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New project summary and tomorrow's plan of vehicle audio system

2022-06-24 08:00:09Zhoukang (AI Huxiang school)

1 DSP Online debugging has been completed

2 DSP Data integration has been completed

3 SPI control DSP Through

4 CAN Data acquisition has been passed , And control DSP Through

5 Tomorrow, according to CAN Upper computer tool requirements , Finish all data control of audio specification , First use your own ideas to finish all the functions . Release the first version

6 You can also look back D511 The way engineers used to write , See if you need an inherent code architecture , Implement the functionality of this new project with minimal changes

7 After these pieces are completely opened up , For the current DSP Development has a complete understanding , Later, we will focus on DSP Schematic design , And the function application of each algorithm module .

8 We can go deeper into it later , External chip drivers , Register configuration and effect


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