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FAW Toyota edition is coming. Can "double car strategy" be 1 + 1 > 2?

2022-05-15 01:49:15Car buyer

At home MPV Competition in the market for nearly half a year , Although there are many entrants , There are also some models with remarkable product power , But it seems that only GAC Toyota Saina SIENNA. Although Saina started out , The act of selling cars at a higher price has attracted a lot of controversy , But the louder the noise , The more the car sells . After a little convergence in eating , More than nine months from the beginning , All the way to this year 3 In the 6444 car , Although with Buick GL8 There is still a big gap , But no one underestimates the potential of Toyota Saina .

 FAW Toyota edition is coming ,“ Dual car strategy ” whether 1+1>2?


Now Guangfeng Saina is in MPV The market is on track , Then, naturally, Toyota is proud of “ Dual car strategy ” link , After all, the palm and back of the hand are all meat , Guangfengyou , Yifeng naturally has to have . Saina's sister car , Faw Toyota Granvia Recently, I began to brush the sense of existence frequently . At present, FAW Toyota has registered “ Grevia ” Chinese name , The name of liansaina is transliterated , The Chinese name of FAW Toyota Racing may be Grevia .

Although the car will not be available until the second half of the year at the earliest , However, it is reported that some dealers have begun to accept reservations , And the salesperson in the store said that a successful reservation can only determine the order of collection , But there is no guarantee that there will be no price increase . If FAW Toyota Granvia If you also increase the price , It's magical . When I can't see the price increase of Saina , How miserable it is to be hated by consumers ? I still think the competition of my own products is more qualified for price increase ? Of course, I don't rule out that I want to learn from Saina , First cut a stubble of impatient leek .

 FAW Toyota edition is coming ,“ Dual car strategy ” whether 1+1>2?


In modeling design , Faw Toyota Granvia Based on the American version of Toyota SIENNA XSE Made from Sports Edition , So there is no big difference between Saina and Saina in the design and outline of the whole vehicle , Just in the shape of the front face , Replace the large-size trapezoidal grille with black honeycomb structure decoration , Longitudinal guide grooves are also arranged on both sides . The delicacy and sportiness of the whole vehicle , It's a lot higher to compete . Although it was born out of the sports version , And it also has good sports attributes , But it doesn't mean Granvia Will be equipped with 4WD system . Because if there is a 4WD configuration , It is bound to bring a devastating blow to GAC Toyota Saina next door , This is clearly contrary to Toyota “ Dual car strategy ” The purpose of .

 FAW Toyota edition is coming ,“ Dual car strategy ” whether 1+1>2?


The side and rear of the body are consistent with the design of Saina , The tail logo is “Granvia”, In order to enhance the recognition . Body size ,Granvia The three dimensions are 5175/1995/1785( Without luggage rack 1765), Wheelbase is the same as Saina 3060mm. The vehicle length is more than that in the race 10mm, This should be caused by the difference in appearance and shape , The performance of the interior space is basically unchanged .

 FAW Toyota edition is coming ,“ Dual car strategy ” whether 1+1>2?


I don't think there's any surprise in the interior , At best, in color matching 、 Slightly different in terms of material .Granvia The difference with the competition is mainly reflected in the configuration , This is also the usual move of Toyota's dual car strategy .Granvia Will provide 18 Inches and 20 Two inch rims , Standard configuration 17 Inch wheels ( With high 18 Inch wheels ), The whole vehicle is equipped with 360 Degree panoramic image 、 Double skylights 、HUD Head up display, etc . And from the program broadcast by Tianjin Radio and television station , You can also see that Granvia The trial loading also has a welfare version .

motivation ,Granvia Or will all be equipped with the latest generation of Toyota THS 2.5L Oil electric hybrid system . from 2.5L Naturally aspirated Atkinson engine and dual motors , The most powerful 183kW, Peak torque 238N·m, matching E-CVT Stepless gearbox . But there are also reports that ,Granvia May carry a code name A25H Made in China 2.5L Hybrid engine , The cost is obviously lower than that of Saina A25D Imported engine . If so , future Granvia The price of may be lower than that of Toyota Saina .

 FAW Toyota edition is coming ,“ Dual car strategy ” whether 1+1>2?


Toyota's recent dual car strategy , In fact, the effect in the market is not as good as before , Like hannanda and crown luff 、 Ling Shang and Asian lion , The gap between the two in sales is obvious . This time through Saina MPV Momentum in the field , Can the dual car strategy show again 1+1>2 The market effect of ?

The first thing is for sure ,Granvia The future is bound to have an internal roll with Saina , However, the degree of inner volume can be reduced with the difference of configuration . At present, Saina's main selling cities are concentrated in the southern Guangdong region , This time, Granvia Appearance , Will strengthen and consolidate in the North MPV The influence of the market . From the kingpin area , Both have their own survival sites . also Granvia The future may be with Buick GL8 More frequent friction .

 FAW Toyota edition is coming ,“ Dual car strategy ” whether 1+1>2?


But the friction won't move for the time being GL8 The foundation of , according to the understanding of , The sales volume of the latter mainly comes from the wholesale purchase of enterprises , For business reception, etc . and Granvia At present, HOSANA focuses on the home market , There are great differences in user groups . Plus the two Toyota models MPV models , It also takes some time to complete the word-of-mouth precipitation in the household market , The transformation of business routes can only be postponed later .

If there is no price increase 、 Forced installation and other unusual behavior , Faw Toyota Granvia The arrival of the , With the difference of configuration and main sales area between Saina and Saina , It should make Toyota's two car strategy better 1+1>2 The effect of . After all, in addition to the strength of the product itself , Toyota's Tauren logo is also a bonus that can not be ignored .

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