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Will you benchmark rivian? Geely promotes radar brand and creates high-end new energy pickup!

2022-05-15 01:45:52Exclusive engine

Pickup , This tool car, once and now recognized in China , There was an amazing “ Combat effectiveness ”.

recently , The Great Wall 30 Ten thousand Great Wall gun pickups went offline , This record is only used for 2 Years and 8 Months time , Created the industry's “ Great Wall cannon speed ”.

meanwhile , This also proves the market potential of pickup truck . With the vigorous development of new energy vehicles , Pickup trucks are also actively transforming , For example, hybrid 、 Pure electric 、 Hydrogen energy and other new energy pickups are quietly laying out .

however , The Great Wall is not the only one who covets the pickup market , Like Nissan 、 ZTE 、 Jianghuai and other competitors are sharpening their knives .

meanwhile , Geely, which has always focused on the field of passenger cars, also plans to start its pickup business , So , Geely has specially registered a new brand “RADAR”, And set up an independent pickup company . According to industry analysis , geely RADAR It's obviously aimed at high-end new energy pickups , At that time, it is expected to benchmark the United States RIVIAN, A new car will be launched as soon as this year .

actually , As early as 2021 By the end of year , It is said that Geely is planning the pickup business , And wants to spin off the pickup business from the commercial vehicle group , Set up an independent pickup company .

Before that , Geely once launched remote FX Pickup . It's just , long-range FX By Geely boyue “ Magic reform ” And come , Although in the shape of a pickup truck , But in terms of practicality 、 Driving comfort and other aspects can not meet the current needs of consumers . therefore , The car has not caused repercussions in the market segment .

From the present situation , Geely is going to make a pickup truck seriously .

Compared with the Great Wall 、 Jiangling 、 ZTE and other traditional pickup truck enterprises , Geely is definitely a novice in the pickup field , There is no relevant market experience to learn from . Maybe this is auspicious RADAR Brand focus on new energy pickup , In an attempt to bypass the traditional pickup truck “ Hao Qiang ”, Realization “ Overtaking in curve ” Purpose .

According to the published relevant information , We can probably conclude that auspicious RADAR Several elements of a pickup truck . First of all , The brand is specifically responsible for building high-end new energy pickup trucks , This is also the most favorable positioning of Geely Automobile at present .

secondly ,RADAR The pickup under the brand will further weaken the traditional attribute of tool cars , Then emphasize multiplication and utilization , And will focus on the layout in the fields of intelligence and so on .

It is worth mentioning that , Geely pickup recently registered a “ unbounded 2 Square meters ” The public, , We predict RADAR The Chinese name of the brand may be “ unbounded ”; meanwhile ,RADAR Pickups may bring different outdoor adventure fun to consumers .

Anyway , Geely seems to be taking it seriously in the pickup field . Ride on “ Pickup spring ” It has begun to appear , Geely will face a rare opportunity . And about the future of Geely pickup , I'm afraid we can't make further judgment until the product is launched .

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