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Ranking of SUV sales in April: BYD song won the title, and the sales of many models fell sharply

2022-05-15 00:24:28Vehicle boundary

writing \ Wei Wuxian

With the announcement of the passenger Union 4 Car market sales in January ,SUV The ranking list of market segments is also published , From the sales ranking , Most of the SUV Sales have fallen seriously , In fact, this is expected , After all 4 Affected by the impact of the epidemic , Many cities are at a standstill , Its impact on sales cannot be ignored .

From the whole SUV In terms of market sales ,4 month SUV The overall retail volume is 45.9 Thousands of cars , fell 38.6%, This year, 1-4 Monthly cumulative sales 276.7 Thousands of cars , fell 11%,SUV The overall performance of the market is cold and rainy !

Now let's briefly comment on some of the top models , For readers to buy a car .

NO.1 Byd's song

In Tesla Model Y Under the background of the impact of the epidemic and the huge reduction of production , BYD song yongduo SUV Top of the sales list ,4 Monthly sales reached 25105 car , Year on year growth reached 60.2%, The performance was eye-catching , Of course, it is mainly the credit of song new energy . Including song PLUS DM-i Including several new energy models are very popular , Even once because “ Unable to collect the car ” And was complained by consumers , The fire of its sales can be seen .

NO.2 Honda CR-V

As a fuel SUV, Dongfeng Honda CR-V although 4 Sales fell year-on-year in January 32%, But still achieved 19920 Taiwan's sales , Rank SUV Second in the sales list , More than Harvard H6, Become fuel SUV The existence of sales first .

NO.3 The harvard H6

The harvard H6 The sales volume of is 4 The month suffered a year-on-year decline 43.6% Decline , As for the reasons for the decline, it is mainly related to the cold car market 、 The impact of the epidemic is related to , As the epidemic situation is gradually brought under control , Its 5 Sales are expected to pick up in January .

NO.4 changan CS75

changan CS75 occupy 4 month SUV Fourth place in the sales list , Monthly sales reached 11598 car , It's down year on year 49.2%, The reason for the decline is also related to the impact of the epidemic .

NO.5 Honda XR-V

CR-V Zhu Yu is in front ,XR-V It's just as good , Although it is a small SUV, however 4 Month still achieved 10698 Taiwan's sales , In a small SUV It belongs to a rare existence in .

NO.6 Byd tang

Byd tang 4 Month by year 522.7% The growth rate of has achieved a monthly sales of more than 10000 , As a benchmark model of BYD , Tang has a good reputation , At a time when new energy vehicles are rapidly on fire , It is no surprise that its sales volume has achieved a breakthrough .

NO.7 BYD yuan PLUS

BYD yuan PLUS New energy vehicles also rely on unlimited license 、 The advantage of unlimited number has been recognized by many consumers ,4 The monthly sales volume also exceeded 10000 .

NO.8 Vetlanda

As a fuel SUV, GAC Toyota velanda 4 Monthly sales volume is 9543 platform , Year-on-year growth 13.6%, This is mostly SUV The performance is quite good against the background of decline . For GAC Toyota , Such achievements should also be very satisfactory .

NO.9 Bean wisdom

As the head of guangben, Huadan SUV One of , Binzhi is 4 The month's performance is also barely , Monthly sales reached 9300 platform , Though it's down 43%, But it's OK in such an environment .

NO.10 Mercedes GLC

Mercedes GLC It's the only way in SUV Sales ranking TOP10 Luxury car ,4 In sales 8909 car , fell 41.3%, As a luxury car , Enter the general list TOP10 It's not easy .

At the end :

In addition to the above ten models , qashqai 、 BMW X3、 auchan X5、 Haoying 、 Tiguan also entered TOP15 The list of , The same sales volume also fell seriously , This trend is due to the general environment , Hope that in 5 The month can get better .

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