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Automatic steering column for manual, a set of earn tens of thousands of Porsche, this is going to fire out of the sky!

2022-05-15 02:15:20Exclusive engine

Recently , To say the hottest luxury car brand , I'm afraid it's Porsche !

The fire here is not that sales are rising , But because of being complained about , Hot all over the net .

The cause of the incident will start from last year ......

2021 year , With the shortage of chips , Cause Porsche Panamera、Cayenne The electric steering column of some models is out of stock , It can only be replaced by manually adjusting the steering column . meanwhile , Porsche promises its owners , After the shortage of relevant chips is alleviated , This function will be restored through modification .

Of course , In the environment of large lack of core , There is nothing wrong with this treatment . After all , The express defect does not affect the normal driving of the vehicle . Besides , Porsche will also offer the car owners free of charge “ upgrade ” To the electric steering column , The performance of the vehicle is restored as before , All's well that ends well .

Unfortunately , At the end of the first quarter of this year , It is still impossible to estimate the arrival time of chips related to electric regulation function , Porsche headquarters cancelled the recovery plan of electric steering column in the domestic market . And then , Official only 2300 Yuan Dynasty gold coupons as compensation . And the owner wants to replace the electric steering column by himself , The cost is 3 Ten thousand yuan or so .

Manual and electric , There's a lot of stress !

In general , The steering system will be considered to be divided into mechanical part and chip part , Although both manual and electric steering columns do not affect the self-regulation and safety of the vehicle steering system , But having an electric steering column means that the driver can adjust the front and rear of the steering wheel through electric adjustment 、 High and low position , And further realize the steering wheel memory 、 Comfortable access and other functions . This function is often used by car companies as a comfort configuration for marketing promotion .

Display through relevant information , The electrically adjustable steering wheel consists of two parts , Part is the motor , The other part is computer related modules , These two parts constitute the whole regulation system .

before , Vehicles from Porsche to the world , The motor is pre completed in the factory assembly line , Just missing the module group , The chip in the module will be affected by the shortage . According to relevant industry insiders , Porsche now ships vehicles to the Chinese market with completely manual steering columns , There is no motor part .

in other words , The vehicle is equipped with a complete set of manual adjustment system , There is no way to install an electric regulation module , But Porsche still charged the price of the electric steering column . It is reported that , New Porsche cars involving the reduction of electric steering column have exceeded 2 Thousands of cars , According to the total cost of electric steering column 1.6 In case of a set to calculate , This wave of Porsche operation can save 3.2 One hundred million yuan .

This is a proper way to deceive domestic consumers !

Of course , Porsche is not stupid , How can the fat in the mouth be “ Snatch ”? Then you need to use your wrist , It's not !

At present, you have entered the optional page of Porsche China official website , Important reminders will pop up automatically , Clearly marked except 911 Turbo S series 、Cayenne Turbo series 、Taycan All departments and Panamera Outside the whole department , The electric adjustment of steering column and the memory function of steering column position are not included in 14/18 Push the power seat forward ( Code Q2J/Q1J) in .

Need to know , Before that , Porsche's electric steering column is not an option for users to increase the price , It is contained in “ Front comfort seats with memory function components ” In the suit . The simple understanding is , For example, consumers buy a new mobile phone , The front camera comes with itself , Instead of price increases, upgrades or optional .

Today, , Porsche turned the electric steering column “ Kicked out ” A suit . As a contrast , The US official website is in the same position, which only means that the waiting cycle will be longer , There is no information about the electric steering column , Porsche's differentiated treatment of Chinese and foreign markets can be seen .

More Than This , After consumers revealed that Porsche refused to replace the electric steering column , The latter adds a line of small characters in the car purchase contract signed with consumers ,“ Party a ( That's the buyer ) The vehicles under this contract are purchased not for the purpose of living consumption ”.

Many people may not understand what this sentence means . Need to know , If consumers need to buy goods for living consumption , Can be affected by 《 Consumer protection law 》 The protection of the , But if you need to buy it for non living consumption , Not applicable “ One for three ” The provisions of the .

It is worth mentioning that , The original , Porsche also signed a contract with the car owner to replace the electric steering column “ Left a hand ”. In writing , Through the agreement, Porsche promised to replace the electric steering column for car owners free of charge in the later stage , But the agreement does not stipulate the liability of both parties for breach of contract , To some extent, this avoids the users from pursuing Porsche's liability for breach of contract .

thus it can be seen , Porsche is deliberately trying to maliciously evade the protection of consumers by relevant laws and regulations .

It is said that , The eyes of the masses are bright . When consumers find themselves cheated , Started their path of safeguarding their rights .

recently , Some car owners have received a new version of Porsche 17,300 Yuan compensation scheme ( At the time of delivery 3500 Yuan voucher + Chip cost 2300 Yuan maintenance fund + Customer compensation 11500 Yuan maintenance fund ), But this part of the compensation is still in the form of vouchers rather than cash , Its sincerity is very few .

( Optional page of China's official website )

( US official website optional page )

And the owner's appeal is quite simple , Porsche recalled the vehicles , Install the electric steering column uniformly , Promise to extend the warranty period ; The owner has the right to choose to return the car , Or return the replacement cash .

however , At present, Porsche has not responded to the owner's demands .

According to the relevant lawyer's explanation , Even if Porsche didn't cheat consumers , In his open letter to the car owner, he has made it clear that he will no longer fulfill the promise of subsequent replacement of electric steering column , It is also a breach of contract . Need to know , Although the epidemic may lead to an increase in the cost of subsequent replenishment , Porsche can and should foresee , The possible commercial risks of the epidemic . therefore , It is not allowed to claim relief of its liability for breach of contract on the ground of force majeure .

meanwhile , Unilaterally proposed by Porsche “ compensate 2300 Yuan voucher ” Solutions for , Obviously unfair to consumers 、 unreasonable . Even the later version of the compensation scheme , It also lacks its rationality .

At the end :

2021 Porsche's global sales in 301915 car , Year-on-year growth 11%. among , Chinese market delivery 95671 car , Year-on-year growth 8%. The Chinese market has also become the world's largest single market for Porsche brand for the seventh consecutive year , It accounts for 31.7%.

so , There is no doubt about the importance of the Chinese market to the Porsche brand , But this time “ Downsizing event ” in , Porsche has shown irresponsibility that is difficult for consumers to understand , Even the differential treatment of Chinese and foreign markets is disgusting , It is far from the positioning of its luxury brand .

Need to know , Water can carry a boat , Can also capsize . I also hope Porsche will be cautious in its words and deeds !

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