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The book capital is about to run out, and canoo, an electric vehicle start-up, may be unsustainable

2022-05-15 04:14:11Chinese industry information station

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Canoo Reports said , The remaining funds are only enough to sustain the company until the next quarter , And it is currently uncertain whether they will be able to make a living later .

Although the electric car manufacturer is producing a variety of EV models , Including multi-functional transport vehicles MPDV and Pickup Truck Pickup .

But the company is still Q1 results wrote —— As of the date of this announcement , We are right. Canoo There are major doubts about our ability to continue as a going concern .


stay 2019 Based on the design of the microbus that debuted in ,Canoo Created the product line of this series of traffic vehicles , And initially only plans to provide services to customers in the form of subscription .

But as of 1 Quarter end (3 month 31 Japan ), It only leaves 1.049 $billion in cash and equivalent assets . In the past 3 Months time , Its loss reached 1.254 Billion dollars ( Last year alone 1 Quarterly losses 1520 Thousands of dollars ).

Canoo Q1 loss.png

Canoo Chairman and CEO Tony Aquila Said in a statement , The company owns 6 $ “ Available funds ” To support EV Production of series models .

Including private placement committed by existing shareholders (PIPE) Payments and financing partners Yorkville Advisors Total provided by the equity purchase agreement signed 3 Billion dollars , And other applications from the company 3 Billion dollars (Universal Shelf) General payment .

In recent months ,Canoo Has been laying off staff . In addition, it was reported last year that , Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Is investigating its relationship with a special purpose acquisition company (SPAC) The merger of .

Earlier this week ,Canoo And filed a lawsuit , To recover the profits of important investors with Chinese background .

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