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5m long, 717km endurance, Zero run C01, 180000 pre-sale

2022-05-15 04:29:53Bang electric

5 month 10 Japan , Zero run announced its flagship pure electric car —— Zero run C01 Officially open presale . The new car has 5 A version , According to the driving form, it can be divided into two drive and four-wheel drive series , The pre-sale range is 18 Wan to 27 Ten thousand yuan , It is reported that the new car will be in 9 Month or 10 Start delivery in January .

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While announcing the pre-sale price , Zero run announced the preemptive pre purchase rights of new cars , The first is to run from today to zero C01 On the day of official listing 24 Before the hour , Consumers can use applets 、 official account 、 official APP And the official website “0 Yuan Ding ”. In addition, the first owner will enjoy the lifelong warranty rights of Sandian , But a Zero run also means , Neither the order nor the interest is transferable .

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■  Similar design language , Run against zero C11 More into my eyes

In appearance design , Zero run C01 Absorbed “ Fellow brothers ” Zero run C11 Many features and elements of , For example, the shape of the headlights on the front face 、 Through the middle of the lamp strip , In addition, the shape surrounded by the lower part of the front is also similar to zero running C11 It's like , It's just C01 There is no vent on the fender of the front wheel . And in appearance , Personally, I think Zero run C01 Run against zero C11 More refined , Plus the attitude of the car , It also looks more athletic .



And in the design of the side of the body , Zero run C01 There are fewer edges and corners , Not even a very obvious waistline , Just use soft surfaces to make the body more aerodynamic . In addition, we can see Zero run C01 A very obvious sliding back design is adopted, and the roof is almost from B The position of the column has an obvious downward trend , And at the end , Then let D The pillar is directly integrated with the rear of the vehicle , This can improve the aerodynamic effect , Let the drag coefficient be only 0.226, At the same time, it can make Zero run C01 The tail of the is handled neatly , It also strengthens its high-performance temperament in modeling , This is similar to Mercedes Benz EQS The same is true .


Zero run C01 You can also see some zero runs in the tail shape C11 Shadow , In particular, the shape of the tail lamp is very close to , But the shape of the main light source is different , Zero run C01 It's a patchwork of lines , Another Zero run C11 The through light in the middle of the tail brings it to zero C01 This side becomes “LEAPMOTOR” Luminous brand logo .


Another Zero run C01 There are two other things worth noting at the back of the car , One is that the lower enclosure adopts a design that is easier to dredge the air flow , It can also be seen that the new car pays great attention to aerodynamic performance from head to toe . The other is the rear compartment door of the new car, although it is still the opening mode of the conventional hatchback car , But the opening is significantly larger and deeper , The overall volume reaches 496L, It's very helpful for us to take and put large items .


Zero run C01 share 7 A body color scheme , They are light and white 、 The sky is grey 、 Metallic black 、 Night eyes are blue 、 Coral Orange 、 New oxygen green 、 Star River silver .

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■  The interior is simple

Into the car , We saw a Zero run C01 It still adopts simple layout and Design , First of all, there are three suspended screens on the front center console , All are neat quadrangles , It looks simple and refreshing , And it is expected that they can also achieve three screen linkage effect .


In front of the driver's display , It's a double width steering wheel , It has no flat bottom effect , However, it complements the round multi-function key area . In the central handrail area , Zero run C01 There is a double door with an armrest , In front are two round cup holders , And a hatchback storage tank .


In terms of interior materials and color matching , Zero run C01 share 5 Kind of plan , among Nappa The material has azure 、 Reef ash 、 Wood palm 、 Dark , Suede material is reef gray .

The seat part , Judging from the official pictures currently exposed , Zero run C01 The shape of the front seats is more sporty , Both the cushion and the support on both sides of the backrest are relatively thick , It should provide a good comfort experience for drivers and passengers , The rear row seats are relatively flat , In addition, it can be seen that the height of the cushion is higher than that of the front row , It will also make the rear passengers more comfortable .

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In the configuration section , The models of zero running cars have a common feature , That is extremely intelligent , This also makes Zero run T03、 Zero run C11 Can become intelligent representative models of their respective market segments . And Zero run C01 The same is true of , It's driving intelligently 、 Smart cockpit 、 Intelligent power also has “ Unique martial arts ”.

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Like Zero run C01 It can be achieved when the indoor temperature is 5℃ Following time , Automatically open the seat 、 Steering wheel heating , And in the indoor temperature to 35℃ when , It will automatically turn on the seat ventilation function .

And in terms of interaction , Zero run C01 And iFLYTEK from HKUST 3.5 Generation speech recognition system , Can accurately identify the sound source , Partition positioning , At the same time, what you see is what you say , Improve the efficiency of voice interaction . In addition, the new car also has multi-dimensional AI Face recognition adaptive system , The adjustable 25 Item vehicle settings .

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■ CTC Technology comprehensively improves performance

Dynamic part , Zero run C01 It is the first one to adopt brand self-developed CTC Mass production of technology , The technology is simply to put the battery 、 The chassis and the lower part of the body are integrated , To form a whole , So as to simplify product design and production process .

The advantage of this technology is that the vertical space of the whole vehicle will increase 10mm; The space for loading batteries has been increased 14.5%; Better air tightness , It can effectively increase the thermal insulation capacity of the battery , At the same time, it is matched with the R & D of Zero run AI BMS Big data battery management system , It can increase the mileage of the whole vehicle 10%; Can improve the whole vehicle 25% The torsional stiffness of , Increase the lightweight coefficient 20%, achieve 2.4 The level of .

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On this basis , Zero run C01 Will assemble 90kWh The battery , The maximum range can be from 500km Until 717km, Such configuration performance is rare in the same level . Another Zero run C01 Equipped with variable structure oil-cooled electric drive assembly , Turn the motor 、 retarder 、 Highly integrated controller , The maximum output power of the system can reach 100kW-300kW, Peak torque up to 300Nm-500Nm.

Zero run C01 The most powerful is 630Pro+ High-performance version , It is equipped with two front and rear oil-cooled drive motors , Integrated maximum output power 400kW, Combined peak torque 720Nm, It takes only 3.66s.

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■ 18 All the sale , Zero run C01 Let who “ Hepatic fibrillation ” For a moment ?

According to the official introduction , Zero run C01 Positioning medium and large pure electric cars , At present, it is to become 15-30 Value benchmark and sales benchmark of 10000 market segments , In fact, this has touched the of flagship cars of many brands “ turf ”, So Zero run C01 Do you have the strength to challenge the players in front ? To this end, we found several new power pure electric cars to compare .

First, if you look at the size , Zero run C01 From the appearance point of view, it is above medium “ figure ”, But the wheelbase parameter is relatively weak , But Zero run C01 With four wheels, four corners and short front and rear suspension design , Let the interior space , Especially the rear legroom 319mm, It's already very friendly to the back passengers .

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Next, let's look at the power performance , We have selected several models with the best version of neutral performance , Among them, Wei Lai ET7 Nuclear bydihan EV A special , Wei to ET7 Because the power configuration of the whole train is the same , So I used the regular version to enter the comparison , BYD Han found the cheapest 4WD high-performance version .  

In terms of parameters , Zero run C01 In fact, the performance and endurance of the five models of the same level are still above the medium level , Although there is no special performance , But if you want to buy a pure electric car that focuses on driving fun , Zero run C01 It's also a good choice .

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Finally, let's look at Zero run C01 Intelligent level in competitive products , Let's make a comparison between the sensor and the chip . First of all, in terms of radar Cameras , Zero run C01 Except for the absence of lidar , The number of other types of configurations and Wei Lai ET7、 Be wise L7 Just as much , Well done , In addition, the chip uses 2 A self-developed Lingxin 01 chip , Computing power can reach 8.4T, This will be zero in production costs C01 Create great advantages .  

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Through the above comparison , We saw a Zero run C01 Some core parameters and configurations have reached the level of high-quality models of the same level , Especially in terms of intelligence , But it's not the most “ Stand out ” Of . But if we compare its current pre-sale range with the price of the other four models , So Zero run C01 In terms of cost performance, it will exceed by a large margin , I'm afraid bydihan is the first one to catch up EV.

■  State comments

Want to run Zero C11 When the price was first released , I used to be very moved , If it weren't for the rush to replace the old car , I almost became the first car owners of Zero run . Now Zero run C01 Use the price again “ The needle ”, Provoked my nerves , It made me order on impulse 0 Yuan order button .


After watching this conference , I ordered it directly ...

On the other hand , With the pre-sale and launch of many high-quality new cars , The competition in the domestic medium and large pure electric car market is becoming more and more fierce , At this time, all brands have made “ use all one 's skill ”, Try to attract more consumers' attention and favor . But now Zero run C01 coming , With its brand, it has always delivered... In recent two months 9000+ As a back-up , Through more realistic cost performance “ Landing on the beach ”, This is enough for the same class of models “ Hepatic fibrillation ” More than once , I'm looking forward to the ordering results of new cars , And the Countermeasures of other brands .

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