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The growth of power battery was strong, and Panasonic's net profit increased by 55% in fy2021

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According to Nikkei. Com , Panasonic holdings recently released the report as of this year 3 Of the month 2021 Consolidated financial statements for the fiscal year ( International accounting standards ) Show , The company's net profit increased year-on-year 55%, achieve 2553 Billion yen . Panasonic's sales growth 10%, achieve 7.3887 Trillions of yen . The company's operating profit increased 38%, achieve 3575 Billion yen .

Although the high cost of raw materials and logistics has brought a heavy burden , But in addition to transferring prices to products and implementing optimization and reorganization , The yen depreciated 、 The appreciation of the US dollar has also become a positive factor .

Besides , The loss making auto parts business in the last fiscal year turned into profit due to the recovery of auto production and other reasons . In the battery business , Due to the strong negotiation and purchase of cylindrical batteries equipped with pure electric vehicles , Operating profit increased 92%, achieve 642 Billion yen .

according to the understanding of , Panasonic is also considering building a new battery factory in the United States , Supply Tesla . at present , Panasonic is evaluating several candidate sites , Including Oklahoma , Because it's close to Tesla's new plant in Texas . Panasonic plans to produce a new high-capacity battery at the plant , The goal is to start at 2024 Start of production in fiscal year . in addition , Panasonic plans to operate the new plant independently .

The site selection will also take into account local government subsidies and other support measures . The final decision on whether to build a factory , It will depend on the profitability of this new lithium-ion battery ( Panasonic will be from 2023 The fiscal year began in Wakayama Prefecture, Japan (Wakayama) Our factory produces this kind of battery ). Panasonic's goal is for Tesla CyberTruck Pickup trucks and other vehicles supply this new type of battery . Besides , Panasonic is also seeking to strengthen its high-end models in Europe and the United States ( The battery ) Business .

expect 2022 The fiscal year ( By 2023 year 3 month ), The net profit of Panasonic holdings will increase year-on-year 2%, achieve 2600 Billion yen , Operating profit growth 1%, achieve 3600 Billion yen .

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