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Automatic driving frequently "appears" at international events, is it "a fixed point to make efforts" or "pure muscle show"?

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The theory of intelligent relativity

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I don't know when to start , Automatic driving is like a sudden “ Awaken ” It's just so , Start frequently 「 Appearance 」 The scene of the international event , It has become a major sponsor 、 It is an important means for technology manufacturers and even the country to show their scientific and technological innovation ability .

Before and after the Tokyo Olympics , Toyota's automatic driving successfully took this grand event into the international vision . Toyota has not only provided a large number of self driving vehicles for the Tokyo Olympic Games, but also provided them for activities , It also opened in Tokyo Yutai stadium L4 Commercial operation of class a autonomous vehicles .

Time comes to the Beijing Winter Olympics , Autopilot ushered in a multi-dimensional application in full bloom at the venue in China . What attracts the most attention is Baidu Apollo Car robot , As a torchbearer, I successfully completed a period of 800 The torch relay of meters . Followed by , Meituan 、 Neolithic 、 Smart Walker 、 Optimal choice 、 Company nine 、 The automatic driving products of BAIC group and other manufacturers have successively landed in Beijing Shougang park , Undertake the connection 、 food delivery 、 Security 、 Cleaning and other services .

Allied , Whether it is the Boao Forum that has been held this year , Or the postponed Hangzhou Asian Games , Both of them have taken the exhibition and service of automatic driving technology as the focus of the campaign , As far as the text knows what to do 、 Geely Automobile and other well-known domestic technology manufacturers have also seized such opportunities to go on the international stage , Cooperate with the event organizers , Accelerate the implementation of self driving technology solutions .

that , Behind this phenomenon , For autonomous driving , This is actually a “ Fixed point force ” Pre training , It's still one “ Pure show muscle ” Of Muscle Show? Nowadays, there are many 「 Appearance 」 International Events , What will it bring to the development of automatic driving ?

Autopilot , continue 「 Enclosure movement 」

Before it is fully commercialized , Automatic driving often needs a lot of road tests to meet the commercial requirements . Whether it's closed field simulation training , Or open road training , Autonomous driving is basically still tested in a well-defined area .

For autonomous driving , Such a development model is like a gradual 「 Enclosure movement 」, Go first in a specific scene area , Then step by step to the periphery , And then expand to the whole scene of the city .

Review the development of the intelligent connected automobile industry in Changsha , This thread is clearer .

2016 year , Changsha began to build the national intelligent Internet connected vehicle ( Changsha ) Test area , And in 2018 Built and put into use in , It mainly provides closed test scenarios for major autonomous vehicle manufacturers and various autonomous vehicles , Such as urban simulation test area 、 High speed simulation test area 、 Rural simulation test area 、 Off road simulation test area, etc .

2019 year , Changsha start “ Two 100” project construction , Respectively “100 Km smart highway ” And “100 Square kilometers of open roads within the city ”, Thus, automatic driving has entered the city level in Changsha 、 Regional open road test phase . And then , The total mileage of the test road increases gradually , until 175 km , Covering cities and intercity areas .

In the process , The turnip express, Baidu's self driving travel service platform, has been put into trial operation at the open end of the road in Changsha , From the initial 50 About kilometers, it gradually covers Changsha's open 135 Kilometers of road , Open the area step by step . Now radish express is in Beijing 、 Shanghai 、 Guangzhou 、 Shenzhen 、 Wuhan and other cities began to provide autonomous travel services .

Allied , The automatic driving test area in Guangzhou is also showing a gradual opening trend , So far, it has been covered with white clouds 、 Haizhu 、 Panyu 、 Whampoa 、 Huadu 、 Nansha 6 An urban area , A total of one 、 Two 、 Level III test road 202 strip ( paragraph ), So that the text can know what to do 、 Xiaoma Zhixing and other well-known automatic driving manufacturers are used to carry passengers 、 Load test training .

The reason why this situation exists , On the one hand, automatic driving itself has a certain degree of danger , The division and restriction of specific test areas are easy to manage , Try to ensure the personal safety of urban people , It can also meet the real test environment required by automatic driving .

On the other hand , At present, most domestic automatic driving manufacturers favor “ Car road coordination ” Pattern , There is a very critical technical premise —— Intelligent reconstruction of roads and laying of communication infrastructure , Thus, the coordination between vehicles and traffic network system is formed , To further realize the effect of automatic driving .

thus , For the present automatic driving , Whether from the perspective of administrative management or technical development , The best models are basically 「 circle 」 Test in a specific area 、 Training and iterative upgrading .

Another one 「 New infrastructure 」

From a technical point of view , This scene 「 Enclosure movement 」 Yes, autopilot “ Car road coordination ” The development of model is more necessary .

In the next development path of automatic driving , The reconstruction and support of the road end will only become more and more important . With the development of automatic driving , Bicycle intelligence is exposed 「 Perceived limitations 」 More and more obvious , This has further promoted technology manufacturers and local governments to “ Car road coordination ” The mode seeks the idea of optimization .

Compared with single vehicle intelligence , Under vehicle road coordination mode , Through the reconstruction and upgrading of the road end , It can often achieve over the horizon and more accurate perceptual recognition , So as to ensure the safety level of the vehicle .

at present , Key scenes such as urban intersections or highways , By adding laser radar and other road end sensing equipment , It realizes the full-dimensional restoration and real-time monitoring of the road scene , It effectively improves the traffic management efficiency of specific road sections .

that , Once the information perceived and recognized by these ends of the road is fed back to the vehicle end , Automatic driving can make good safety feedback , Make sure you drive normally . This is the application advantage of vehicle road collaboration .

However , Such a path also means more investment , Especially the intelligent transformation of the road end and the laying of the communication infrastructure , Most of the time it is indispensable .

During the Winter Olympics , In order to fully ensure the efficient and safe service of automatic driving , China Unicom has deployed in Shougang park 17 individual 5G The base station ,1 A Beidou foundation strengthening station ,30 individual 5G Roadside terminals ,20 individual C-V2X Roadside units RSU、55 Roadside edge processing units 、40 A camera 、15 A microwave radar 、3 A ray vision all-in-one machine , It basically covers the main roads of the whole Shougang park , Only in this way can we bring a perfect demonstration of the amazing world's automatic driving technology .

So , stay “ Car road coordination ” In mode , The development of automatic driving is inevitable for a necessary infrastructure construction .

And such a path , To a certain extent, it is bound to restrict the driving range of automatic driving to only stay in the open and intelligentized road sections , At the same time, infrastructure construction is more widely related , Overall, it is much slower than single vehicle intelligence , The development of autonomous driving will also slow down , It can only be carried out step by step with the upgrading of the road end .

Road repair , It's not just a technical issue

Autonomous driving should be developed ,“ Road repair ” It is an essential technical project , But this is not just a technical problem .

Of course , The most important thing is still a technical problem .

“ Road repair ”, The first thing to build is the technical channel for data transmission . Here it is , In terms of communication technology , At present, both China and the United States have basically made it clear C-V2X Technical route of , As a direct communication technology for vehicle road coordination . Although highly valued , But still can not change C-V2X Embarrassment at the beginning of development , Such as imperfect construction 、 The standard is not clear , The cost is too high .

Now , China is vigorously promoting C-V2X Standard setting work , And recently released 3 term C-V2X The new standard , Respectively 《C-V2X Large scale test data interface specification 》、《 Technical requirements and test methods of vehicle road cooperative roadside sensing system 》、《 be based on LTE The wireless communication technology of the Internet of vehicles has no GNSS Technical requirements and test methods for positioning synchronization of direct communication under signal conditions 》.

meanwhile , The Ministry of industry and information technology is also 《“ the 14th Five-Year Plan ” Information and communication industry development plan 》 Made it clear , To 2025 year , Key highways 、 Urban roads realize C-V2X Scale coverage . On the market side , Huawei 、 ZTE 、 Baidu 、 High tech emerging and other technology related manufacturers are also following up , Push C-V2X Development and application of communication module .

The comprehensive implementation of such technical paths , For the development of automatic driving industry in China , crucial .

also , This is also an engineering problem .

Road construction is a capital construction project , It is widely related , The difficulty of construction is far more complex than that of single vehicle intelligence . How to build the existing urban roads 、 Who will fix it 、 Who will operate after the repair 、 A series of problems, such as how to define the rights and responsibilities of operation, are common difficulties that perplex the development of automatic driving .

at present , Changsha is taking shape “ The government + State owned enterprise platform + Eco business ” Of “ Iron triangle ” Patterns are trying to answer this question . That is to establish a state-owned enterprise platform between local governments and autonomous ecological enterprises ( Such as Xiangjiang intelligence in Changsha, Hunan ), To take full charge of infrastructure construction 、 Demonstration scenario operation, etc .

but , This is only a model for Changsha . before , Some cities give similar infrastructure projects to autonomous driving manufacturers , Baidu Apollo Won the bid in Guangzhou 、 Chongqing 、 New infrastructure projects in Hefei and other cities .

The two different models are currently in the validation phase . What kind of market players should be entrusted with the operation of this project , Finally, it may be the result of current practice .


in general , With the maturity of automatic driving technology and the opening of policies , The automatic driving application has the ability to extend to more cities and scenes .

Like the Olympic Games 、 Boao Forum and other international events , They have very high requirements for participating in autonomous driving enterprises , Be able to participate , It is not just the embodiment of technical strength , It can attract more global attention and traffic . For some self driving start-ups, they can just get the attention of the capital market , For mature companies, it is also a rare opportunity to serve the society with science and technology .

Besides , from “ Car road coordination ” Model to consider , The specific area divided by the international event is for the automatic driving demonstration , It also has natural basic advantages , It is a rare test scenario —— Automatic driving manufacturers can operate in a specific, complex and standardized real environment , Carry out all-round verification of automatic driving technology again and again .

At present , Autonomous driving distance is fully commercialized , There is still a long way to go . Self driving 「 Enclosure movement 」 It's going to last , During this period, it is more important to cooperate to complete policy breakthroughs .

that , Before that , In the most eye-catching demonstration area ( It is also the venue of major international events ), well Show One , It is also an attempt to explore the future commercialization !

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