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Haizhu Pazhou automatic driving convenience line has been officially tested. Come and have a taste

2022-05-15 03:20:18Guangzhou news

Ocean net news The first self driving convenience line in the central urban area of Guangzhou —— The loop line of Guangzhou TASI station was officially put into public beta in Pazhou, Haizhu District , at present 18 Citizens over the age of and with full civil capacity can experience... Free of charge .

2021 year 9 month ,《 Operation scheme of Guangzhou Public Transport Group's self driving convenient line project 》 Approved by the executive meeting of the municipal government , First batch opening 6 A demonstration operation line of self driving bus for the convenience of the people , Build Guangzhou intelligent Internet connected vehicle demonstration operation project , The loop line of Guangzhou TASI station, located in Pazhou experimental area, is one of them , At present, it has been officially launched for public beta .

It is reported that , The loop line of Guangzhou TASI station is operated by the third branch of Guangzhou bus group , Will provide subway from Guangzhou tower 、 Connecting service from rail station to many locations in Pazhou , Facilitate commuting , Promote the pilot demonstration of intelligent transportation scene in Pazhou pilot area .

Checheng network Pazhou demonstration project through the construction of Checheng infrastructure , Bring together local technology enterprises , Comprehensively gather urban roads through IOT perception network 、 Transportation facilities 、 Communication equipment and vehicle operation data , Realize digital twin and Auto City interconnection , Create travel patterns covering the future 、 Urban traffic management 、 Three aspects of urban comprehensive management: the integration of automobile and city . At present, the construction of the project has made phased progress , Some intelligent integrated poles have been deployed around the exhibition hall of the Canton Fair 、 Roadside equipment 、 Sensors and other infrastructure , Complete the phase I deployment of Checheng network platform , On line intelligent bus 、 Parking information service 、 Road intelligent monitoring and other applications .

future , More intelligent transportation application scenarios will be implemented in Pazhou pilot area . Pazhou pilot area is also planning and exploring more intelligent transportation application scenarios , Such as the smart intersection combined with the Checheng network project , Solve the problem of parking and picking up cars AVP Autonomous valet parking system, etc . Pazhou pilot zone will actively promote the construction of intelligent infrastructure , Promote more application scenarios , Provide high-level travel and urban services for the public , Provide the government with modern urban governance tools , Provide innovation demonstration and innovation environment for the industry .

During the public test of automatic driving convenience line , Citizens can pass “ Make an appointment by Zhilian bus ” Applet free reservation . The reporter tried , I found that the tickets of that day had been reserved in the morning .

writing / Guangzhou daily · New flower city reporter : Liao Jingwen

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