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The new car plan is coming. The ideal car will launch its first 200000-300000 yuan model next year

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5 month 10 Japan , Ideal car release 2022 First quarter results . Results show that , Ideal car achieved revenue in the first quarter 95.6 One hundred million yuan , year-over-year 35.8 One hundred million yuan growth 167.5%, Compared with the previous quarter 106.2 Billion decline 10%.

among , First quarter auto revenue 93.1 One hundred million yuan , Year-on-year growth 168.7%. Net loss is 1090 Ten thousand yuan , Narrowed compared with the same period last year 97%, And last quarter 2.955 The net profit of 100 million yuan turned to loss month on month .

It is worth mentioning that , The gross profit margin of ideal car, which was originally in the leading position in the new car manufacturing camp, remains high , by 22.4%, With the last quarter's 22.3% flat .

For the second quarter of this year , The sales guidance given by the ideal car is 21000-24000 car , Refer to this year 4 month 4167 In terms of the number of vehicles delivered ,5、6 The monthly delivery volume will remain at 8000-10000 Between .

This also means the impact of the epidemic on production and supply chains , And new models L9 The delay is ideal for cash ONE The impact on sales will continue for some time .

There are enough orders in hand ,L9 Delivered in the third quarter

The Spring Festival holiday has a seasonal impact , And repeated outbreaks , In the first quarter of this year, ideal car still handed over a good report card .

The specific term , In addition to vehicle sales revenue 、 The total revenue increased significantly year-on-year , With the steady increase of vehicle gross profit margin , The overall gross profit margin of ideal cars also rose slightly , from 2021 In the first quarter of 17.3% Rise to 22.6%, Last quarter was 22.4%.

Other sales and service revenues are 2.534 One hundred million yuan , Year-on-year growth 127.2%, The ideal car owes it to the increase in cumulative car sales , And from the charging pile 、 Sales of accessories and other services .

Because the original plan was to launch a new model L9, The operating expenses for the first quarter are 25.8 One hundred million yuan , Year-on-year increase 151.5%, Increase in chain ratio 9.4%. sales 、 General and administrative expenses 12.0 One hundred million yuan , Year-on-year increase 135.9%, Increase in chain ratio 6.8%.

Ideal automobile said that the increase in employee compensation was mainly due to the increase in employees , As the company's sales network expands , Increase in marketing and promotion activities and rental expenses . The financial report shows that as of the end of the first quarter , The ideal car has been owned nationwide 217 Home retail center , Cover 102 Cities .

meanwhile , Because of ideals L9 The equipped intelligent driving system is ideal AD Max Self research for the whole stack , R & D expenses also rose sharply in the first quarter , From last quarter's 5.145 Billion yuan to 13.7 One hundred million yuan , Year-on-year growth 167%, rose 11.7%.

The ideal of holding sufficient cash flow means that we will continue to increase R & D investment in the future 、 Expand sales and service network , Results show that , By the end of the first quarter , The ideal car cash reserve is 511.9 One hundred million yuan .

Ideal ONE source : Ideal official website

The whole market is in a downturn , Ideal car for 2022 The revenue and delivery outlook for the second quarter of 2014 is also conservative . Ideal prediction 2022 The delivery volume in the second quarter of the year was 21000 Vehicle to 24000 car , Decline in chain ratio 24.3% to 33.8%. Its total revenue is also expected to decline to some extent , by 61.6 One hundred million yuan to 70.4 One hundred million yuan , fell 26.4% to 35.6%.

From the industry data ,5 month 10 Japan , The passenger Association will release data to show ,4 In June, the retail sales of China's passenger car market reached 104.2 Thousands of cars , Year-on-year decline in 35.5%, fell 34.0%,4 The year-on-year and month on month growth rates of retail sales were at the lowest in the history of the month .

But it means ,5 The supply of new energy vehicles will improve significantly month on month , expect 5 Retail sales of new energy vehicles month on month 4 There will be high growth in August .

Shen Yanan, co-founder and President of ideal automobile, revealed in the telephone conference that , although 4 The first half of the month is ideal ONE Less order increment , But into 4 From the second half of the month to 5 At the beginning of , Ideal ONE The growth rate of orders received across the country except Shanghai is obvious ,“ There are still plenty of orders on hand , But the biggest risk is the supplier's production status .”

When it comes to battery costs , Shen Yanan said that the battery inventory was sufficient in the production process in the first quarter , The rising cost of raw materials has little impact on the financial data , And the ideal car has been 4 month 1 Adjusted the ideal ONE The official price of , In the following second quarter, the company will again evaluate the impact of the rise in battery costs .

Next, with the ideal L9 Official listing and delivery of , It is expected that the sales volume of ideal cars and the proud gross profit margin of single cars will further increase . Li Xiang, the founder of ideal automobile, said , Despite the impact of the epidemic ,“ We still plan to deliver the second model in the third quarter L9.”

Talk about future product planning , Li Xiang also revealed that from this year to next year, it will launch L9 Inside 3 New products , Including a new generation of extended range products , and BEV High pressure platform products ,“ Next year you will see our first 20-30 10000 yuan of medium-sized car products .”

In addition, he said that the pure electric models to be launched in the future , It will adopt a new form different from any product in today's market .

Li Xiangyi iPhone Analogy to the ideal product framework ,“ For different needs , In each of the 10 In case of placing popular models in a price range , Each price range will also have products with two routes: incremental program and pure electricity .” Between the lines , In the future, the ideal car will continue to rise in price 、 Explore the market down .

A new car is coming , There is also a capacity crisis

Although the first quarter earnings are still bright , But this year 4 month , Affected by the epidemic , Shutdown of automobile enterprises and supply chain 、 The shutdown still has a great impact on the whole car market .

From the delivery data released by each company , The new forces have achieved no more than 10000 , The average month on month growth is negative . In the middle and high-end electric vehicle camp , The ideal car with fierce momentum in the past has become the one with the largest decline , The month on month decline was more than 60% , This also makes it in 4 The monthly delivery list fell directly out of the top three .

Regarding this , Shen Yanan explained that ,“ This is because the ideal automobile Changzhou base is located in the center of the Yangtze River Delta , The ideal auto parts supplier exceeds 80% It is distributed in the Yangtze River Delta , And a large part of them are located in Shanghai 、 Kunshan, Jiangsu Province ”, This has also led to the complete shutdown of some suppliers due to the epidemic 、 In case of shutdown , Will exacerbate the production of ideal cars 、 Delivery delays .

besides , Always rely on “ One product hits the world ” The ideal of , With ideals ONE Strong product power , as well as “ Daddy's car ” Precise positioning of , It has achieved good market sales , But a single product route, coupled with the ideal of delayed release at present L9, It still has a great impact on its sales .

In the automotive industry, analysts 、 According to Zhang Xiang, President of Jiangxi New Energy Vehicle Technology Research Institute , A single product means a single type of supplier , Once a supply chain goes wrong, it will cause a significant delay in production and delivery ,“ And Toyota 、 Volkswagen and other auto enterprises with multiple models , Different models need different parts, which also means that the supplier selection will be different , When a supply chain is out of stock, it will not affect the production of other models .”

Ideal L9 source : Ideal official microblog

meanwhile , With this year's ideal L9 Delivery to market , The ideal car will face another “ Happy troubles ”—— Capacity issues .

For new cars , Insufficient production capacity is the biggest constraint restricting its development , Especially under the huge market ambition , For the ideal , For a long time , Expanding production will become the top priority .

At present, only Jiangsu Changzhou production base of ideal automobile is in the production stage , Annual capacity is 10 Thousands of cars , The average monthly production capacity is less than 10000 units . And since 2021 year 11 Since the month , The ideal car delivery volume per month is 8000 More than , among 11 month 、12 month 、1 The month and 3 The monthly delivery volume is 11000 More than , This also means that Changzhou factory is almost always in the state of full load or even overload production .

From the actions of Wei Xiaoli's three families , This year, while expanding their product series , Are accelerating the layout of new factories .

Now the ideal Changzhou production base is expanding its phase II production line , After the expansion, the annual production capacity of the plant will reach 20 Thousands of cars . meanwhile , Green intelligent manufacturing base located in Shunyi, Beijing , After the transformation, the annual output will be 10 The production capacity of 10000 pure electric vehicles , But it is expected that 2023 Annual commissioning . Another production base in Chongqing, which officially acquired land at the beginning of this year, is expected to be 2025 It will be officially completed in .

Li Xiang once said in an internal letter that ,2025 year , It is expected that the sales of intelligent electric vehicles in China will exceed 800 Thousands of cars . The goal of an ideal car is , To 2025 Get one of them in 20% Above market share , Corresponding to at least 160 The annual sales volume of 10000 vehicles .

According to this schedule , Ideal ONE And ideal L9 It will also share the capacity of Changzhou factory for a period of time .

Zhang Xiang analyzed that , The capacity allocation of the ideal Changzhou factory may refer to the Tesla Shanghai Super factory at the beginning of resumption of work , Give priority to ensuring Model Y The capacity of . And in the ideal L9 After the official listing , Its production priority is likely to be in the ideal ONE Before ,“ Capacity needs to be chosen , Consider comprehensively according to the order quantity and single vehicle profit , Ideal L9 At the beginning of listing, it may occupy more capacity of Changzhou factory .”

Whether in terms of enriching product routes or profits , For the current ideal , Accelerate the ideal L9 Listing is imperative .

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