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CCTV shows you the most advanced fast charging technology, which can fill a pure electric vehicle in 5 ~ 10 minutes

2022-05-15 04:31:33It home smart car

IT The home of 5 month 11 Daily news , While the charging pile industry ushers in rapid development , A number of new technologies are also accelerating the energization of charging piles .

According to CCTV financial report , Ministry of industry and information technology data show , By 2022 First quarter of 2009 , The promotion of new energy vehicles in China has made a breakthrough 1000 Than mark , Rapid increase in the number of new energy vehicles , It also drives the rapid development of the charging pile industry .

But at present, the contradiction of new energy vehicles is , Most DC charging piles , That is, the charging speed of the commonly known fast charging pile is not fast enough . If you use 120KW( kw ) The battery capacity of a car is 100kWh( KWH ) Pure electric vehicle , It usually takes time 40 Minutes to 60 minute .

under these circumstances , If you need to queue up for charging during peak passenger flow during long-distance driving , It is easy to wait too long for charging , This is also the main reason why many electric vehicle owners are deterred from driving electric vehicles for long-distance travel .

With the rapid iteration of charging Pile Technology , Now there are further fast charging technologies launched , And experts also believe that the fast charging technology is mature , And has been in the process of gradually landing .

Some industry experts said , At present, the most advanced technology can do 600 kw . If your car battery allows such a high-power charging , It only needs 5-10 A car with a capacity of... Can be filled in minutes 100KWh electric vehicle . under these circumstances , Would you choose tram ?

 New energy vehicle

Besides , The CCTV report also showed , In addition to faster charging time , The latest car charging pile is also connected with 5G The combination of has brought the charging market into a more intelligent era .

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