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The first choice for high-quality travel. Three high-end joint venture MPVS are recommended. There is always one for you

2022-06-24 07:37:25New car tribe

Today, MPV There is no shortage of powerful models in the market , Especially with the country's second child 、 The three child policy has been liberalized one after another , High-end MPV Market segmentation , It has become a blue ocean market that car companies are eager to try . And this among them , Existing domestic household MPV The odyssey of the founder , There are also Alishen who prefer the business line , Even Buick GL8、 Mercedes V Class, etc .

And as the times change , These popular models also continue to bring users a high-quality experience , For more and more new middle-class families , It is believed that these models are worthy of high-quality and multi value choices .

Guangzhou Honda Odyssey

The guided :23.58-35.48 Ten thousand yuan

The new Odyssey was launched at the end of last year , It belongs to the medium-term modified model , The new car has obviously become more refined and fashionable , In addition, the configuration has been upgraded , It can further adapt to the upgrading of consumer car demand .

In terms of modeling , This new Odyssey has taken on a new look , use "STYLISH PREMIUM" New design concept , The shape of the headlamp group is consistent with that of the new generation of Honda models , And the large size of the horizontal design is very eye-catching , With brand-new car paint and sports wheel rim , The shape also looks more fashionable and dynamic .

The overall change of the side shape is not big , But the details have been adjusted , For example, adjust the rim style . As for the rear of the car, there is a through chrome trim strip , Plus a more eye-catching tail lamp group , Create enough visual impact . It is worth mentioning that , This new car is equipped with an electric tailgate , And it supports kick sensing opening and closing function , The upgrade of this configuration is expected , Enough to show the sincerity of the new Odyssey .

interiors , The new Odyssey optimizes the central control layout , The point is to add more practical elements , For example, the optimization of storage space , It will be more convenient to put things at hand . The central control screen is upgraded to 10.1 Inch suspended central control screen , And the latest generation is built in Honda CONNECT3.0 Car engine system , This is a joint venture MPV These are all very forward-looking configurations . Besides , The new car is also equipped with a three spoke steering wheel and a key shift mechanism .

Of course, the new Odyssey is still not disappointing in terms of driving , The second row seats of the new car remain flexible , It supports four-way movement , Applicable to different passengers and travel scenarios , Adjust the seat to the rearmost position 、 After the outermost position , The overall space performance is good , It can meet the travel needs of the whole family .

As for motivation , The new Odyssey is equipped with 2.0L Atkinson engine and electric motor hybrid system , Maximum engine power 107kW, And what matches that is E-CVT Stepless gearbox , While maintaining efficient motivation , It can also ensure considerable fuel consumption performance .

Dongfeng Honda Allison

The guided :27.98-33.18 Ten thousand yuan

As a competitor of Odyssey , Allison also launched a new model at the end of last year , The overall style of this new car is more refined 、 luxury , The configuration has also been improved , The overall product force has been significantly upgraded .

aesthetic , The biggest change of the new Allison focuses on the front part of the car , The front face design looks more sporty and eye-catching , Especially the design of large-size grille with black frame , There is a certain athletic style in the visual effect . The headlights are completely new and blackened LED Lamp group , The tail lamp also has certain changes , The area of tail lamp is much smaller than before , More exquisite in visual effect .

As for the interior of the new car, it continues the simple style , And it still has good practicability , And the interior color choices are more abundant , The LCD instrument and the large central control screen have been upgraded , Better overall clarity . Besides , The shift mechanism adopts the key type design , Cooperate with metal welcome pedal and other details , Effectively improve the refinement of the interior , Make the sense of class of the new Allison more outstanding .

configuration , The new Allison is equipped with the latest Honda CONNECT 3.0 Intelligent guidance interconnection system , Support the current mainstream mobile phone remote control 、 Car home Internet 、OTA Online upgrade and other functions . Besides , The new car is also equipped with Honda SENSING A sense of security , It will be very helpful to improve travel safety .

motivation , The new Allison is equipped with Honda The third generation i-MMD Hybrid power system , from 2.0L Atkinson engine and motor , The match is E-CVT Stepless gearbox , This power system also has excellent performance and fuel consumption , Add points to the comprehensive strength of Alishen .

buick GL8

The guided :23.29-53.39 Ten thousand yuan

As a joint venture MPV Market leader , buick GL8 Land business class is currently available 、ES Lu Zun and Avia version , Including land business class 、ES Lu Zun is more attractive in price , The optional versions are also very rich .

And new GL8 After the annual change of the land business class , Typical family design style is adopted in appearance , With the new “ Desert Gold ” Brand new car paint , Further enhance the business atmosphere . There are also upgrades in configuration , For example, the new Buick intelligent driving assistance system shortcut menu , It will be more convenient to use in driving , Further expand the smart experience .

Dynamic part ,2022 Buick GL8 The land business class is carried throughout the system 2.0T Wheel supercharged engine , And join in 48V Light mixed system , The most powerful 174kW, Peak torque 350N·m. The transmission part , matching 9 Speed automatic transmission .

And the new Buick GL8 ES Lu Zun adopts a dynamic and luxurious front design , The square body is very helpful for space performance , It can ensure more efficient use of internal space , At the same time, there is a side sliding door for passengers to get on and off , Tourmaline brown and desert gold are added to the body color .

The interior , As MPV models ,ES Lu Zun still gives top priority to space utilization , The liquid crystal instrument and the large central control screen are connected in a suspended design , The technology impact of the interior has been directly enhanced , It belongs to the mainstream interior design nowadays , It also helps to improve the quality of the interior . Besides , The new interior colors provide consumers with more choices , The interior texture is also excellent .

motivation ,ES Lu Zun is also equipped with 2.0T The engine , And matching 48V Light mixed system , The most powerful 174kW, Transmission part matching 9 Speed manual self - contained gearbox .

Models to summarize :

Taken together , The overall style of Odyssey is more suitable for daily household , And the upgraded strength is more comprehensive , Pick up the Honda CONNECT 3.0 Intelligent guidance interconnection system , It meets the needs of young consumers . And Allison and Buick GL8 It has an obvious business style , It is also commendable in the sense of class and driving experience , For consumers with business travel needs , I believe it will be the right choice .

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