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When Porsche is powered on, is taycan pure without rear engine

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porsche , A brand that makes countless car fans crazy , It doesn't have an exaggerated wedge-shaped body like Lamborghini and Ferrari . The price of most models is not staggering to tens of millions , Even many models are priced at 100 Ten thousand yuan of the following . And the classic streamlined body structure 、 Frog eye lamp 、 Rear horizontal opposed engine , Porsche itself is a culture , These characteristics go deep into the bone marrow , When you turn the ignition switch with your left hand , The smell of fuel and the tremor of the rear engine make people's blood gush . Today, , The era of intelligence and electrification is coming , When these genes are no longer present in Porsche Taycan( picture | To configure | inquiry ) On the body , Is it still a pure Porsche ?

Briefly describe the development of Porsche

The legend of the Porsche brand , It can be traced back to 1900 year , The first one in the name of Porsche Lohner-Porsche Be born . Then brand founder Ferdinand · Porsche designed the famous “ The Beatles ”, you 're right ! It's the Volkswagen Beetle , As for why Volkswagen later produced the beetle, that's another story , It has something to do with family marriage . After World War II , The little Porsche, who inherits his father's business, is also full of pursuit of car performance , This lays the foundation for the future development of Porsche .1948 year ,Porsche 356 Be born , This car leads the design direction of Porsche in the future , Even today, you can still see its shadow in Porsche products .

1963 Frankfurt Motor Show , Porsche has released the most important model in its brand history 911 Prototype vehicle 901. porsche 911 Is the soul of Porsche , Perfectly inherited 356 Advantages of series models , Classic appearance, excellent performance and excellent quality , In the years to come 911 Let Porsche make a lot of money . Porsche is not static , While inheriting the classics, I also like “ Follow the trend of the times ”,1970 Porsche 914 Be born , And then 924、928、944 They all adopted the popular jumping lamp design at that time .

With the decline of the world economic situation , Porsche is also difficult to operate , Compromise again in 1993 In, it appeared in high quality 、 A low-cost two door two seater roadster Boxster, This is why the Porsche brand still has models with a price of less than one million , Porsche doesn't just pursue the ultimate speed machine , But to integrate sports into the car's genes , Let more people enjoy the driving fun brought by Porsche .

After that , Porsche has Cayman、Panamera、Cayenne、Macan And today's Taycan. Throughout the history of Porsche , You can find out 911 It's the soul of Porsche. That's right , But it's not all about Porsche . It is Porsche's mission to inject sports genes into cars , Porsche doesn't care if the price of this car drives down the brand identity , It's more fun for the driver to hold the steering wheel .

Taycan It's the product of a new era, but it's still Porsche

The era of electrification and intelligence has come , All of us should learn to accept , The development of everything is positive progress and will not go backwards . Today's Porsche Taycan Directly threw away the fuel engine , Change to pure electric drive , But it's still a Porsche in its bones , Although its price is only 88.8-183.8 Ten thousand yuan , But it is a pioneering work in the era of Porsche electrification .

porsche Taycan Still have the classic design elements of Porsche , At the same time, it integrates many new design ideas , For example, the front lights are designed as matrix , However, the shape of engine hood still follows the previous line shape . The rear fender is still expanding outward , Make the lines of the whole vehicle more beautiful , The shape of the sliding back continues to look like the classic 356 Pay tribute to .

The interior design also subverts everyone's understanding of Porsche , Directly adopted 8.4+10.9 Inch dual screen , Directly to the co pilot's position , Behind the main driver is a 16.8 Inch LCD instrument . The interior still offers a large number of options , When you complete the options, you will find , In fact, this is the most classic look of Porsche you are familiar with . It's just , A few big screens really make Porsche Taycan It looks full of science and Technology .

Exclusive platform to build electric drive models

Although it looks a little like a Porsche fuel model , But Porsche Taycan It's not oil to electricity , It's based on Porsche's exclusive electric car J1 Platform to build . Except for the lowest model , porsche Taycan Both front and rear motors are arranged , It can realize electric 4WD . porsche Taycan The highlight of pure electric technology is that the battery adopts an integrated shell structure , In order to reduce the weight and make the vehicle lighter , Aluminum battery frame is also used , In order to ensure safety, a circle of high-strength frame is surrounded outside the battery frame . It ensures that Porsche Taycan The security of , At the same time, it also takes into account the handling . porsche Taycan The car body is mainly made of steel and aluminum, which are connected together through different bonding technologies .B column 、 The side roof frame and seat cross member are made of hot formed steel , The diaphragm beam is made of boron steel , The safety standard and configuration are the same , This is also Porsche Taycan The purpose at the beginning of the design , Do everything possible to make it safer .

porsche Taycan There's a standard version 、4S、GTS、Turbo、Turbo S as well as Cross Turismo Crossover models , The naming method is the same as that of the fuel version , By naming, we can also know that Porsche Taycan The power configuration is different . The standard version uses a rear mounted single motor , The most powerful 300 kw , Maximum torque 345 cattle · rice ,CLTC recharge mileage 430 km .4S The version adopts front and rear double motors , The most powerful 390 kw , Maximum torque 640 cattle · rice ,CLTC recharge mileage 461 km .GTS Version is also a front and rear dual motor , The most powerful 440 kw , Maximum torque 850 cattle · rice ,CLTC recharge mileage 538 km .Turbo The version is also a front and rear double motor , The most powerful 500 kw , Maximum torque 850 cattle · rice ,CLTC recharge mileage 527 km .Turbo S The most powerful 560 kw , Maximum torque 1050 cattle · rice ,CLTC recharge mileage 475 km .Cross Turismo Crossover models vary according to configuration , basic 4、4S、Turbo、Turbo S And the data of non cross-border models are not bad .

Obviously, through the display of data , We can find Porsche Taycan The performance of is still excellent in the same level , Even if it's 4S Version model , Both with Tesla Model 3 Of Performance The version is comparable , Not to mention the top Turbo S edition . Wei to ET7 The performance data is also basically the same as that of Porsche Taycan Of GTS The version is not much different . It can be said that Porsche Taycan GTS The models above the level of version are the best in the performance parameters of pure electric sports cars sold in the domestic market . And look at the entire global market , Few sports car brands have launched pure electric models , Many models are just unveiled but not on the market , So now Porsche Taycan It can be said that there are few competitors , And there are few automobile brands that can completely retain the excellent sports style to the pure electric sports car .

AM Mirror summary :

Porsche's innovative spirit has always been , Even today's pure electric Porsche Taycan, Still adhering to Porsche's original intention , Inject the car into the blood of exercise . Although many people are still infatuated with the roar of the engine , But the pace of electrification and intelligence will not stagnate because of our infatuation , Car brands with cultural symbols like Porsche are changing , Why don't we accept it ? The sports gene and control texture of the once fuel car are perfectly transplanted to an electric sports car , porsche Taycan It's really done very well . Although the range is still some distance from today's mainstream level , But we should also figure out what we need . It's like the era of fuel cars , You can't ask for both performance and fuel economy , porsche Taycan It's still a pure Porsche .

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