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Greatly improved texture test drive trumpchi M6 Pro

2022-06-24 08:38:38Owner's home market

        Now Chinese brand cars have completed the transformation from made in China to made in China , High quality models have sprung up , Next, trumpchi to recommend to you M6 Is one of them , The car has been very hot , location MPV, Without much to say, let's get to the point .

       “ Big ” Trumpchi M6 Constant value demands ,M6 PRO Further upgrade , Brought the second row 170mm Super wide aisle , Wide and suitable third row design , Let users really enjoy “ really 7 seat ” The charm of . besides , The kei M6 PRO There are many more “ miao ” use , One or two rows can be turned into a splicing sleeping mode , Three row seats can be magically flipped , Vacate 1100L Large boot space .

        To configure : The kei M6 Carrying 1.5T Four cylinder turbocharging 4A15J1 The engine , The most powerful 169 horsepower , Peak torque 265 cattle · rice , matching 7 block DCT transmission , Comprehensive fuel consumption of ministry of industry and information technology 7.5L/100km, And meet the country VI discharge

        Take the opportunity of launching the modified model ( Introduction 6 models , Price range: 10.98-15.98 Ten thousand yuan ), The official still resolutely chose to send trumpchi GM6 Renamed GAC motor M6, And upgrade the configuration , Trying to get a higher perfusion , Improve its comprehensive cost performance .

        Technology warms the heart , Strength blessing . In order to create a strong sense of fashion and Technology , The kei M6 PRO The original 7 Inch mechanical instrument +8 The inch central control screen is upgraded to 7 Inch LCD +10.25 Inch one-piece LCD screen , Let consumers enjoy luxury quality . The car also adds the only non inductive connection at the same level —— Huawei HiCAR System , A certification , Lifelong automatic connection , Combined with wireless charging , Easy cleaning “ Wired troubles ”.

        The biggest change in central control is the central channel ,M6 PRO Using a continuous channel , The top model will also have a dual screen design . The most obvious change in configuration is the addition of L2 Level of automatic driving AIDS .

        The price should still fluctuate within the range of cash , The probability of floating up is not large . Taken together , New trumpchi M6 Pro Our abilities in all aspects have been enhanced , If the price stays the same , After the listing, the market reaction performance should be very optimistic .

Thank the vehicle for providing : Hangzhou Zhongqi Automobile Sales Service Co., Ltd
Telephone :13819103959 ( Same as wechat ) More configuration / Quotation information can be contacted and experienced by yourself
Address : Moganshan Road, Hangzhou 1778 Number

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