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Joint venture family sedan new 408 is on the scene! Elantra, Langyi and Carola can't play

2022-06-24 09:15:06The first car

Speaking of the charm of legal cars , I Believe 10 At least half of the car owners go for their looks , The legal brand also relies on its outstanding design and chassis adjustment , Captured a large number of car owners . If you encounter a lion's claw lamp in the rolling traffic at night 、 Model of tusk lamp group , No doubt. , That must be Peugeot . These highly recognizable design elements have already been deeply integrated into the blood of Peugeot's models ……  


new 408 With the new car logo   


6 month 8 Dongfeng Peugeot has brought another wave of surprises , Equipped with the new Lion Logo 408 Debut , In addition to a new look , The new shield Lion Logo replaces the little lion standing before , It's a real eye opener . In fact, it's just 408 The car series is updated and upgraded , It is also Peugeot's first vehicle equipped with the new lion in the Chinese market , Its importance is self-evident .  

Count up , This is the first Peugeot brand 11 Valet logo , Also from 1960 Years later, the shield Lion Logo was adopted for the second time , It's just that compared with those days , Today's brand-new logo adopts a flat style , Visually more compact atmosphere , Lion design with Peugeot exclusive font , It is also full of a sense of Modernity , It can also be seen that this is the inheritance and development of Peugeot's long history , Show strong confidence in the future market .  

Brand new brand totem , There must be a product force that cannot be underestimated . As the star model of Dongfeng Peugeot ,408 Model from 2010 It has been harvested since it was launched in 55 The favor of 10000 car owners . And this new 408 It not only brings the brand new , The styling design has been completely changed , Just from the appearance, there is already a hanging Elantra 、 lavida plus、 The confidence of Carola and other opponents , It's no problem to satisfy young consumers' critical eyes .  



He has already hanged his opponent by his face   


new 408 At first glance, you will be attracted by its two slender tusks , This is also the biggest feature of its front face , The recognition is really unmatched among the models of the same class , Driving on the road can make you recognize at a glance even if you are far away . In official terms , It uses the latest “ Lion soul aesthetics ” Design concept , The specific term , Star dot matrix large-size front grille leads the mainstream of youth , A closer look will reveal that , The China open is also centered on the new Lion Logo , Spread all around , Create a streaming visual movement effect . This is like the hidden egg in the movie , The more you see, the more you will be surprised , Not soon enough .  

And the lion eye LED The headlights are combined with the tusk daytime running lights , It gives people the first impression that it is not easy to mess with , It not only brings personalization, but also gives young consumers a sense of security , On the whole, there is a sense of refinement and elegance , It also conforms to the aesthetics of most family members . Look more and you will find , Because of the tusk headlights on both sides , Instead, it widens the horizontal visual effect , The center of gravity of the front is lower , Bring certain movement effect , And combine X The shape of the front surround , This feeling is stronger .  

The sharp waist line on the side of the car body runs diagonally upward from the front door to the rear , It feels ready to go , add 17 Inch diamond cut aluminum alloy rim , Running is dynamic and full . The outline of the through tail lamp and the lines on the side of the vehicle form a whole , The interior of the lamp group is iconic “ Lion's claw LED” Lamp group modeling , When lit at night , It is highly recognizable in traffic flow , In addition to bringing visual aesthetics , It also coincides with the non conformist character of young consumers .  

No opponent of the same level can play   


Said so much , Let's look at the performance of our opponents .

Let's start with the sales stars of Beijing Hyundai —— Elantra . As one of the Korean cars most impressed by Chinese people , Now Elantra has developed to the seventh generation , And the shape is also from the original standard 、 The harmless appearance of people and animals has been greatly reversed . Although the style of cash has achieved enough individuality , But the design of the front face is weird . Catfish design with front lamp and big mouth grille integrated , It's like a villain in a movie , There is not much beauty to say , How to see how sharp . As a family sedan with walking capacity , This obviously does not take care of the aesthetics of the rest of the family , Quite a different style .


Let's take a look at the familiar models of Volkswagen — lavida plus. In the joint venture compact family car market , The reason why Langyi has become a popular product , Nothing more than the brand aura backed by the public . If only from the product level , lavida plus Neither design nor product strength has much advantage in the current market . In particular, the design of the dolls that have not changed for thousands of years by Volkswagen , Maybe I have been tired of aesthetics since my parents' generation , Although the front face of Founder's doctrine of the mean is constantly upgraded and updated , But it is still a thick family gene , And the stable style has not changed much , Obviously , The appearance of being too mediocre has obviously left it far behind its rivals , For consumers , If kelangyi followed the mainstream ten years ago , So now the open and easy is obviously boring and rigid .  

As for the popular Japanese sedan corolla , Carola in cash since 19 After the replacement , The modeling has begun to take a radical line , Especially on both sides of the front face C The V-groove design has a sporty atmosphere , It also improves the overall appearance , But if you look at it now , This design is everywhere , The recognition degree in traffic flow is not high , And the shape of the tail lamp is also very common , It's hard to remember at first sight . In fact, design has never been Toyota's strong point , This is especially true in the face of Peugeot who often produces amazing works .  

At the end :  

As far as the appearance of the model is concerned , Although there are a thousand Hamlets in the eyes of a thousand people , But a TV station is not too radical , It is also difficult for ordinary consumers of joint-venture sedans with obvious recognition to refuse . Through the new 408 Comparison with the popular competitors in the same level in appearance , new 408 The design of is undoubtedly impressive , The brand-new logo and the brand-new design language , It is enough to satisfy the appetite of young men and women who pay attention to both the first feeling and the connotation , This also makes people look forward to its wonderful performance after listing .  

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