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Welcome to the door-to-door test drive of the new imported Rand cooluze Middle East off-road vehicle

2022-05-15 04:29:32Owner's home market

        Randkuluzer , That is, land patrol , There is no doubt that it is the classic divine vehicle in the hearts of countless people . Although now this model has withdrawn from the Chinese market , But whether in parallel import channels or used car market , Lu Xun can be called a hot commodity , And although it has not been replaced for more than ten years , It also does not affect its position in the hearts of consumers .

       22 The side design of Toyota cooluze is relatively simple and smooth , Equipped with large silver rims , The outer edge of the window is equipped with chrome trim strip , The whole still presents a strong gas field . The welcome pedal made of metal is also provided , Metal luggage rack is also optional on the top . The rear of the vehicle is a hidden exhaust layout .

       2022 Cool LuZe LC300 The interior gives people a lot of surprises , The old land patrol is completely a regular and old-fashioned style , The new model not only gives up the old brown wood trim , For the first time, it also used a suspended large screen , It is reported that the size reaches 12 Inch , Extremely eye-catching , It is visually younger and has a scientific and technological charm . in fact , Before that, foreign media also released the news of the new land tour , Said that the competition of the new land tour will be BMW X7 With Mercedes GLS, At that time, many people scoffed .

       22 Parallel imported Toyota LC300 Cool LuZe GR gtr LC 300 Will retain the hardline design style , Replace with a larger water tank cover design at the same time LED The headlights are also more conspicuous . and since 100 The split fender, which was cancelled after the car series, also returned this time . In terms of size , The conductor will be 4950mm-4985mm, The width is 1980mm-1990mm, The vehicle height is 1870mm( gasoline ) And 1920mm( diesel oil ). The wheelbase is 2850mm, With cash LC 200 Pick up .

        Car purchase : The editor consulted the dealer , Rand cooluze Middle East edition has a good discount at present , Maximum discount 70 ten thousand , The price is as low as 69.80 ten thousand , There are enough cars in stock , All colors .

Thank the vehicle for providing : Zhejiang Qinghong Zhongma Automobile Co., Ltd
Telephone :19941498071 ( Same as wechat ) More configuration / Quotation information can be contacted and experienced by yourself
Address :( Please call me before you come 19941498071) Liangyun street, Yuhang District, Hangzhou city

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