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GAC Fick's production and sales volume in April was 0, and Jeep brand has reached the brink of delisting?

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in recent years , I believe all the friends who are concerned about the rim have found , There are more and more joint venture brands 、 Imported brands have withdrawn from the Chinese market , Renault, for example 、 suzuki 、 Acura, etc , And when time comes 2022 Years later , There are also many news on the Internet that several brands are in a precarious situation in China , It's about to leave China , The brands surrounded by these news include today's protagonists ——Jeep.  

According to the production and sales data released by GAC , Not long ago 3 In the middle of the month, the production and sales volume of GAC Fick company was only 1 car , This data makes people feel confused when they read it , But in the past 4 In January, GAC Fick's sales volume directly became a “-”, We can directly understand this data as 0, Directly realized the year-on-year sales decline 100%. And at present, GAC Fick has only... Brands in operation Jeep One , Therefore, we can directly bring this production and sales data into Jeep In the middle . Then only with two months of production and sales data, it really gives Jeep“ Sentence to death ” Did you? ? Not necessarily .

Although GAC Fick's production and sales data are difficult to look at directly , But actually Jeep The current situation of the brand in China is that the inventory of imported cars will be higher than that of domestic cars . Among the models currently on sale , Guider 、 Free light 、 Commander in chief and commander in chief PHEV They are all produced by GAC Fick , That is, in the conventional sense Jeep Brand domestic models .

And the horse Shepherd 、 Grand Cherokee 、 Wrangler, new energy and gladiator are imported models , and Jeep What is your brand totem ? Obviously, it's the tough off-road model of the Wrangler . And let's think again ,Jeep Who is the audience of the brand ? Obviously keen on off-road “ hardcore ” Consumer groups , So the guider mentioned above 、 Free light and other domestic cities SUV Naturally, car models can't get into their eyes , Hardline off-road vehicles such as horse herders are the models they will choose .

Apart from the high brand loyalty of horse herders' consumer groups , On 4 month 15 The hardline off-road pickup truck launched on the th Jeep Gladiators have also performed very well in the domestic market , Its 50.99 The price of 10000 yuan is not low , And it is understood that this car also needs to choose one 8 You can only pick up the car with an optional package of 10000 yuan , After that, the car will go to 60 It's over ten thousand . But even so , In Xiaobian, I personally visited local Jeep 4S I learned after the store , Gladiator cars are now ordered one by one , Horse herders are basically not worried about selling .

It can only be said that as a brand focusing on the niche market of hardline cross-country ,Jeep With so many years of brand accumulation and accumulation , We still have a large number of loyal fans in China , Even now we go to Jeep You can still find that there will be many consumers who come to see the car in your store , This is enough to prove Jeep The brand is still warm .

But to put it another way , GAC Fick's current situation can indeed be described as walking on thin ice , since 2017 Sales peaked ,2018 By 315 After the roll call at the party , The guide of GAC Fick 、 The sales of free light and other models have suffered a Waterloo , In addition, in recent years, independent brands have been widely used in cities SUV The constant impact of the market , The share of joint venture car enterprises in this market is also shrinking , And joint venture car companies like GAC Fick that have experienced a crisis of trust , The impact will naturally be greater .

At the end

In fact, with the audience accumulated for a long time ,Jeep Brands can still survive in China , also Jeep The insurance volume data of the brand in recent times is also much better than the production and marketing data , It also proves that Jeep The brand still maintains normal operation in China , It's online “Jeep Coming out of China ” At least not for a short time . But on the whole ,Jeep The future in China is still worrying , Without major strategic innovation , I'm afraid it's hard to get back to the top .

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