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The quotation and pictures of the new Mercedes Benz V260 are sold all over the country

2022-05-15 04:13:19Owner's home market

        try to be different from others “ Shark ”TopCar Surround , Mercedes V260 Refit TopCar How much V260 High top 7 Business offer for seats , recently , Famous Refitting Factory in Russia TopCar For Mercedes Benz V Class provides a set of appearance modification scheme , Modified Benz V Eye catching appearance , Coupled with strong power , Charming .TopCar For Mercedes Benz V-Class Tailored a body kit , A new look on the front face , Air intake grille , Centre spoiler , Anterior lip and LED The headlights have changed . The body kit is made of a lot of carbon fiber , Wrap the hood , Top spoiler , Rear diffuser , Extension of side skirt and fender, etc .

        First, as a modified model , There is no obvious change in the overall design , Only adjustments have been made in the details , Let's take a look at the parts that have changed .

        The body side , Mercedes V260 Shark T The bright black window frame trim of this version gives it a little more mystery , Plus multi frame two-color sports hub and black side skirt , So that the new car retains the sense of stability of the whole vehicle while , Added some sports range .

        A double view super large electric skylight is designed on the roof , It can greatly increase the daylighting in the car during the day , You can enjoy the dreamy starry sky at night . Mercedes V260L Luxury business cars are very powerful , Adopted 2.0T A turbocharged engine , The transmission has also been upgraded , Acceleration is smoother , Fuel consumption is more economical .

        The welcome pedal made of aluminum alloy is also very beautiful , Use carving technology to carve auspicious cloud pattern on the pedal , The moral is also very good , Not only is it beautiful in appearance , It is also unique to match the interior .


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