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With a endurance of more than 1200km and a wheelbase of more than Asian dragon, more than 100000 new cars in Chang'an will catch fire?

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New car review

Compared with other independent brands , Chang'an's development in the field of new energy vehicles is not fast , At present, most of the new energy vehicles on sale are “ Oil to electricity ” product . Today, , changan EPA1 The new car built by pure electric platform has finally arrived , And provide pure electricity 、 An extension 、 Hydrogen electricity 3 Power version , There are plenty of options .

In terms of product power , The battery life of the new car can reach 700km+, Extended version CLTC Endurance super 1200km, And the new car will provide L3+ Level advanced assisted driving , It has advantages in terms of endurance and intelligence . Combined with the suspected selling price 15.28-23.98 Ten thousand yuan , Cost performance is also excellent , therefore 1200 More than dealers sign up , Willing to become an order center , Enough to see its explosion potential .

recently , Big coffee got Chang'an dark blue C385 Suspected price information , The new car provides pure electricity 、 An extension 、 Hydrogen electricity 3 Power version , common 6 models , The suspected selling price range is 15.28-23.98 Ten thousand yuan . Deep blue C385 be based on EPA1 Platform to build , Compared with the same level of BYD seals 、 tesla Model 3 Bigger , According to the plan, the new car will be delivered in the third quarter of this year .


As the first model of Changan dark blue ,C385 Naturally, high hopes are placed on , Therefore, great efforts have been made in the design of new cars , Showing a strong sense of future science and technology and fighting atmosphere . There are many angular lines added to the front face , The headlight groups on both sides adopt split design , Among them, the lower lamp group is integrated with the decoration of the diversion groove , It gives people a visual effect of being ready to move forward .

From the exposure size parameters , Deep blue C385 The length, width and height are respectively 4820/1890/1480mm, The wheelbase is 2900mm, Position the medium-sized car .


The interior is made of pure black + The sporty style of red suture , There are no physical buttons in the center console . The interior decoration official only released this picture , But we can already see a lot of information from the picture , Such as hidden strip air outlet , The wind direction angle needs to be adjusted in the central control panel , It is also expected to add automatic sweeping 、 Voice control angle and other functions . carrying 14.6 Inch center control screen , And support 15 Degree rotation function .


Endurance , Deep blue C385 The pure electric version provides 515km、712km Two endurance versions , The motor power is also different ; Extended version CLTC Endurance super 1200km, Pure electric endurance 200km, Feed oil consumption is lower than 4.5L/100km; Hydrogen plate CLTC Endurance super 700km, Can be realized 3 Minute super fast energy supplement .


Changan dark blue C385 Use the brand new EPA1 Platform to build , Equipped with rear H Arm multi link independent suspension , And bring 50:50 Front and rear axle load ratio , With rear wheel drive , Give consideration to driving pleasure and riding comfort .

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