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German luxury Maybach S-class comparison A8L Horch

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  [ Car home models PK]  Hello everyone , I'm bald Xiang , It's my time again . Today's two protagonists from both countries like to eat pig elbows : Germany . The two protagonists themselves have noble blood , One is Maybach S level ( Parameters | inquiry ), Another person you may be a little strange , It's Audi A8L “Horch”. As a challenger ,A8L Horch In the original A8L Many changes have been made in . So here comes the question , If you're a life winner ready to buy a car , You'll choose Maybach S level , still A8L Horch... I decided to add a little more , Buy Bentley gallop ?

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   Maybach S The manufacturer's guide price of grade is 146.8-248.8 Ten thousand yuan ,A8L Horch Of Open to booking a price by 130-175 Ten thousand yuan . Both cars are large luxury cars , But from the price point of view , There is still a gap between the two cars , After all, Mercedes Benz hopes to raise Maybach to a higher level , And in the Volkswagen Group , Except Audi , And Bentley, a premium brand .

   Both cars are based on the re evolution of the brand's most advanced cars , Their “ Prototype vehicle ” They are Mercedes Benz S Class and Audi A8L, Maybach S In the original Mercedes Benz S Many more upgrades have been made above level , and A8L Although it still looks like a A8L, But the wheelbase is lengthened 130mm, And on the crown “Horch” Name (Horch Is the founder of Audi , I used to work in the engine manufacturing department of Mercedes Benz ). The configuration is also very satisfactory , All this is to be with Maybach S Higher and lower .

   by the way , Volkswagen Group is probably the foreign automobile group that knows the Chinese best , Know the user's preferences very well , So the long axis version can only be bought in the market of Chinese Mainland S8L, Article A8L Horch The models are only sold in Chinese Mainland .

● Appearance comparison

   The two cars we compared , They are the guidance price 146.8 Ten thousand yuan S 480 4MATIC, And pre-sale price 143 Ten thousand yuan A8L Horch Founder's legendary . Although both cars are from Germany , But the brand's genes are there , By comparing the two cars , We can see Maybach S A strong sense of luxury , however A8L Horch It still gives people a kind of coldness 、 A low-key atmosphere . However, Daimler group does have two brushes in the luxury car market in Europe ,2021 European market , Mercedes S Level is undoubtedly the absolute overlord of the same level , And Maybach S Level is the second in the same level .

 audi ( import ) audi A8 2022 paragraph A8L Horch Founder Edition Legendary type

   From some details, you can see the difference between the two cars , Like Maybach S Level also retains the design of the landmark , It is also an irreplaceable belief and totem in the hearts of many boys . There is also a decorative strip on the engine hood , It adds a sense of sophistication . This total thing has no actual function at all , But what luxury cars want is these exquisite luxury feelings ? take the reverse into consideration A8L Horch, The shape has also made many changes in details , But I personally don't think it's done like Maybach S Level is so in place .

 audi ( import ) audi A8 2022 paragraph A8L Horch Founder Edition Legendary type

   The side lines of both cars can let you see their relationship with the original model . although A8L Horch The lines are more streamlined , Without Maybach S That kind of thick feeling , But I personally think it's just B The extra long back door behind the column , Ordinary people should be able to see this car A8L Not simple , And Maybach S The first class exudes the momentum of Mercedes Benz . So I think the side lines of these two cars , There is no question of who loses and who wins , Only personal preferences .

 audi ( import ) audi A8 2022 paragraph A8L Horch Founder Edition Legendary type

   There is no special innovation in the design of the tail lights of these two cars , Basically, there is no change from today's family style , Especially Maybach S Class tail lamps , Today's Mercedes Benz is designed like this , Lack of some three-dimensional sense . But when it comes to details , I think Maybach S The performance of level 1 is still very good .

 audi ( import ) audi A8 2022 paragraph A8L Horch Founder Edition Legendary type

   The two models we actually photographed are Maybach S The cheapest one in class S480 4MATIC(146.8 Ten thousand yuan ) and A8L Horch The second cheapest “ Legendary type ”( Open to booking a price 143 Ten thousand yuan ). In terms of rim configuration ,A8L Horch The configuration is quite good , And this “ Big cake ” The shape of the rim is very beautiful , I don't know this shiny rim , Is post maintenance troublesome ?

 audi ( import ) audi A8 2022 paragraph A8L Horch Founder Edition Legendary type

   Personally, I think in terms of creating a sense of luxury , Maybach S Have done quite successfully , Even the interior we'll see later gives me this feeling . and A8L Horch It doesn't seem so strong in creating a luxurious atmosphere , There seems to be no Maybach in momentum S So strong , But looking younger has always been one of the characteristics of the Audi brand , In appearance , Whether the two are good or bad depends on everyone's preferences .

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