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RMB 120900-150900. The "national sedan" Xinlang Yihuan is newly listed

2022-06-24 07:21:05DearAuto

6 month 23 Japan ,“ New era national sedan chair ” New Langyi is officially listed , carry “ Double front face ” From strategy , Further meet diversified consumption demand . New Langyi provides 3 Two power options ,7 Car color , total 8 Model configuration , One of them is “ Fivemillion editions ” Limited models . The suggested retail price of new Langyi is 12.09 Ten thousand yuan -15.09 Ten thousand yuan .

Now you can enjoy multiple car purchase privileges when you buy new Langyi ,75% Purchase tax subsidy ,2 year 85 Fold or 3 year 8 Hedge buy back , Old customers 8000 Yuan addition and replacement / Purchase subsidy ,“500 ten thousand +1” The old owners of Langyi have achieved success in pushing the new car 800 Yuan equivalent V Beans, etc .

Double front face , Leverage different consumption circles

at present ,A The age group of consumers in the first-class segment shows a younger trend , New Langyi covers the needs of the original mature household users , Further leverage the young car buyers who pursue fashion . The appearance of the starry sky version , Or it will become the new growth pole of Langyi's sales .

The new Langyi XingKong version exudes a strong youthful flavor in appearance and interior design . The Star Diamond element of the front grille presents a dynamic effect of outward diffusion , Pair it with cool sports kits , There is also the blessing of exclusive color matching of Yeh grey , Every little detail emphasizes the sports properties of the star version .

New Langyi continues to inherit the atmosphere of Langyi family 、 A leisurely tone , The iconic horizontal air intake grille on the front face has evolved again , Visually more imposing , Full of noodles . The new lighting modeling further improves the recognition , LED When the bright eyes streamer headlights are on ,C The sharp eyes of type A are particularly eye-catching , And blackening LED The sharp outline of the three-dimensional tail lamp echoes .

High texture , Create a comfortable space in the car

Enter the new Langyi cockpit , High quality soft material and exquisite workmanship , The use of Morandi colors ,12 Inch suspension center control screen , Plus the right atmosphere lamp , An advanced sense of modernity arises spontaneously . New family steering wheel , Air conditioner outlet 、10.25 Inch LCD dashboard 、 Door panel, etc , It is decorated with environmental protection chrome plating with dazzling silver texture , The details are simple and exquisite . Perforated leather wraps the seat , The soft and comfortable leather is equipped with the cross grain of the meter word pattern , While making the new Langyi class Leap , It also adds a sense of enjoyment to drivers and passengers .

The interior of Langyi star version is very cool , High grade leather fabric made of graphite black , At the air conditioning outlet , The seat seams and armrests are decorated with red , The red and black colors enhance the athletic properties , Make the whole driving space modern and dynamic .

Sense of Technology , Create a new experience in the smart cockpit

In addition to daring to break through in modeling , New Langyi is also quite sincere in upgrading its scientific and technological configuration . The central control screen is changed from the original embedded to 12 Inch suspension design , The sense of science and technology has risen to a new level in an instant , And 10.25 Inch full LCD digital meters are combined , Transformed into a digital cockpit .

Interaction , The new Langyi is equipped with the latest products of SAIC Volkswagen MOS 3.X Smart car coupling system , Map can be updated in real time , Intelligent predictive navigation , More emotional voice assistant , One stop intelligent service , Owning wireless CarPlay Functions and various on-board applets , Bring more convenient driving experience . Intelligent security assistance , New Langyi is equipped with rear reversing radar 、 Parking rear view camera system and exterior rear-view mirror with automatic downward rotation , Novice Xiaobai can park easily ; There is also an adaptive cruise system with start stop function and AEB Automatic brake assist system , Continuously analyze the lane and traffic conditions ahead during driving , Provide more security for drivers and passengers .

Brand power ,500 10000 car owners' strength endorsement

Now the name of Langyi , Has become “ National sedan chair ” The symbol of .2008 year , Langyi came out , The strong products have helped push it all the way to sales .2012 year , After the listing of the second generation Langyi , The cumulative sales volume has crossed the threshold of one million vehicles for the first time .2015 year , Langyi family has been launched into the market , The sales volume broke through immediately 200 ten thousand .2021 year , Langyi's cumulative sales volume has exceeded 500 Million mark , The real purchasing power of car owners , It's this one “ National sedan chair ” The most powerful endorsement .

Langyi's success is not only due to the continuous innovation of its production capacity , It also comes from a deep insight into consumer demand and social culture . This listing , New Langyi plays with homophonic stem ,“ Ye Qinghui ”、“ Tianzhen blue ”、“ Opening remarks ” Car color naming , Inject more interesting souls into it ; Invite artist Wu Bai to have 500 Million car owners “ National sedan chair ” Platform , Trigger a wave of memories to kill ; There are also videos of ghosts and animals with big brain holes , Breaking the wall of dimension .

A brand new Langyi , Let's see a “ National sedan chair ” More possibilities , It can be elegant and magnificent , It can also be fashionable , Can be used at home , It can also be fun , This is the dual charm of new Langyi .

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