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Field test drive of Destroyer 05: in addition to the intimate technical configuration, the power control is also easy!

2022-06-24 07:23:47Exclusive engine

Once every three years , Every five years , It is the normal law of the replacement of traditional fuel vehicles .

For the rapidly developing new energy automobile industry , The old rules no longer apply . How to keep up with the trend of development , It has become the focus of many auto companies .

stay DM-i With the blessing of super hybrid , BYD launched the first model of the warship series -- The destroyer 05. As a “ Oil and electricity ” Plug in hybrid car , The destroyer 05 More easily accepted by current consumers . that , What about its actual performance ?

6 month 19 Japan , In Nanshan - Chongqing Auto Park , One theme is “ Leisurely & Ship height down ” BYD car destroyer 05 The comparison test drive experience camp officially kicked off . Guests present will have the opportunity to experience the destroyer 05 The unique charm of .

First , Abundant power output

We all know ,DM-i Super Hybrid Electric based architecture .

When the battery is full ,DM-i Super hybrid is a pure electric vehicle . When the power is low ,DM-i Super hybrid is a hybrid vehicle with ultra-low fuel consumption . That means ,DM-i Super hybrid provides an infinite driving experience close to pure electric vehicles , It perfectly solves consumers' long-term focus on endurance and charging anxiety .

Do not look DM-i Focus on economic fuel consumption , But destroyers 05 The power performance is not poor .

During the test drive , The most unforgettable , It's a destroyer 05 The precise control and extreme speed experience shown during the field test drive .

Linear acceleration tests the dynamic performance of the vehicle , Thanks to thermal efficiency up to 43.04% Of “ Xiaoyun ” Special for plug-in and mixing 1.5L High efficiency engine , as well as EHS After the electric mixing system is highly integrated , Reduce its own counterweight , The destroyer 05 In the initial stage, it still gives us a strong sense of pushing back , With the increase of speed , The body posture is also quite stable . No matter what the result is , At least destroyers 05 Your performance is remarkable .

Can have such excellent performance , It is thanks to the destroyer 05 motor “ Congenital ” And it has abundant power reserves .

We all know , If the suspension of the vehicle is not good enough 、 If the weight ratio is not rigorous enough, the overall driving experience will be seriously affected .

The destroyer 05 Before the adoption of McPherson 、 Rear torsion beam non independent suspension , Comfortable and sporty at the same time , Have stronger road adaptability . Especially in the field surrounded by cone barrels , Be able to avoid obstacles easily and continuously . Besides , Even under extreme conditions of continuous change of direction , Suspension also provides good support . Compared with similar products , The destroyer 05 It can achieve faster turning speed 、 Reduce the frequency of body bumps at corners .

In addition to good suspension performance , The center of gravity of the vehicle 、 Front and rear counterweights are also particularly important . The front of the car is too heavy , Will cause understeer , Unable to avoid obstacles in time ; Too light head , Can cause oversteer , Easy to crash due to out of control .

The destroyer 05 The steering wheel feedback is moderate , The lightweight body and low center of gravity can easily cope with the complex and changeable road environment . Besides , The engine of the car 、 Tacit cooperation between motor and gearbox , The engine is charging 、 The action of intervening auxiliary power can be switched freely , While improving comfort , Make the power output more linear 、 natural .

secondly , Advanced technology configuration

In addition to excellent power performance , The destroyer 05 The technology configuration of the is also not to be overlooked .

The car is equipped with 15.6 Inch adaptive rotating hover screen ( High configuration model ), And embedded with the scene optimization as the foothold DiLink Intelligent networking system . Not only does the locomotive system support complex operations such as split screen , And take the rotating large screen as the window , Users can use compatible specially customized mobile phones App, Operate multiple functions in the car . in addition , The system supports the whole vehicle OTA upgrade , Really make common use always new .

among , The car is all standard DiLink Intelligent voice interaction system , Besides being able to navigate in real time 、 Remote control outside the vehicle , It can also operate the opening and closing of air conditioning and skylight through voice . also , The user only needs to turn it on by voice , Including KuWo music 、 The Himalayan 、 Gould map 、 Mainstream applications such as wechat , Very convenient .

Driving AIDS , The destroyer 05 carrying DiPilot Intelligent driving assistance system , stay ACC-S&G With the help of stop and go full speed adaptive cruise system , Users can follow cars at low speed on congested roads in urban areas or freely on high-speed roads , To a large extent, it liberates the driver's feet , It relieves the tiredness of long-distance driving .

Besides , The car is also equipped with AEB-CCR Automatic emergency braking system 、AEB-VRU Pedestrian identification / Protection system 、360° High definition transparent holographic image system 、TSR Traffic sign recognition 、RCTA Reverse lateral warning 、LCA Lane change assistance 、BSD Blind spot detection 、RCW Rear end collision warning 、FCW Front collision warning system and a series of active safety functions .

It is worth mentioning that , In car 360° High definition transparent panoramic image system adopts lossless digital output mode , Sharp increase in clarity . Even if the light conditions are not ideal , It can also display high-definition pictures . The four cameras equipped on the car body can capture the surrounding environment in real time , It is convenient for users to observe when parking ; meanwhile , It makes it easier and more convenient to drive on narrow roads and back up .

Again , Elegant and flexible appearance

As a new energy sedan , The destroyer 05 Handsome and tough style , It is easier to win the attention of young consumers .

The front face of the car adopts a lattice type limitless grille , Water drop lattice and staggered decorative strips , Make the overall sense of hierarchy quite clear , Very visual impact .LED Xinghui battleship headlights group phase , In addition, BYD is brand new Logo, fashion 、 The taste of foreign style is in line with the aesthetics of young consumers .

The body side , The low front and high back design creates a diving posture , The roof line is smooth and natural , The rear sliding back design can also bring a stronger sense of movement . Besides ,17 Equipped with inch multi web hub , It highlights the visual movement characteristics of the whole vehicle .

The destroyer 05 The tail lamp group adopts the popular through design , The design of geometrically arranged dot matrix echoes with the headlamp group . meanwhile , The air above the tail lamp set “BUILD YOUR DREAM” The logo also creates a good sense of sophistication .

At the end :

The destroyer 05 Once appeared , With its beautiful appearance 、 Rich configuration and excellent driving performance , The harvest “ Countless fans ”. The car not only meets the needs of consumers in multiple scenarios , It is more practical .

The destroyer 05 Can we surpass dolphins to become the sales responsibility of the ocean family ? Let's see !

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