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How far is the Zr-V Zhizai of GAC Honda from the "popular model"?

2022-05-15 01:37:26Car buyer

Facing the rise of independent brands , And Toyota Feng Landa 、 Nissan Xiaoke is pressed step by step , Although there are two models, Binzhi and haoying SUV Models compete with it , But it is also limited to confrontation . If you want to be compact in China SUV The market has made further breakthroughs , We also need a new model to enter the market .Honda ZR-V The first model released in the world — GAC Honda to (ZR-V), Obviously the best player in this role .

 Guangzhou Honda ZR-V Zhi Zai , distance “ Hot style ” How far is it ?


with “ Entry level compact SUV” It's called Binzhi ( The guided 12.78-17.68 Ten thousand yuan ), Although the average monthly sales volume is about 10000 , But because of the small size SUV Lack of space in the car , When competing with Fengtian Feng Landa and more and more independent models , It's hard to avoid being short of money . And compact SUV Haoying ( The guided 16.98-25.28 Ten thousand yuan ) In the future , It's likely that by raising the size , Toyota Rongfang 、 Nissan Qijun and other models stand on the same starting line . And the new compact SUV Hiromoto Zhizai , With the positioning between Binzhi and haoying , And a younger posture , Or will consolidate and expand 15 Ten thousand grade SUV market share .

 Guangzhou Honda ZR-V Zhi Zai , distance “ Hot style ” How far is it ?


Because Honda doesn't have much in shape design “ Familialization ” Burden , So in order to make hiromoto better please young consumers , In terms of modeling “ Tried a new design method that breaks the Convention ”. We can find this from the official map , Hiromoto Zhizai's design has been divorced from the existing product design , With more sporty and personalized design elements , To highlight their own extraordinary .

 Guangzhou Honda ZR-V Zhi Zai , distance “ Hot style ” How far is it ?


The basic style of Guangzhi continues HR-V The design of the , The low lying hexagonal middle net is matched with the air kit design on both sides of the front bumper , Create a ready visual impact . The side of the car body is compact and full of tension , Double waist line design and spoiler design similar to tail wing , Make it look more slender , More fluid . The rear part of the car adopts a bilateral single exhaust layout similar to haoying , The shape of special-shaped tail lamp adds a few resolution .

 Guangzhou Honda ZR-V Zhi Zai , distance “ Hot style ” How far is it ?


Body size , At present, the official has not disclosed the specific data . But refer to the American version HR-V And 11 Generation Civic is built on the same platform , Combined with its compact SUV In terms of positioning , The conductor of hiromoto Zhizai should be in 4.5m about , The wheelbase may be in line with haoying , In about 2650mm about .

In terms of interior design and layout , It should also adopt a style similar to that of cash Civic , The overall design is mainly concise , Suspended center control panel 、 Through the hollow air conditioner air outlet and three width multifunctional steering wheel . Judging from the good feedback that civic interior has won in the market , Personally, I feel that hiromoto has no need to spend energy to try new layout .

 Guangzhou Honda ZR-V Zhi Zai , distance “ Hot style ” How far is it ?


Although the power of the official also did not disclose , But from the car 240 TURBO According to the tail mark of , Hiromoto may carry more conventional in the future 1.5T Four cylinder turbocharged engine +CVT The power system of the transmission . Insiders have speculated that the performance may be better than that of Civic 1.5T High power models are in line with , Maximum output reachable 182 horsepower , Through more outstanding performance than Toyota Feng Landa and Nissan Xiaoke , Highlight the advantages and market competitiveness of guangbenzhi in the latecomers .

In this “ The whole car is hybrid ” Era , Hiromoto Zhizai naturally has to keep up with the trend of the times . According to the Japanese media on the daily rules ZR-V Guess , The car may be equipped with 2.0L Four cylinder self-priming + Hybrid system composed of electric motor and lithium battery . I don't know whether the hybrid version will be released at the same time as the fuel version in the future .

 Guangzhou Honda ZR-V Zhi Zai , distance “ Hot style ” How far is it ?


As for the selling price of hiromoto Zhizai , Considering that the positioning is higher than Binzhi , And the main selling version in the future is likely to be in 15-17 Ten thousand yuan between , It is predicted that the price range of this car should be 14-20 Ten thousand yuan between , Avoid the conflict with the main selling models of Binzhi and haoying to the greatest extent .

However, due to guangben's advantages in overseas markets “ Undertake cash Binzhi ” The identity of the , So in the domestic market , Even at the price 、 Configuration and other aspects are different from the latter , But it is still inevitable that the future will suppress Binzhi, whose product power has aged . So it's consolidating 15 10000 price range compact SUV While the market , Honda also has to consider how to make the main force of sales Binzhi , Continue to maintain strong market competitiveness . Getting this and losing that is obviously not the optimal solution .

Although many people say that hiromoto will be another in the future “ Hot style ” models , But in fact, in the environment of volatile epidemic and electrification , Hiromoto Zhizai wants to stand out , There will still be many unknowns . For example, in the face of Toyota Feng Landa / When Carola put it back , How to achieve the position of latecomers ; In the face of the continuous impact of independent models , How to find a balance between selling price and configuration . These are the problems that hiromoto needs to consider and solve .

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