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GAC motor 2022 GS3 power: is it a new choice of "energy saving" or a cry in the middle of corruption?

2022-05-15 04:00:01Kanche e family

“ The young get the world ”, Let GAC motor chase after the victory last month 2022 paragraph GS3 POWER Officially listed . from 2017 year GS3 In a small SUV Wave comes out , To 2021 paragraph GS3 POWER Spontaneous combustion 、 shake 、 Strong sense of plastic 、 Poor sound insulation, etc. the slot is full , Now brush another wave of sense of existence , Is it still worth buying ?

  Small scale optimization ? But the noise is still !

As a new model of the year ,2022 paragraph GS3 POWER The design is compared with cash , Except grille and fender 、 Wheel hub 、 New yellow accessories at seats, etc , And the bright moon grey body has changed , There is no significant change in the rest , It can be regarded as no work and no fault .

2022 paragraph GS3 POWER

2021 paragraph GS3 POWER

New car retention 4350*1825*1685mm Size and 2560mm The wheelbase , This also means that the spatial disadvantage is as always ——“ Insufficient lateral space ”、“ The legroom in the back row is relatively small ”、“ The seat is too hard and uncomfortable ” And so on . Even small SUV, Chinese people still “ Take greatness as beauty ”, Make the cramped space more embarrassing .

Old car owners roast space, etc

Configuration ,2022 paragraph GS3 POWER It's kind of sincere .8.88 Ten thousand 270T Auto cool version , More reversing images and automatic air conditioning ;9.38 Ten thousand 270T Auto enjoy , Then add remote start 、 Road rescue 、 The Internet of vehicles and Hicar Smart phone interconnection system , The exterior rearview mirror also has more power folding 、 heating …… These practical functions are finally arranged .

Need to know , The old model is most criticized for the car machine system :“ There is no car navigation at this price , either OTA upgrade , Obviously inconvenient ”,“ Only with the top configuration can there be car machine interconnection and mobile phone APP Remote control , The central control screen of other configurations is quite weak , Not many functions and not practical ”,“ Such a big central control screen is useless , Navigation can't be installed ” wait , Almost roast .

Although the configuration has been compared with cash “ Laman ”, But in the face of many competing products , Still failed to play the so-called “ Save energy and take responsibility ” The charm of . take 10.28 The top model of 10000 yuan 270T Automatic smart version , And Chang'an CS35PLUS Compared with the version with similar price of Geely Binyue , Can be seen clearly , Auxiliary driving 、 Key fob 、OTA upgrade 、Wi-Fi Hot spots are all “ Da baa ” Of 2022 paragraph GS3 POWER, I can't do it . In the eyes of consumers , Prefer a small screen 、 multi-function , There is no need for pure and beautiful but useless “ vase ”. Look forward to 2023 paragraph GS3 POWER Can you keep up with the rhythm !

2022 Trumpchi GS3 POWER

Up for 2021 Section Chang'an CS35PLUS, for 2021 Geely Binyue

Energy saving small steel gun ? But the jitter is still !

Yes 2021 paragraph GS3 POWER The owner said ,“ There are obvious setbacks at the beginning , The accelerator won't go when you step on it , If you step on it again, you will run away ”,“ The power lag is too obvious , Especially from 40 To 120 When accelerating , It takes about two or three seconds for the accelerator to step down , Poor comfort ”. It's called “ Energy saving small steel gun ” Of 2022 paragraph GS3 POWER, Can you counter attack ?

Old car owners roast about fuel consumption 、 Chassis, etc

Zhou Zhou found , It still uses the old model 270T(1.5TGDI) GAC motor's third generation engine , Whether there is any improvement in the adjustment remains to be verified by the test drive . But from a consumer perspective , Even if the official declared that the new car has “ The largest in the same class 265N·m torque ”、“ Peer leadership 124kW high power ”、“ Peer leadership 8.7 Second 100 kilometers acceleration ” Gimmick , Even when two trucks “ locomotive ”; But with the powertrain unchanged , The power performance of the old model that has been criticized repeatedly , The new style also makes people stay away .

Need to know , The same powertrain of the same model , Once not only was roast “ Engine flameout ”、“ Gearbox falters ”、“ High fuel consumption ” Other questions , even to the extent that 13 The new car ignited spontaneously on the first day . Now , With “ Save energy and take responsibility ”“ A makeover ” Of 2022 paragraph GS3 POWER, More or less “ Old wine in new bottles ” Internal flavor ……

Old car owners complain about power problems

Why is power always holding back ? Let's talk about engine technology .2022 paragraph GS3 POWER In addition to the entry-level , Cast iron process is adopted , And Chang'an CS35PLUS All series of aluminum alloy 、 There is an obvious gap between Geely Binyue cast iron and aluminum alloy . Because the cast iron engine is not conducive to lightweight body design , And the heat dissipation is relatively weak , Not as environmentally friendly and fuel-efficient as aluminum alloy engines . From this point of view ,2022 paragraph GS3 POWER Not only the power is constant “ card BUG”,“ Full confidence ” It's impossible to talk about , Let netizens call directly :“ Replace it , Don't hold on !”

In addition to product quality problems ,4S The store promised “ Pack cards and give gifts ” Also throw the pot “ Refuse to admit your mistake ”、“ The problem has not been solved for many times ” And other service problems also happen occasionally , Let's talk about this “ The power of Chinese brands ” Full of worry —— Several times SUV Top trumpchi GS3, Since its listing, the cumulative sales volume has exceeded 27 ten thousand , There have been glorious years ; But now word of mouth is falling again and again , It's not easy to think of a Jedi rebound , The new car has been on the market for more than a month , Sales are also temporarily “ Check no one ”. In Zhou Zhou's view , Treat consumers carelessly 、 Come up with good products instead of simple new products , Trumpchi can really lift “ Chinese brand power ” Of the standard !

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