo , It has become the third product after crown will method and crown land release , But from the exposed real car map , It should still be Toyota standard .

   The rear of the vehicle is equipped with forked special-shaped tail lights , Add a black mesh texture corresponding to the front face at the back surround , Further improve the sports properties of the whole vehicle . Body size , The length, width and height of new cars are respectively 5175/1995/1785mm( The roof less luggage rack is 1765mm), The wheelbase is 3060mm, Also locate medium and large MPV, The length of the match has increased 10mm. It is reported that , In addition to the regular model ,Granvia The welfare model will also be launched .

   According to the information of the previous declaration chart , The new car will also offer a variety of decorative parts to choose from , And provide 20 Inch wheels and 18 Inch wheels , So as to meet the preferences of different consumers . In terms of seat layout , The new car uses 2+2+3 The seven seat layout .

   The interior of the new car has not been exposed yet , Guess it should be similar to GAC Toyota Saina , There may be a little difference in color matching and details .

   Reference Saina , Two color interior with large leather package and wood grain trim , It looks luxurious , The suspended central control screen is matched with full LCD instrument and HUD Looked up and show , It improves the scientific and technological atmosphere in the car , Toyota Zhixing Internet is not absent , Support remote control 、 Voice control 、 Internet of vehicles and other functions , Toyota is standard TSS Intelligent safety system .

   Other configuration aspects , Including side sliding doors 、360 Degree panoramic camera 、 Front and rear double skylights 、HUD Looked up and show 、 Independent seat with leg support 、 Rain sensors, etc. should be equipped , At the same time, whether there is a roof rack in the shape can also distinguish high and low configuration models .

   motivation , The new car still uses 2.5L A naturally aspirated four cylinder engine and a motor form a hybrid system , The maximum power of the engine is 192 horsepower . Reference Saina , The comprehensive power of the new car system is also expected to be 249 horsepower , Traditional systems will match E-CVT Stepless gearbox . however , The information currently exposed shows that FAW Toyota Granvia Or will use the code named A25H Made in China 2.5L The engine , GAC Toyota Saina adopts the code name A25D Imported version of 2.5L The engine , And before the network transmission E-Four Electronic 4WD , Not reflected in the declaration , At present, there is no clear message whether it will be equipped in later models .

   If the engine is made in China , And don't hang the crown logo , Faw Toyota GRANVIA The cost of production should be reduced , The price may also be lower than that of GAC Toyota Saina . Refer to GAC Toyota Saina's official guidance price for 30.98-40.58 Ten thousand yuan , guess GRANVIA Your starting price may be 30 Ten thousand yuan or so . in addition , According to the original market of Saina , You think FAW Toyota GRANVIA Will the price be increased when collecting the car ?

   As for market expectations , The two car strategy has always been Toyota's specialty , From cars to SUV, Toyota has implemented this strategy in high, middle and low market segments , achieve “1+1>2” The effect of .GRANVIA When you arrive, you can cooperate with Saina , Provide different modeling styles , Provide consumers with new choices , Under the combination of two swords , Should be able to gain a firm foothold in the market .

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