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Will Dajiang, which fell from the sky, become the next Huawei?

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  [ Car home   industry ]   Since the mobile phone business was suppressed , Huawei has set its sights on the new track of smart cars . rely on ICT industry ( Information and communication technology ) The advantages of , Whether it's intelligent assisted driving system , Or smart cockpit , Huawei is very handy in research and development .

   Not so long ago , The question of Huawei's blessing M5 Set a record :87 God , The cumulative sales volume exceeded 10000 , Become the single car model with the fastest breaking ten thousand of new forces .

   actually , Enterprises involved in the integration of software and hardware in the market , In addition to huawei , There is another domestic enterprise with excellent technical reserves , It is Dajiang .

   Founder of Dajiang and CEO Wang Tao is low-key , But he never hid his pride , Often blurt out what others haven't said , Even dare not say . such as , This man of science and engineering is called “ The world is too stupid , Incredibly stupid .”;“ There is no one in the world that he really admires , Great as jobs , It's just appreciation .”

   But such a arrogant person has an exception , He once said in an interview program that the entrepreneur he admired most was Ren Zhengfei , Because the others are businessmen .

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   From the point of temperament , Huawei and Dajiang , There are many things in common . Both are Chinese companies established in Shenzhen , There is no listing plan , And was sanctioned by the United States . A global communication equipment giant , Another company has grown into a global leader in the commercial UAV market .

   As Ren Zhengfei's “ Little fan ”, Wang Tao also made a common cross-border choice ―― Don't build a car directly , Instead, it provides a solution integrating software and hardware for car enterprises . The first new energy vehicle equipped with Dajiang on-board system will also be launched soon .

   The former “ idol ”, Now they are rivals . From the sky to the land , Can Dajiang replicate the experience of UAVs , Find your own territory in the smart car track ?

from “ sky ” drop to “ land ”

   Similar to Huawei , Dajiang is often asked ,“ Why not go public ?” Need to know , After years of drone racing , There are shares of Zongheng 、 AVIC UAV 、 Jifei technology and other players took off IPO The fruit of .

   But as the overlord in the field of UAV , Dajiang in 2018 Take it in 10 It seems that there is no such thing after the $billion financing IPO It means , Let investors worry .

   Only a short while ago , The United States wants to suppress Xinjiang , It turns out that there is no better UAV than Dajiang . Foreign media have commented on the design level and iPhone 6、 tesla Model S In a segment . With rapid iteration and conscientious pricing , Dajiang is beyond the reach of its rivals , The global market share is between 70% and 80% all the year round .

   I'm afraid Dajiang's only opponent in the field of UAVs is itself , But people have no external problems , There must be internal worries . The reality before Dajiang is , There are too many single revenue structures , Wang Tao used to 2016 Predicted in , The income of Dajiang has reached 200 Billion will be capped .

   Top “ The ceiling ” Great Xinjiang , Too much need in other fields “ speakers ”, And there is only the trillion market of automobiles , Only then is it possible to bear “ Second curve ” The important task of growth .

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  2021 At the Shanghai auto show , Dajiang spent a lot of money to win one of the few large booths , On the left side of the booth is Valeo, the world's top auto parts supplier , On the right is the establishment 7 Laser radar company Suteng juchuang in , This is the official announcement of the establishment of Dajiang vehicle business .

   at that time , Wuling and Dajiang have announced baojun KiWi EV( Parameters | inquiry ) Dajiang joint payment , It is announced that the two sides have reached strategic cooperation , Focus on intelligent driving , expect 2021 Coming on the market within the year . But after that , The new cars jointly signed by both sides have not been put on the market , It was not officially announced until recently .

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   It is reported that , The model equipped with Dajiang system is Baojun, a wulingzi brand of SAIC GM 2021 year 8 Month launched Kiwi EV. This is a mini electric car , The improved model is formed after matching with Dajiang intelligent driving system , The estimated price in the industry is about 10 ten thousand -15 Ten thousand yuan range , In line with Baojun “ This is a smart car that everyone can afford ” The propaganda orientation of .

   although 2021 year 4 In June, the official announced the establishment of Dajiang vehicle business , But as early as 2016 year , Dajiang has quietly entered the automobile market .

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   however , The road for Dajiang to enter the automobile field is not plain sailing , We have also taken many detours .

  2017 year , Dajiang is trying to establish an intelligent driving company in a joint venture with automobile enterprises “ Fengjiang intelligence ”, Research and development L4 Automatic driving agricultural machinery , But in 2019 end of the year , Dajiang withdrew all its shares , The reason is unknown ;

   Same year , Dajiang tries to spend 2000 Million dollars invested in koniseg, a Swedish sports car company , Both parties have made plans for the construction of new energy vehicles at the time of investment , However, the follow-up cooperation is not settled . and 2020 year 3 month , Evergrande and koniseg jointly released the first new energy super run product .

   In order to find the future direction , Dajiang has experienced many internal organizational structure adjustments , Also experienced a wave of senior executives leaving , There are many senior executives in the R & D department .

  5 Preparation for , There are many interludes , But at last, the Dajiang on-board system is about to be implemented .

   For Dajiang , UAV and vehicle are one of the landing scenes of intelligent robot , Dajiang previously worked on sensors in the field of UAVs 、 Calculate the force 、 It has accumulated strong strength in algorithm software and data , And these technologies can be reused on the automatic driving track .

   From a market perspective , baojun KiWi EV Will be the touchstone of Xinjiang , It is also an important link in the transformation of Xinjiang , The degree of cooperation and participation is similar to that of Huawei to Jihu ; For Baojun , Catch up with Dajiang , And Wuling Hongguang, my fellow martial brother MINI EV Make a difference , Try to increase the profits of bicycles through intelligent blessing .

hold in the hand “ Low cost ” ace

   Although Dajiang followed Huawei into the same river , But there are obvious differences between the two .

   Dajiang used the UAV before “ Low price volume ” Our competitive strategy , It has been used in intelligent driving business , This is from the first cooperative model to Baojun KiWi EV It can be clearly seen from the micro electric vehicle , Dajiang has to take a route “ Rural areas surround the city ” Business path of .

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   Huawei holds high and plays high 、 High performance 、 High cost Huawei advanced intelligent driving solution ADS, To BAIC Jihu alpha S The computing power of the central supercomputing platform provided is up to 400Tops and 800Tops, The price of the whole vehicle also exceeds 38.89 RMB 10,000 yuan .

   therefore , Some insiders call Dajiang intelligent driving Tier1 Medium “ millet ”. But this does not mean that Dajiang's products are not high-tech products .

   A Japanese expert once said , He specially bought a Dajiang UAV for disassembly and research , As a result, he found a fact that made him dumbfounded , The parts used by Dajiang UAV add up , The cost is just 100 More than US dollars , The cost is only about of the selling price 2 become . If Japanese enterprises want to build UAVs with the same performance as Dajiang , The cost should be at least higher than 3 times .

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   It is reported that , In order to reduce the cost , Dajiang vehicle removed the original millimeter wave radar production line , Transfer to the agent factory for production ; Millimeter wave radar chip procurement , They also began to buy from foreign suppliers such as Texas Instruments and Infineon , Switch to domestic brands . At the same time, Dajiang reduces the computing power of intelligent driving domain controller to 20Tops, This means that mini models can also be used .

   Product level , Dajiang vehicle provides “D80/D80+”、“D130/D130+”、 Three solutions for intelligent parking system , The first two are named according to the maximum driving speed , That is, the maximum speed is 80km/h and 130 km km/h, Belong to L2 Advanced assisted intelligent driving technology .

   For the research and development path of auto drive system , Dajiang once said , Dajiang hopes to optimize L2 Level II assisted driving experience , stay L2 Level can be used for a long time in multiple scenes , Gradually reduce the involvement of human drivers , And in the regulations 、 policy 、 With more support on infrastructure , Dajiang's system goes further L3、L4 upgrade .

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   This is different from the mainstream automatic driving manufacturers in the market . Such as Baidu Apollo、 Xiaoma Zhixing 、 Manufacturers such as Wenyuan Zhixing all choose direct research and development L4 Class a autopilot , After accumulating enough data and testing mileage , Again “ Dimension reduction ” To L2 Provide solutions for OEMs at level , So as to realize commercialization .

   It is reported that , This time Baojun KiWi EV It uses Dajiang D80 programme , This plan mainly includes :1 A forward-looking binocular camera 、4 A look around camera 、5 Millimeter wave radar . This configuration can meet L2-L3 Class I intelligent driving . Relevant people in Dajiang said ,“D80 The system can realize OTA, It also supports lane keeping 、 Close stoppers should be used to deal with 、 Intelligent obstacle avoidance and other functions .”

   In terms of delivery time , Dajiang intelligent parking products P100 Will be in 2022 In the delivery , Intelligent driving upgraded version D80+ and D130+ Will be in 2024 Annual delivery . Intelligent parking upgrade products P1000 Will be in 2025 In the delivery .

   In addition to setting up a team of about 1000 people internally , I.e. Dajiang vehicle outside , Dajiang has also incubated an independent company focusing on the mass production of laser radar ―― Lanwo Technology Livox. This is similar to Huawei's business model , It provides a full stack of intelligent driving solutions , Relevant hardware is also provided .

   On a timeline , Dajiang Livox The on-board lidar will achieve mass production before Huawei lidar .2021 year , It can basically meet the passing regulations 、 Large scale stable delivery 、 There are very few laser radar enterprises with three conditions of low cost .Livox It is one of the core choices of automobile enterprises , Xiao Peng chose Livox As the first partner .

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『 Dajiang Livox The first vehicle specification level lidar HAP』

   Lidar giant Velodyne Early production 64 Line mechanical laser radar sells for as much as 8 Thousands of dollars , and Livox stay CES 2020 Launched on Horizon and Tele-15 The two products directly lower the selling price to 6499 Genna 8999 element , But they can reach 64 Line and 128 The effect of linear mechanical lidar .

   According to industry analysis , Dajiang has the software and hardware reserves for making cars , Its production and R & D advantages , It is mainly manifested in motor precise control technology and automatic production line . meanwhile , Dajiang's experience in large-scale hardware production and supply chain integration , It can help them avoid the problem of high cost in the early stage of software and hardware development .

   Whether it's Dajiang car , Or Dajiang Livox Vehicle lidar ,“ Low cost ” It is Dajiang's ace in differentiation , But as for the effect of this card , Many tests are still needed .

“ Stew slowly on a small fire ” Break through

   Some analysts commented , Dajiang's lidar scheme is a “ A risky move ”.

   say concretely , Livox It uses “ Non repetitive scanning technology ”, its Mid series 、Horizon Series and Tele Series all adopt double wedge prism scheme .

   If car companies want to use Livox Laser radar of , It is necessary to re develop the algorithm for adaptation , This leads to Livox The scheme is very difficult to promote in the early stage .

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『 Dajiang Livox The first vehicle specification level lidar HAP』

   at present , Xiaopeng has only P5 One model is equipped with Livox HAP, Later two models G9 and P7 They are all equipped with Suteng juchuang MI Laser radar . Besides , Wei Lai chooses tudaton 、 Ideal for Hesai 、 Feifan chooses Luminar、 Avita chooses Huawei ……

   Lidar is 2022 The proportion of getting on the bus is getting higher and higher , But the first one to get on the bus is Dajiang , Gradually falling behind .

  “ Although Dajiang Livox The double wedge prism scheme has a certain price advantage , But a little acclimatized .” Lidar practitioner Chenhui ( alias ) The story of the car market said ,” At present, it is more suitable for surveying and mapping, which requires high scanning accuracy 、 Application scenarios with low timeliness requirements ,Livox The original lidar products were mainly for surveying and mapping 、 Industry 、 Security and other markets , But this is for high-speed cars , There are still some limitations .”

   however , At present, there are many rumors that , Dajiang Livox Is developing its next generation lidar , The existing double wedge prism scheme will not be adopted for the probability , Will be fully oriented to vehicle development , But the official has not disclosed the relevant information .

  “ Although Dajiang can copy the application scenario of UAV to the field of autopilot , But it is also very difficult . Want to do well , No less than developing a new one ‘ spirit ’ product .” Chen Hui said .

   In recent years , Internet 、 Technology giants have entered the smart driving market , The track is getting more and more crowded , Huawei 、 Baidu 、 Xiaomi and others are all heavy players on this track .

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『 Huawei intelligent driving solution 』

   Huawei's ambition is to “ Challenge 30 Sales target of 10000 vehicles ”. Yuchengdong can often hear “ RCC ”、“ seckill ”、“ transcend ”、“ First of all ” Words like , He Xiaopeng couldn't help it “ Want to throw a shoe onto the stage ”.

   Although the words of speech have caused controversy , But since last year , Cyrus in cooperation with Huawei SF5、 Ask boundary M5、 Alpha the fox S、 Avita 11 And other related models have also attracted enough attention .

   In addition to the official announcement of cooperation with SAIC GM Wuling Baojun , The low-key Dajiang has no other designated customers of the leading automobile enterprises , The only potential customer is Volkswagen . Volkswagen China CEO Feng Sihan once said , The company is cooperating with Dajiang in the field of visual information processing to develop automatic driving technology based on various scenes , Plans to 2023 - 2024 Take the car in .

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『 At the Shanghai Auto Show , Luozhenhua, President of Dajiang, and Volkswagen Group ( China )CEO Fengsihan met and exchanged ideas 』

   in fact , At present, many mainstream car companies are developing auto drive system by themselves , Xiao peng's XPilot、 Weilai NIO Pilot、 ideal AD Max Both have accumulated relatively mature technologies .

   Dajiang is making progress in providing intelligent driving solutions for automobile enterprises , Slower than “ transboundary ” Huawei, a tier one supplier , And other competitors .

   Used to be on the drone territory , Dajiang never worries about hiring , Wang Tao even said frankly “ Excellent people will come to me , Those who don't come , Are not excellent ”. This kind of talent “ Arrogant ” Since entering the automatic driving track, a layer of aura has been lost .

   In the near future , Auto enterprises are thirsty for talents of autonomous driving , The talent gap has caused the enterprise salary to hang upside down in the recruitment market 、 The phenomenon of industry grabbing talents . According to an insider ,“ Dajiang rarely gives new people stock options , No listing plan has been announced .” These may lead to the lack of attraction for senior talents in Dajiang .

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   It is different from the new forces of car making raised by capital , Dajiang “ Car making ” Is to do it directly with cash flow , Just as Wang Tao once sent a message to new employees ,“ Dajiang is a pure land , Only pure entrepreneurs and artists born for dreams ”.

   But as the competitors continue to increase their chips , The utopian Dajiang may also have to change its thinking .

   Intelligent driving will be a protracted battle , It is also a long-term test for all intelligent driving players . Keep “ Stew slowly on a small fire ” Great stride , Can it be like a drone “ Silence makes a fortune ” Yet to be tested by the market , However, the entry of Dajiang will make the competition in the smart car market more intense and exciting .( writing / Car home Peng Fei )

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