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Tesla cooperates with California utility company PG & E to create "virtual power plant"

2022-06-24 09:30:18Chinese industry information station

By registering ,Powerwall The owner of the grid is under great pressure to designate “ event ” in , For every additional kilowatt hour, we can obtain 2 dollar . This includes California grid operators CAISO Issue energy alerts 、 Any time of warning or emergency .

last year 7 month , Tesla and PG&E Started a similar test project with other utility companies , But it was a voluntary project , No reward . Now? , With financial incentives to attract participants , The project can be developed to be large enough , Become an important backup energy source in California -- And clean energy .

Tesla said , Participants will “ Help form the world's largest distributed battery -- May exceed 5 m Powerwalls”. This distributed battery -- let me put it another way , That is to say “ Virtual power plant ”-- It can replace the one that usually goes online when the power demand begins to exceed the supply Gas power plant , Provide extra energy .


Tesla already has this experience in other places . In the last few years , The company has been building a “ Virtual power plant ”. It wants to expand more business in the United States . Tesla is pushing Texas grid operators to change the rules , Allow their customers to participate “ Virtual power plant ” The project makes money . The company launched a demonstration project earlier this year , requirement Powerwall Owner's voluntary participation , Show grid operators how such a project works . at present , Without any rule change , Tesla provides volunteers with 40 Tesla gift card in US $ ," Thank you ".

In California , Have Powerwall Of PG&E Customers can register to join through the Tesla application “ Virtual power plant ”. Once they join this project called emergency load shedding plan , They will start receiving push notifications in advance when the grid needs emergency support . In order to reserve some spare power for yourself , They will be able to designate one " Reserve level ". Tesla will not discharge the battery below this level .

For every additional kilowatt hour delivered to the grid 2 After the dollar , Participants will be from Tesla “ By year or more frequently as determined by Tesla ” Payment received . According to Tesla , For this season , Participants are expected to 2023 year 3 Receive payment before the end of the month .

This summer , The power grid in California is under great pressure . In the hot months , Energy demand usually rises , And people are blowing Air conditioner . What's worse is , It is predicted that , Extreme drought will halve the state's hydropower supply this season . scorching hot 、 Dry weather also increases the risk of wildfires , therefore PG&E The habit of implementing preventive power outage has been formed , In an effort to prevent fire caused by live wires .

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