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BMW launched its first pure electric medium-sized sports car, and the group's electric offensive will go to the next city

2022-05-15 02:41:02Car governor

3 month 31 Japan ,BMW The first pure electric medium-sized sports car —— new BMW i3 Shock listed ! This collection BMW 3 It is the essence of sports and BMW i Pure electric medium-sized sports car with brand pioneering and innovative spirit , It shows that BMW Group is sparing no effort to enrich the array of electric products in various market segments .

not long ago , BMW Group Announces further acceleration of electrification process :2022 During the year , Mass production and trial production of pure electric vehicles will reach 15 paragraph ; Based on a new architecture “ New generation ” The model will be in 2024 Trial production began in , And in 2025 Annual appearance ; To 2025 end of the year , BMW Group plans to deliver... Globally 200 10000 pure electric vehicles . future , BMW Group continues to lead innovation and development , Promote the landing of future travel , Firmly accelerate the progress towards electrification .

new BMW i3 eDrive35L The model will be officially launched today , The suggested retail price is 34.99 Ten thousand yuan . As a model tailored for the Chinese market , new BMW i3 It not only fills the gap in the segment market of luxury pure electric medium-sized sports car , It also sets a benchmark for the market segment with up to 20 high-value standard configurations .

With the pioneer design of natural sports , Lead the aesthetic trend of the new era

Leading the aesthetic trend of the new era , new BMW i3 Apply pioneer design concept to deduce modern sports aesthetics , It's refreshing . among , The most striking thing is that ,3D Stereoscopic effect LED The interior and exterior structures of the headlights have taken on a new look . Newly evolved “ The angel eyes ” More three-dimensional and concise lines are used outside the headlights , Present a stronger and full style ; The interior design is rich in layers 、 The light band shape echoing up and down replaces the traditional style . Powerful new lamp eyebrow design , Instantly fill the sports atmosphere . Double kidney grille with enlarged contour , Not only has the surrounding style been upgraded , The fully enclosed design is also applied for the first time , Combined with the new intelligent resistance reduction grid on the lower side , Make the new car stand out .

The lower line of the side of the car body has also been interpreted completely , It's different from the new style “ Shark gill ” Perfect blending of diversion channel , This is dynamic and smooth “L” The shape line and the sharp waist line complement each other . The vehicle side skirt is also designed in black , Double color contrast, dynamic and eye-catching , Vivid interpretation “ Nature is exercise ”.

Rear 3D Three dimensional suspension LED Taillights depict more concise and elegant 、 A focused face . The newly designed rear surround makes the tail more robust , The profile of the rear diffuser on both sides of the tail adopts a new trapezoidal design , Further highlights the chic style . Besides , The new car also offers a new style 19 Inch aerodynamic hub and low rolling resistance tire , It can effectively reduce wind resistance and energy consumption .

Bring together the spirit of innovation and the essence of sports , Give electric travel pure driving fun

Inherit BMW 3 The award-winning essence of sports , And blend perfectly BMW i Pioneering and enterprising spirit of innovation , new BMW i3 With excellent handling performance and electric performance , Create a unique pure electric driving fun .

motivation , new BMW i3 The fifth generation is adopted BMW eDrive Electric drive technology and excitation synchronous motor , Ensure that the vehicle can burst peak torque at low speed and high speed , Make eDrive35L The maximum output power of the model reaches 210 kw , Maximum torque to 400 cattle · rice , Single motor drive can make the vehicle reach 6.2 Second's 100km acceleration result .

And in terms of electric endurance , The new car is equipped with electricity of 70 Kilowatt hour high nickel ternary lithium battery pack ,CLTC The range under the standard is up to 526 km . new BMW i3 It is also equipped with an industry-leading energy recovery system , Give unique electric fun to driving . stay D In mode , The vehicle not only has the driving feeling of idling , The energy recovery intensity can also be adjusted according to the distance of the front vehicle ; stay B In mode , High intensity energy recovery can help the vehicle slow down until it stops , Maximize energy recovery efficiency while , It also brings “ Single pedal ” A new experience in your control .

new BMW i3 The chassis is also strengthened and specially adjusted . The front and rear suspensions of the new car adopt innovative HRS Hydraulic rebound damping technology , And the rear axle is equipped with adaptive air suspension for the first time , Make driving on bumpy roads more stable and comfortable . The rear chassis of the vehicle is also equipped with a rear anti roll bar , The engine compartment is equipped with front shock absorber top rod , So that the rigidity of the new car body can be further improved . Besides , new BMW i3 Compared to the center of gravity 3 It's low 44 mm , The front and rear tracks are also wider , And equipped with DSC The dynamic stability system includes ARB Skid stability control unit , Provide better traction and grip for the vehicle , Make the new car have more excellent performance and cornering posture . The flatter chassis design is also conducive to the air circulation under the vehicle , Effectively reduce wind resistance , It plays a positive role in the dynamic performance of the vehicle .

new BMW i3 Automatic driving assistance system is optional Pro, Including forward collision warning 、 Emergency brake assist 、 Collision prevention system with lane deviation correction function , Active cruise control system with lane change assistance and traffic congestion assistance , Give the driver a more comfortable intelligent driving experience . meanwhile , The vehicle also offers an automatic parking aid system Plus, contain 50 Meter tracking reverse function .

With exquisite and meticulous high-end quality , Bring exclusive luxury digital cockpit to Chinese customers

new BMW i3 Exclusive upgrade for luxury and comfort , It fully demonstrates BMW's in-depth insight into the Chinese market and users .“ Wings of angels ” Welcome light blanket , And under the front and rear doors LED Welcome pedals set off each other , Make every electric trip full of ceremony ; Step into the car , Streamlined central control panel with new style and color matching , Fully upgrade the luxury style ; The slender body leading in the same level brings 2,966 Extra mm wheelbase , Make the rear space spacious and comfortable ; China's unique comfortable seats have thickened the seat cushion and backrest , The rear row is also equipped with comfortable headrests .

“ Function island ” The new application of the design concept greatly reduces the number of physical keys , The traditional gear handle is changed into a delicate and compact paddle , Successfully create a more concise and atmospheric cockpit atmosphere . The new car is also the first one of BMW Brilliance to adopt brand-new BMW iDrive operating system 8.0、 Models with integrated suspended curved screen , The screen integrates 14.9 Inch Touch screen and 12.3 Inch digital dashboard , And tilt slightly towards the driver , It not only brings users an excellent digital sensory experience , It also vividly deduces the driver oriented interior design concept .

new BMW iDrive It can provide the driver with a comprehensive immersive experience through personalized functions . among , The driving mode function provides a comfortable mode according to the driver's needs 、 Sports mode 、 Energy saving mode, etc Co driving Sail style . Optional 17 A total skill rate reach To 535W Of Ha Mann Carton (Harman/Kardon) Sound horn , adopt 360° Surround sound , Create immersive hearing enjoyment for passengers . And the panoramic glass skylight 、9 A combined ambient atmosphere lamp , As well as the straight waterfall atmosphere lamp design splashed on the back of the front seat like a waterfall , It also makes the whole cockpit have a sense of science fiction and luxury .

Sustainable development of the whole value chain , Create a green and reassuring electric travel experience

Uphold “ Customer focus ” Idea ,BMW Instant charging provides customers with including private charging 、 Public charging 、 Comprehensive solutions for exclusive charging and digital charging services . Where you buy brand new BMW i3 The customer , Can be found in BMW Choose free charging wall boxes and high-quality basic installation services at authorized dealers of new energy ; The customer does not have the conditions for private charging , You can choose to open charging card service in some cities .

end 2022 year 2 End of month ,BMW Instant charging has been dynamically linked for more than 38 Ten thousand public charging piles , It contains more than 20 10000 DC fast charging piles , And there are about 5 Ten thousand charging piles can provide plug and play service ;390 More than BMW Dealer charging stations have covered more than... In China 120 More than one city ;BMW The reservation parking and charging service has now covered the whole country 9 Big city 4 Airports and the whole country 10 Several popular business districts ;My BMW App And BMW Instant charging applet intelligent interconnection , The charging function collection page collects all daily charging scenarios and services , Including private pile start and stop control , Public charging point search 、 Use 、 Payment and comment function ,BMW Make an appointment to park, charge, etc .

“ Only shoulder responsibility , It's a luxury location ”. Luxury and sustainability are inseparable , BMW Group has taken sustainable development as its core strategic direction . To 2030 year , BMW Group plans to reduce the average carbon dioxide emissions per vehicle 2019 Reduce by at least one third a year . BMW Brilliance has long been concerned about sustainable development , Empower with cutting-edge technology and innovation , Continue to play an important role in reducing upstream carbon emissions . new BMW i3 The launch of further shows BMW Outstanding achievements in the field of Sustainability .

new BMW i3 Achieve carbon emission reduction throughout the life cycle , Including from design to development 、 Supply chain 、 production 、 From use to recycling , meanwhile , For suppliers 、 Put forward clear carbon emission reduction targets at the production and use stages . In Shenyang production base , new BMW i3 All production processes use 100% Renewable energy power , And continuously optimize the use efficiency and circulation capacity of water resources . new BMW i3 The drive unit of adopts excitation synchronous motor , Do not use rare earth materials , Reduced dependence on rare metal resources .

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