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2022 Volkswagen tuyue 7 models are optional, and the surprise is not just cost performance

2022-05-15 04:13:38Vehicle information vision

2022 Volkswagen tuyue has been on the market for nearly two months , this Tharu Tuyue has launched a total of 7 There are two models for consumers to choose . At the same time, the configuration has also been upgraded to varying degrees , The whole series is equipped with 8 Inch LCD instrument 、360 Panoramic image, etc , While upgrading the configuration , Dazhong tuyue has still achieved the guarantee of cost performance , Not only did it not increase the price , On the contrary, they all cut prices , The price reduction can be said to be achieved .




How about Dazhong tuyue ? Configuration upgrade , The fashion edition adds 8 Inch LCD instrument

As a new model of the year ,2022 The appearance and interior of tuyue have not changed much , The new car is mainly adjusted for the configuration . The specific term , The fashion edition has added 8 Inch LCD instrument 、 Take the initiative to brake 、 Head airbag and front side airbag , And optional 17 Inch wheel . In other words , comparison 2021 models , The above-mentioned configurations are added to the new car as standard configuration .


The deluxe version adds the driver's seat 12 Electric adjustment , The flagship version adds the front passenger seat 12 Electric adjustment . Besides , Some models can be equipped with reversing image 、 Adaptive cruise 、10.2 Inch full LCD Meter and 360 Degree panoramic image and other configurations .


From the distribution of models , The price of the two-wheel drive comfort version is higher than that of the entry-level two-wheel drive fashion version 1.7 Ten thousand yuan , Add on configuration 17 Inch wheel 、 Heat up the outer rearview mirror 、 Keyless entry 、 Panoramic sunroof 、 Leather seats 、 Two zone air conditioning 、 Rear center armrest / Air conditioner outlet 、 Cruise control 、6 Loudspeaker, etc .


The price of the two-wheel drive luxury version is higher than that of the two-wheel drive comfort version 6000 element , Add on configuration LED headlight 、18 Inch wheel 、 Reversing image 、 Driver's seat 12 Electric adjustment 、 Perforated leather seats 、 Front seat heating 、 Adaptive cruise 、 Internet of vehicles, etc .



The price of the 2WD flagship version is higher than that of the 2WD luxury version 16000 element , Add parallel auxiliary in the configuration 、 Front parking radar 、 Park in 、10.2 Inch full LCD Meter 、 Lord / Front passenger seat 12 Electric adjustment 、 Front passenger seat lumbar support 、Beats Brand sound (7 The speaker )、 Electric folding of exterior rearview mirror / Reverse the car and turn it down automatically / Lock the car and fold it automatically 、 Automatic anti glare of interior rearview mirror, etc .



The configuration of 4WD luxury edition and 4WD flagship edition is basically the same , It's just... Instead 2.0T Low power engine +7 Power assembly of quick wet double clutch gearbox , And add a full-time 4WD system , The driver's seat is added to the configuration 12 Provide electric adjustment and front passenger seat lumbar support ; Compared with the 4WD flagship, the 4WD flagship adds a steep slope and gentle descent 、 Driving mode selection .



2022 paragraph Tharu Road yue , start 1.4T, And the 4WD version

Dynamic part ,2022 Kuan tuyue also hasn't changed ,280TSI The car is equipped with 1.4T The engine , The most powerful 110 kw , Peak torque is 250 cattle · rice , matching 7 Speed dry double clutch gearbox , Both are two-wheel drive versions ;330TSI The car is equipped with 2.0T Low power engine , The most powerful 137 kw , Peak torque is 320 cattle · rice , matching 7 Fast wet double clutch gearbox , All 4WD versions .

How about Dazhong tuyue ? All along, Volkswagen tuyue has relied on its own superior configuration , The price is close to the people , Become a popular choice in the auto market , The upgrade is more sincere ,1.17㎡Panorana Panoramic electric large sunroof 、 Driver's seat power switch 12 Bring enjoyment to the driving experience , The move of adding and reducing the price of the whole series must also impress you .

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