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510 "bell" gathering day can be cool

2022-05-15 04:00:05Yanzhao automobile

stay Pet powder In this matter , Jiangxi Isuzu has always lived up to expectations . since “5.10 Bell gathering day Since the birth of , It not only improves the activity of bell powder , More let bell powder have a sense of belonging .

This is not an annual “5.10 Bell gathering day Coming soon , As the brand day of Jiangxi Isuzu , It is also the user's Bell gathering day ,  Jiangxi Isuzu, which has always been good at creating surprises for fans , Open again Pet powder mode , Invite everyone to join this Bell gathering day feast .

5.10 Hebei Shunling has prepared picking for customers 、 cross-country 、 Barbecue and other wonderful activities to give back to customers .





Wonderful and bell , Gather at this moment !5 month 10 Japan , Jiangxi Isuzu third “ Bell gathering day ” Meet the bell fans in the air in the form of cloud live broadcast , Trigger bursts of craze . The whole audience kept on , Jiangxi Isuzu released on site “ Simultaneous development of diesel and steam ” strategic , And launch a new lingtuo GANKmu-X Nomad QUARK Gasoline products , Go all out to enter the gasoline vehicle market .  

Both models are equipped with industry-leading 2.0T Gasoline super power 、 Exclusive ZF equipped with luxury car 8AT Automatic transmission , among , Bolding GANK A total of 8 models , Official guided price 13.68 ten thousand -18.28 Ten thousand yuan ; Dominate the off-road circle with exclusive large space, full sensory intelligent cockpit, etc mu-X Nomad QUARK, A total of 8 models , Official guided price 16.68 ten thousand -22.08 Ten thousand yuan .



Simultaneous development of diesel and steam   Layout the gasoline vehicle market

2021 In, the undercurrent of China's car market surged , Jiangxi Isuzu bucked the trend , Year on year growth in sales 26%, The annual terminal sales volume increased to 5 Ten thousand steps , Cumulative sales breakthrough 20 ten thousand , It is worth mentioning that the use of diesel engines has covered pickup trucks 、SUV、 Light truck and other categories , Widely recognized by users . Now enter a new track , Jiangxi Isuzu open “ Simultaneous development of diesel and steam ” New strategic practices , Layout innovation space 、 Aggregate the value chain of new business forms 、 Carrying multiple user needs , Actively promote strategy and market 、 User's many to one connection , Promote the brand to make precise efforts to multi category market segments .

Japan's Isuzu will continue to maintain cooperation , Continuously invest in the latest technologies and products , Spare no effort to support Jiangxi Isuzu , At the same time, the whole vehicle driving evaluation was carried out for Isuzu, Jiangxi Province , Make the quality and performance of the vehicle conform to the world brand “ Isuzu ” The requirements of . And lingtuo GANK and mu-X Nomad QUARK As “ Simultaneous development of diesel and steam ” The first new product in the first year , Will bring new value to users 、 New experience 、 New expectations .

At present, due to the uncertain external environment 、 Increased instability , And the change of domestic automobile policy , China's auto market has undergone in-depth adjustment . In the tuyere of industry change , Jiangxi Isuzu “ Simultaneous development of diesel and steam ” The strategy starts the rush order , It is bound to affect the industry pattern of gasoline segment market in the future , Help the brand explore new fields , Future period .

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