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How to realize intelligent detection of electric vehicles in elevators when AI is enabled?

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One 、 Program background

According to statistics , About... Occur in the country every year 2000 An electric car fire . since this year on , There have been many electric vehicle fires that have caused casualties all over the country , It poses a serious threat to the safety of people's lives and property , The situation of electric vehicle safety management is grim .

The current situation :

1) Safety accidents happen frequently

By electric vehicle " Go upstairs and enter the house " Triggered elevator 、 Corridor fire 、 Explosion and other safety accidents occur frequently , Cause casualties and other heavy losses .

2) Community supervision is difficult

There are many buildings in the community , It is difficult to fully supervise the property , Some owners ignore the regulations of the community , Secretly push the electric car into the elevator , Property publicity 、 dissuade 、 The patrol effect is poor .

3) Policy and legislative norms

Many parts of the country have enacted laws to strictly govern , Resolutely stop and organize the clean-up of electric vehicles " Go upstairs and enter the house ", The property elevator is equipped with a blocking system .

Demand analysis :

1)AI Technology accurately identifies electric vehicles

Image recognition technology based on artificial intelligence , Automatically 、 Fast 、 Accurately detect the electric vehicle , No manual intervention required , Truly unattended .

2) Elevator alarm and blocking

When it is detected that the electric vehicle enters the elevator, it will give an alarm immediately , And realize the elevator blocking function ( Control the elevator not to close the door 、 Stop running ).

3) All weather video real-time monitoring and detection

Need to implement 7*24H Real time video surveillance , And back-end video 、 Storage 、 Review 、 Retrieval and playback functions .

4) The elevator warning notice is sent to the platform

Send alert information to the backend platform , Easy for staff to view , Manual intervention can be carried out if necessary .

Two 、 Introduction of the plan

Intelligent detection scheme of electric vehicle

Based on the monitoring equipment in the elevator , Intelligent detection and identification of various types of electric vehicles , When an electric car is detected entering the elevator , The camera can alarm directly ( voice / Flash of light ), And automatically send the alarm information 、 Live images 、 Upload video and other data to EasyCVR Video Fusion platform , Managers can receive information in time 、 Check the scene , Handle in time . Completely prevent electric vehicles from entering the elevator , And facilitate the property management of the community , Greatly reduce the fire accidents caused by electric vehicles going upstairs .

Scheme structure

Solution products

1) Electric vehicle intelligent detection camera

200W HD starlight level 1/2.7" CMOS Intelligent dome webcam

Intelligent detection : Using deep learning hardware and algorithm , Provide accurate classification and detection of people and vehicles 、 Motion detection 、 Occlusion alarm 、 Get into / Leave area detection, etc

Intelligent alarm : Support linkage white light alarm , Support linkage sound alarm

Support agreement : Support ONVIF/GB28181/Ehome Such agreement

Video compression standard :H.265/H.264/ MJPEG

Voice calls : Support two-way intercom

POE Power supply

specifications :

1) most ~ Small illumination :0.002 Lux @(F1.2,AGC ON),0 Lux with IR

2) The lens :4mm, Horizontal field angle 81.9°[2.8mm(100.5),6mm(50.8),8mm(38.7) Optional ]

3) Adjust the angle : level 0°~360°, vertical 0°~75°, rotate 0°~360°

4) Wide dynamic range :120 dB

5) most ~ Large image size :1920 × 1080

6) communication interface :1 individual RJ45 10M / 100M Adaptive Ethernet port

7) Audio interface : Built in microphone and speaker

8) Operating temperature and humidity :-30℃~60℃, The humidity is less than 95%( No condensation )

9) Power supply :DC 12 V ± 25% / PoE(802.3af)

10) Infrared irradiation distance : As far as 30 rice

11) Storage function : Support Micro SD ( namely TF card )/ Micro SDHC / Micro SDXC card (128 GB perhaps 256 GB) Disconnected local storage and disconnected continuous transmission ,NAS( NFS,SMB / CIFS support )

2)EasyCVR Video Fusion platform

EasyCVR The video fusion platform can provide multi protocol device access 、 collection 、AI Intelligent detection and recognition ( Such as face recognition 、 Electric vehicle detection, etc )、 Handle 、 Distribution and other services . By monitoring the people in the scene 、 Take a snapshot of the car 、 Detection and identification , Intelligently remind and notify abnormal conditions , It can be widely used in security monitoring 、 Intelligent analysis and traffic verification .

3、 ... and 、 Functional characteristics

1) Intelligent detection of electric vehicles

The adoption is based on AI Machine vision image perception technology based on algorithm , Accurate detection of electric vehicles 、 distinguish , It can effectively filter bicycles 、 Stroller and other interference , Achieve millisecond response speed , Rapid early warning response , Real time early warning of electric vehicle intrusion in the elevator area .

High accuracy : Automatic detection and identification of various types of electric vehicles , Accuracy up to 99% above

Fast response : Millisecond response speed , Single identification <1S, Give early warning quickly

Interference elimination : Bicycle can be automatically excluded 、 baby carriage 、 wheelchair 、 Interference from carts, etc

2) Face detection / distinguish

The monitoring platform can extract and analyze the facial features in the pictures and video sources collected by the front end , Realize multi face detection and capture 、 Cell face comparison and recognition 、 Face attribute analysis ( Such as gender 、 Age 、 Owner information ) Traffic statistics, etc , Conducive to the community / More intelligent building management .

3) Audible and visual alarm

Support active audible and visual alarm 、 Voice alert , At the same time, it supports voice shouting , Facilitate human intervention by property management personnel .

Sound and light alarm : Sound and light alarm , It plays a deterrent and warning role for electric vehicle owners

Voice alarm : The electric vehicle is detected to enter the elevator , Active voice alarm " Electric cars are not allowed in "

Voice calls : The monitor can shout into the elevator , Carry out artificial dissuasion

4) Elevator linkage

Docking elevator control system , When an electric vehicle entry is detected , It can prevent the elevator from closing 、 Temporarily stop the elevator, etc , Until the electric car exits the elevator . Completely eliminate electric vehicles " Go upstairs and enter the house " Safety accidents caused by , Reduce safety risks .

5) Real time video capture 、 Upload

7*24 Hour duty , No dead angle real-time video surveillance . When an electric vehicle enters the monitoring range of the elevator, it can be automatically identified , And capture it , Put the image at that time 、 The video is transmitted to the elevator monitoring and management platform , The platform can view pictures 、 Face detection and recognition in video , And visual pop-up window and voice reminder , It is convenient for staff to view in real time .

Early warning can also be by voice 、 SMS 、 Notice of news 、 Push it to the staff through wechat and other means .

6) Support multi-channel video concurrent access

Support HD video streaming with multi-channel cameras , Covering the whole community , Realization 4G/5G/WiFi Mass video lightweight access under multi network conditions , Have efficient transmission 、 Processing and distribution capabilities , Realize the interconnection of video monitoring resources between equipment and platform . Support H.265 / H.264 Video compression technology , Effectively reduce bandwidth consumption and storage cost .

7) Full terminal coverage

Support RTSP / RTMP / HTTP-FLV / WS-FLV / HLS Video stream format , You can use a computer 、 mobile phone 、 View video on multiple terminals such as tablet , Facilitate the implementation and supervision of daily tasks of staff .

8) Cloud video

EasyCVR The video fusion platform provides cloud video 、 retrieval 、 The playback 、 Storage and other management functions , Realize the video data tracing of elevator monitoring 、 Review 、 obtain evidence , It provides a strong information support for post traceability .

9) Visual data analysis

visualization 、 Integration 、 Intelligent data fusion analysis 、 Management and display platform :

  • Display electronic map 、 Elevator camera real-time monitoring picture
  • Display equipment status monitoring 、 Memory 、CPU、 Bandwidth and other information
  • Display real-time detection and other data of electric vehicles
  • Face detection and recognition , Such as traffic statistics 、 Age 、 Gender 、 Owner information, etc
  • Warning message to remind : Electric vehicle detected 、 Lens occlusion, etc

Four 、 Program advantages

1) Intelligent system scheme

Cover front-end equipment 、 Video monitoring platform , Form a complete set of intelligent system scheme , You can use it directly , Save users time filtering configuration resources .

2) Cost savings

The elevator scene needs to be installed with monitoring , Direct replacement or new installation , Avoid difficult construction of complex schemes , Easy deployment , It is convenient for equipment reuse , Cost savings .

3) Strong platform expansion ability

The platform has powerful data access 、 Processing and distribution capabilities , Multi protocol support 、 Multi type device access 、 Multiple stream outputs , Strong compatibility 、 High openness , Flexible expansion .

4) One stop management

Support multi platform cascading 、 Can be integrated into the unified management platform , Realize one-stop management , Provide secondary development interface , Easy integration with third-party platforms , Meet more advanced business needs .

future TSINGSEE Green rhinoceros video will also integrate more... Into all products AI Intelligent detection and analysis technology , Speed up the video AI Landing in more areas , Enable more scenes .

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