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European electric vehicle market continues to expand

2022-05-15 00:34:50Oriental Information automobile

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According to the data recently released by Bloomberg New Energy Finance , At present, the sales volume of electric vehicles in Europe accounts for... Of the total sales volume of electric vehicles in the world 34%, It is the second largest market in the world after China . According to data from a Swedish car consultancy ,2021 In, the sales volume of electric vehicles in Europe reached 230 Thousands of cars , Year-on-year growth 66%, Of all new car sales 19%,2019 The annual proportion is only 3.6%.

In just a few years , Europe has become one of the markets with the highest penetration rate of electric vehicles in the world , Its rapid growth depends on the strong support of relevant policies . since 2020 From the year onwards , Germany 、 The French 、 Italy 、 Spain 、 Britain and other European countries have successively launched demand stimulus measures for the automobile industry , Provide subsidies for the purchase of electric vehicles , It has strongly promoted the growth of electric vehicle sales . According to statistics , Electric vehicle sales in Norway have accounted for... Of the total new car sales 64.5%, The penetration rate of electric vehicles ranks first in the world . The climate protection objectives and related support policies formulated by the Norwegian government have played an important role .

2021 year 7 month , The European Commission announced a package proposal to deal with climate change , Designed to achieve 2030 Net greenhouse gas emissions in the EU and 1990 At least... Less than the annual level 55%, To 2050 Carbon neutralization was achieved in . Transportation is one of the most important emission reduction targets . The proposal calls for the introduction of low-carbon transportation modes and supporting infrastructure and fuel as soon as possible . According to the proposal , To 2030 year , Newly registered fuel vehicles will be better than 2021 Annual reduction 55%, To 2035 There will be no new fuel vehicles registered in ; To 2035 year , Every... On major highways in EU countries 60 Km will build a charging station , Every time 150 Build a hydrogen charging station per kilometer .

Automobile enterprises have accelerated the electrification of their products . The public 、 BMW 、 Daimler and other European car companies have set electrification targets , Launch a number of new pure electric models . First quarter of this year , The delivery volume of Volkswagen Group's pure electric vehicles increased year-on-year 65%. By 3 End of month , Volkswagen has delivered... To customers 9.9 More than 10000 pure electric vehicles , Higher than the same period last year 6 Thousands of cars , Occupy the European electric vehicle market 25% Share , No. 1 . This year, 3 month , Tesla's super factory in Berlin, Germany has been completed , It is expected to produce at least 50 Million electric vehicles and required batteries . German Chancellor Scholz said , Electric vehicles are expected to shape the future traffic pattern of Europe .

Driven by various initiatives , Electric vehicles have made important contributions to emission reduction in Europe . A car data analysis company, including Germany 、 The French 、 Including the UK 17 Statistics were carried out on three major European electric vehicle markets , data display , The newly launched and improved electric vehicles are welcomed by the market , This has had a positive impact on reducing carbon dioxide emissions ,2021 In, the carbon dioxide emissions of new cars in statistical areas decreased year-on-year 16%.

At the moment , The relevant supporting infrastructure of electric vehicles in Europe is still insufficient , Restricting the further expansion of the market . The European Association of automobile manufacturers said , European countries need to continue to increase investment in electric vehicle infrastructure . According to calculation , Within the EU, up to... Need to be installed every week 1.4 Ten thousand public charging posts , In order to meet the needs of future use , At present, the number of charging piles installed in the EU every week is less than 2000 individual . McKinsey, a consultancy, reported that , To 2030 year , The EU needs to install at least 680 Ten thousand charging posts , In order to achieve its set reduction in net greenhouse gas emissions 55% The goal of .

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