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"Jin" gathered quickly, and Zhengzhou Nissan Ruiqi 7 opened pre-sale

2022-05-15 02:42:45Car buyer

5 month 13 Japan , According to the official website of Zhengzhou Nissan , Vernon 7 The national pre-sale has been fully opened . Vernon 7 Locate Shuxiang joint venture pickup , Powered by diesel and gasoline , Including two drives / all-wheel-drive 、MT/AT、 Standard case / Long container / Flat bottom container and other models , The pre-sale price is 11.38 Ten thousand yuan .

Presale period , Zhengzhou Nissan launched seven heavy luxury gifts , Share powerful pickups with consumers 、 Live an energetic life . among , The honorary gift includes a commemorative silver coin box 、 Travel tea set set and lifetime maintenance hours 8.8 Big gift ; At the same time, there is the highest enjoyment 3000 element / Taiwan's preferential replacement gift , Maximum subsidy 3500 element / Enjoy financial gifts in Taiwan , enjoy 2 year 2 Primary basic maintenance ( Including initial guarantee ) Enjoy your maintenance gift ,5 year /15 Enjoy the extended warranty gift of 10000 km super long warranty ,777 Enjoy the color changing gift of the original factory's fashion color changing service , as well as 10 Annual free basic traffic intelligent Internet gift .

Vernon 7 Zhengzhou Nissan is under the general trend of pickup truck utilization , It's made with great efforts “ High performance 、 good-looking 、 The high quality ” Pickup , Committed to a new experience beyond the expectations of users , Help consumers enjoy a joint venture quality pickup life .

Jin Qing · Power experience

Vernon 7 powerful , Fuel saving and high efficiency , Surpass peers in an all-round way . Equipped with Renault Nissan Mitsubishi alliance power , With leading power and torque at the same level , Match master adjustment , Meet the customer's low gear and easy to get out of trouble , The appeal of easy overtaking , The power experience is fully ahead . meanwhile , The rear five link independent suspension is adopted + Variable stiffness coil spring design , With Eaton differential lock , Achieve an excellent balance between comfort and handling .

Jin Ku · Modeling experience

Vernon 7 The overall shape adopts “ The tiger ” The form of , Visually feel the high-end atmosphere . Use lens headlights 、LED Daytime running light 、 Rearview mirror LED Light guide , Very powerful and sporty . The interior design integrates national style elements , Sensory experience is warm and comfortable . Use smooth horizontal lines , Show a large visual space . after 472 Item quality improvement , The touch of the hand is a soft bag , adopt 30 The rest of the acoustic package , Hundreds of experiments , Create a bedroom like quiet cockpit , The ride experience is comparable to that of passenger cars .

Jin Xiang · Technology experience

Vernon 7 Equipped with a new generation of Internet of vehicles , With remote start function 、 Remote open / Lock the car 、 Remote car search 、 Remote vehicle authorization 、 Turn on the air conditioner remotely 、 Intelligent voice and other complete functions , Support vehicle and machine OTA upgrade , At the same time, the whole system is equipped with one key start as standard , Equipped with 360 High definition surround camera + Follow up reversing image , Let users enjoy the new experience of smart pickup life .

Jin Chang · Feel at ease and experience

Vernon 7 It has been verified by Nissan durability verification system , Ensure the stability and reliability of product quality in an all-round way . Cumulative pass 230 Comprehensive durability verification of 10000 km professional test site , as well as 10 High heat above 10000 kilometers (45℃ above )、 Extremely cold (-40℃-45℃)、 High altitude (5500 rice ) Special durability verification . meanwhile , The whole series is equipped with four-wheel ventilation disc brake as standard , The whole series is equipped with the most complete in China 8 This function is integrated ESC Electronic body stability system ,EPB Electronic parking system , Bring all-round peace of mind experience .

29 In, we insisted on focusing on pickup truck segments , Every time Zhengzhou Nissan pushes through the old and brings forth the new, it can lead the development trend of the industry . We believe that , Riding chemical product Ruiqi 7, With its highly textured appearance, interior design and mature power matching , It will certainly make Zhengzhou Nissan make waves again in the pickup truck market , Seize higher market share .

More product details and booking information , From now on, you can go to Zhengzhou Nissan's major franchise stores nationwide for consultation . Vernon 7 In place , Have a strong life , When you open .

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